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Rick Dangerous

Review 1: Rick Dangerous is kinda like Indiana Jones caricature. Cute little guy with a funny hat, a gun and some dynamite sticks. His plane crashed and he's on his way back home to London. A true classic ... platform/puzzle hybrid that follows in the footsteps of the likes of Parker Brothers' classic Montezuma's Revenge. Also check out the superior follow-up Rick Dangerous 2 from the same design team.

Rick Dangerous 2

Review 1: Rick Dangerous is back in his fight against the evil. This time it's the aliens that threaten Earth. 5 levels of pure platform fun. One of true legends of old C-64 and Amiga in it's PC version. ... the story above is just the start of Ricks troubles as he must complete and fight his way through 4 stages riddled with laser beams and creatures that want him's going to be a tough one.

Rift, The

The Rift is a decent little vertical shooter in the same vein as Space Invaders. The game was never sold, but given as "free gift" to people who registered Pop Software's shareware products. ... 4 too hard (and almost incomprehensible), so die-hard SHMUP fans definitely shouldn't expect the game to last them hours. All in all, The Rift a pleasant little diversion and rarity worth preserving.

Risky Woods

Review 1: A lot of people compare this game to Amiga classic Rastan. Some say it's better, some disagree, but they all agree that this is a good game. Is it? If you are an action game lover + you played ... that is a minor gripe. Originally programmed for the Amiga by Zeus Software, this PC version was converted by Spanish developer Dinamic Multimedia. Not as good as Rastan, but well worth finishing.

River City Ransom (a.k.a. Street Gangs)

River City Ransom (a.k.a. Street Gangs in Europe) is one of the best beat 'em ups ever made for any system, although it is sadly neglected by many gamers due to the unfortunate circumstance of being released ... as the nearly unlimited gameplay variety, makes River City Ransom one of the best beat ?em up games ever made. PC gamers now have a chance to enjoy this console-only classic, thanks to NES emulators.

River Raid Remake

This is an obscure but excellent PC remake of Atari 2600 classic River Raid, a game that proves once and for all that female designers can design great action games as well as men. If you haven't been ... The game is actually titled "River Raid 2," but I don't want it confused with the awful River Raid 2 that was designed after Carol Shaw left Activision, so this name will have to do ;)

River Run

River Run is a fun vertical scrolling shooter from Run Productions that plays like a modern remake of Activision's River Raid, although there is no acknowledgement anywhere in the game. Your objective: ... and fun gameplay, River Run succeeds in modernizing River Raid for the '90s, introducing the fun to new generation of gamers - and reacquainting oldtimers with a true class. Highly recommended!

Road Fighter

Review 1: Road Fighter is a fun, early top-down racer from Konami based on the hit arcade game of the same name. The game's simplicity belies its addictiveness: drive your car as fast as you can along ... to race a few stages. You may not touch any cars. If you do you will crash and lose lots of fuel. You must watch ouf for your fuel. You may not get out of fuel. The pink cars will try to stop you.

Road Runner

Review 1: MEEP MEEP! It's Road Runner - your favorite highspeed bird. And what a surprisingly nice game. They kept the basic idea of this game to a minimum. You run from the right side to the left side ... in old games/abandonware, download it! Else, forget it, well, that's my opinion of course. By the way, this is named a "racing" game, because it's almost similar to a racing game.


Review 1: Data East's RoboCop is a decent PC port of a fun coin-op game, not to be confused with OCEAN's horrible CGA port released earlier. -This release, while still pales besides the Amiga and Atari ... are really awkward, as they are the old base (Q,A,O,P) movements, which are not as good as the arrows in my opinion. None the less, this game is worth a try by all means. Download and enjoy!

Robocop 2D

RoboCop 2D is an excellent freeware remake of RoboCop, a fun arcade platformer game that was ported to PC by Data East (which you can download from this site). Like the original, you play RoboCop, a cyborg ... time if you prefer challenging 2D action games to easy, cartoony ones. With 9 huge levels and literally hundreds of enemies, this game will keep you occupied for hours on end. Highly recommended!

RoboCop 3

Licensed from the movie of the same name, you play Robocop, a cyborg cop who must rescue hostages, pursue the bad guys, and eventually save the world from terrorists with your trusty jetpacks. Cut-scenes greatly enhance the atmosphere and compensate somewhat for the game's easy short length. The best part is that it's 3D, back when 3D shooters were a rarity.


A fun little Lode Runner clone, Roboman is a good example of a game that does nothing to advance the collect-things-and-find-the-exit genre, but effectively implements tried-and-true formula in an elegant ... fun little game, although it falls a bit flat after a while. Better level design could have made it as addictive as Lode Runner or Jumpman. Worth a look, but probably only to beginners in the genre.

Robotron X

Robotron X is a good revamp of the original coin-op hit Robotron: 2084. As one of the earliest attempts to revive arcade classics, Robotron X plays good and looks great, although the Playstation version, ... graphics, and a nice change of perspective, Robotron X should appeal to both fans of the original game and anyone else who enjoys action games that boast a simple concept but an addictive gameplay.

Robotron: 2084

Arguably the best "pure" action game ever made, Robotron: 2084 rocketed Eugene Jarvis to fame when it was first released as an arcade game by Williams Electronics in 1982. This PC version, released ... venerable classic. Be sure to use slowdown programs such as Turbo or Moslo (read our FAQ for details) before playing, though, otherwise your experience will be over in a few nanoseconds. A must-have.

