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LeGame is a solid PC implementation of L Game, a neat little board game designed by Edward Bono that allows for an impressive range of possible moves (over 18,000), especially given a very small board ... and clean graphics. The game's small size and short playtime makes it a nice diversion for those 5-minute coffee breaks at the office. Highly recommended to every fan of abstract board games.


Metro is a cool Java implementation of an abstract board game of the same name, designed by Dirk Henn. The game starts with an empty square board. Basic rules, from the official site for this six-player ... and secondary goal is to terminate other players' tracks. Simple to learn, but hard to master and quite addictive. Highly recommended for all fans of tile-laying or general abstract strategy games.

Modern Art

Modern Art is an excellent PC implementation of the board game of the same name designed by award-winning designer Reiner Knizia. Your goal: buy and sell paintings by five different artists to make the ... graphics could be better and the interface more user-friendly, but overall this is a very good fanmade effort that allows yet another superb boardgame to be more well-known to PC gamers. Recommended!


Review 1: A classic game of monopoly in one of its first PC versions ever. Your ultimate goal is to defeat all your opponents by making them go bankrupt. You will walk around the board, buy and sell ... setup a game with only AI players, just to see them going at each other! If, like me, you have ever wondered why Monopoly has stayed so popular for so long, give this game a try." Recommended!

Monopoly Deluxe

Review 1: Monopoly used to be my favorite board game ages ago. I still consider it to be one of the most addictive and very intelligent game, but I am too lazy to set up the board, distribute money and ... to access the menu, all you have to do is right click anywhere on the screen and hold the mouse button down. Overall, this is a game one can enjoy playing both with his friends and with the computer.

My Chess

Review 1: It may sound incredible to you but this game was made in 1979! It is a simple game of chess in which you can pick the side and try to win. Nothing more, but what did you expect from such an ... & white look much better than many later games. Overall, Mychess is a must-have for every chess player. It's not just a real "oldie" with historical value—it plays a mean game of chess.


Rails is a faithful PC adaptation of the Eurorails board game from Mayfair Games, designed by Darwin Bromley. Description from "Eurorails is another entry in the Mayfair crayon ... replayability thanks to the random map option. An excellent one-man effort, and a "beer & pretzel" railroad strategy game that is well worth the time of every strategy fan. Recommended!


Review 1: I think You all know what Risk is, don't You? If there is someone who doesn't, then let me give You some info about this game. The original Risk is a board game, a strategy board game. It is ... different cards – 10). The US version has a different system. Every time you change a set you get more units. So the more you change (doesn't matter what kind of a set), the more units you'll get.

Risk (1991)

Review 1: This is the Windows 3.1 version of Risk, first published by Virgin for PC in 1989 for DOS. Developed by Azeroth, this version is very faithful to the board game, except it has a disappointingly ... tactics, and more often than not, simple luck. The game is considered one of the most popular board games, one of the most addicting, and probably one of the longest running games out there.

Rock it

Review 1: I can't remember that I have seen any other games ever taking up the popular game that almost any kid will know about. And I'm of course talking about the old and famous Rock-Paper-Scissors ... other brilliant release. If you enjoy a quick game to spend a few minutes with, Rock It is one of the simple yet addictive old games that will keep you entertained far longer than your break time.

San Juan

San Juan is a competently coded PC conversion of the card game of the same name, which is in turn based on Puerto Rico board game. The description at explains the basics: "The pack ... way to practice your strategy while waiting for the next real game of the real thing. It is also a good intermediate-level game for anyone who is interested in role-based business games. Recommended!

Sargon V

A solid Chess-Sim - great presentation, strong level of playing - a bit too strong in my opinion - even the first level is hard to beat. Anyway - I doubt I need to tell you the rules of chess - you should ... you are looking for. Overall I'd say this is a game for the experienced player, as you can see the graphics are pretty nice, if only they would've had a heart for players that don't play so well...

Sea Battle
Sorcerer's Cave

Sorcerer's Cave is a fun Windows turn-based fantasy-themed board game similar to HeroQuest. Originally a board game, this PC version is coded by the designer himself, who released this Windows version ... turn-based, simplified version of D&D that offers plenty of exploration, surprises, and good old monster-bashing goodness, check out this fun game that is now free of charge thanks to the author.

Space Crusade

Review 1: When I was about 13 years old, my cousin bought a board game called "Space Crusade". It was not available here, so it was pretty unique for us. We learned all the rules and played ... much depth to it, and you'll have to learn every trick. Sometimes only luck will help you trough tough situations. In order to understand how aliens are hit, you have to understand how the dice work.

Space Hulk

A fun tactical wargame based on Games Workshop's renown Warhammer 40,000 universe, Space Hulk combines a faithful depiction of the excellent strategic choices of a Warhammer boardgame, including authentic ... playing it non-stop. Space Hulk is simply a must-play for every Warhammer fan and real-time strategy lovers.. especially anyone who likes a good, solid challenge that requires both wit and reflexes.


SpaceHulk-SP is a great fanmade PC version of Games Workshop's Space Hulk boardgame, designed for single player (hence the "SP" in the name). Set in a far future, the game tells the story of ... of EA's game, the original rules are solid enough to give you an adrenaline rush when exploring deserted space hulks, running into genestealers' ambushes more often than your marines ever want.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a great PC conversion of the card/board game of the same name from Hans im Gluck/Rio Grande Games, the same publishers that brought us Carcassonne series. St. Petersburg is a "beer ... the Internet (also from this site). Highly recommended for fans of quickie strategy games like Carcassonne that take only 30-40 minutes per game but involves a lot of strategy and number crunching.

Titans of Steel

One of the best freeware giant robot game ever made, Titans of Steel is a solid, well thought-out tactical wargame reminiscent of FASA's Battletech board game. Basically an unofficial remake of classic ... tutorial and updated manual that should make the game more accessible to beginners. If you're a Battletech fan or fan of tactical wargames in general, Titans of Steel comes highly recommended.


Ursuppe (German for "Primordial Soup") is a good PC version of a fun board game of the same name. One of the most intriguing games based on "life theory" ever made, Ursuppe puts you ... to attack foreign amoeba for food. Or perhaps your amoeba could be taught to need less food to survive. Either way, you will have a lot of fun breeding and choosing amoebae in this game. Recommended!

Vegas Gambler

Review 1: Vegas Gambler is a decent gamble games for it's time. It offers the option to play Blackjack, Slots, Poker or Roulette and each has several different game features where most of them are the ... common casino options and variants, presented in colorful graphics (for its time). One of the first casino games ever made for the PC, the game remains to this day one of the finest you will find.

Wild Board Games

Wild Board Games is a fun collection of board games for Windows, the fifth in Corel's line of 'edutainment' CD-ROMs for children before the company refocused its efforts on graphical applications in late ... cake-maker activity, a Tic-Tac-Toe board, and a video viewer. All in all, a great package that will appeal to both your kids and you - if you are a fan of traditional board games. Highly recommended!


Wizards is a great PC conversion of the Avalon Hill fantasy board game of the same name. In this fantasy game, hexagonal map tiles are placed on a blank mapboard to make up the arrangement of the Enchanted ... against the clock. Coded in Java, Wizards is pretty to look at, and even includes many optional rules by the original game designers and others. Highly recommended for fans of fantasy boardgames.

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