Rocket Lander

Rocket Lander is a good - but very rare - conversion of the hit arcade game Lunar Lander. From Mobygames' description: "The object of the game is to land a space craft on the landing pad while avoiding ... Unlike Alley Cat, though, the game doesn't have a built-in timer, so make sure you download and install a slowdown program (read our FAQ for details) to avoid immediate crash :-) Highly recommended!

Rocket Ranger

Rocket Ranger is Cinemaware's excellent adaptation of the old "Flash Gordon" comics in which you must stop the Nazis from conquering the world with your trusty rocket pack. Those who expects ... waves after waves of relentless Nazis coming at you from every direction. The third-person pseudo-3D action sequences in the air are easily some of the most memorable sequences in a Cinemaware game.

Roger Rabbit in: Hare Raising Havoc

Roger Rabbit returns with a vengeance in this semi-sequel to the average Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Although Hare Raising Havoc is still a platform game, this time Disney vastly improved all the facets ... difficult levels. Good animation and soundtrack help propel an otherwise typical platform game above average. It's not a must-have, but it's fun for a while especially for fans of the series.


Roketz is a great multiplayer space combat game from Bluemoon Interactive, makers of celebrated classic Skyroads. First released as shareware for the Amiga, the game is notable for the excellent balance ... challenging because you have to avoid colliding into walls and other "background" graphics). Overall, if you enjoy classics like Thrust or Gravity Force, Roketz is well worth your time.

Rolling Ronny

In this fun and colorful platform game, your task is to guide youngster Ronny to various locations in town on rollerskates, deftly avoiding fallen objects, malicious skaters, and various other obstacles. ... items that give Ronny superpowers ranging from speed boost to the ability to fly. In all, Rolling Ronny is a great platform game despite some repetitive backgrounds and monotonous starting levels.

Rollo and the Brush Bros.

Rollo and The Brush Brothers is one of the rare games from Windmill Software that are not clones of Atari classics. The object is to maneuver a brush around each side of a screenful of windows in order ... game is a lot of fun and quite original, although it gets difficult very fast. Only expert players need apply, but everyone at least should enjoy this quirky little gem in our WISE games collection.


Rotor is an above-average multi-directional shoot 'em up that bodes well for the spiritual descendants such as Zone 66 years later. Good graphics, smooth gameplay, and an interesting mix of tactical options. ... careless flying will deplete your fuel in no time; you'll have to progress carefully to discern traps in time." Recommended for action meistros who likes a dash of strategy in their shooters.


Rotox is a fun top-down shoot'em up with decent 3D/bitmap graphics. Your objective: navigate the Cyborg Class 2-A over the platforms while dodging and shooting the deadly machine-enemies. Don't fall off ... draw you in. An okay mixture of pure shooting action, with some skill elements thrown-in. Worth a try, although I doubt few arcade fans will find it fun enough to persevere to finish all nine levels.

Round 42

Review 1: One of the best Space Invaders clones ever made, Round 42 is also one of the first freeware games I really like. The name comes from the fact that there are 42 rounds of battle against invading ... It has a strange screenmode with 16 colors on CGA, Another game with that strange mode is Mnonbugs. You can play the game probably only on a CGA video card. F1 is fire and F2 is the 'bonus' laser.

Royal Flush Pinball

Last in Amtex' underrated line of pinball games that began with Tristan Pinball and followed by Eight Ball Deluxe, Royal Flush Pinball is based on a famous real-life electro-mechanical pinball table of ... games based on actual tables, Royal Flush Pinball is a great addition to your collection. If you enjoy the frantic, smooth action of Epic Pinball or Pinball Dreams, however, this is a safe miss.


RRootage and Noiz2sa are two unique and addictive vertical shooters that breath fresh air into the crowded, clone-proned genre of arcade shooters. What sets both games apart from other shooters are two ... have been nice is the option to switch the action to horizontal mode, but as it stands they are already very fun, addictive, and slick shooters that fans of the genre should definitely take a look.


RS-2 is a fun, mindless shooter from premier Taiwanese developer SoftStar. Typical top-down shooter-- no innovation to speak of, but excels at what it does: providing knuckle-blistering action through ... developer. Its higher-than-average difficulty level makes RS-2 a solid challenge for action experts, although don't expect another Tyrian in terms of addictiveness. Highly recommended nonetheless.

Rumble Box

One of the more unique beat'em up games you'll find, Rumble Box is a fun little game from Patrick Hackett and Joe Bourrie, two graduates of DigiPen Institute of Technology. In the authors' words: "[the ... up a large bonus. If you enjoy polygon-base classics like 4-D Boxing or innovative fighting games in particular, chek out this neat little game that is as underrated as they come. Highly recommended.


Runner is a fun freeware arcade game from Japan. Your objective as a stick-man "Runner" is to destroy all enemies on the level to proceed to the next. The graphics are sparse, but the gameplay ... to get the hang of the controls, but afterwards I was hooked. If you love the frantic gameplay of Robotron: 2084, check out this fun little old game that could occupy you longer than you realize ;)


RunOut is an old-fashionned arcade racing car game. It's a remake of Outrun. You drive your Testarossa through a dense traffic in a unique goal: win the race.

Rush 'n Attack

Rush 'N Attack (known as Green Beret outside the U.S.) is a fun side scrolling platform combat game that sets Konami's standards for excellent military action titles. While not up to the standards of later ... 'N Attack can be a fun, if challenging, game. A constant barrage of enemies keeps you on your toes, and the bosses are very difficult. Recommended only for the most confident of all joystick experts.

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