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Robotron X

Robotron X is a good revamp of the original coin-op hit Robotron: 2084. As one of the earliest attempts to revive arcade classics, Robotron X plays good and looks great, although the Playstation version, with its dual directional keypads on each controller, is a better platform for this game.

The gameplay remains basically the same as Robotron: 2084, with a few nice twists. As the genetically engineered superhuman code-named "U-Gene," you are mankind's last hope to protect the last survivors from the rebellious robots that have broken loose on Earth. Robotron X provides a good challenge for fans of the original. If you find the new isometric/3D perspective too disorienting, you can change it to a more familiar overhead view). New species of enemy robotrons are added, and if you like (or dread) dealing with dozens of robots on the screen, you'll find the increased intensity in Robotron X even more hectic and challenging.

With new species of robots, all-new graphics, and a nice change of perspective, Robotron X should appeal to both fans of the original game and anyone else who enjoys action games that boast a simple concept but an addictive gameplay.

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Robotron X screenshot
Robotron X screenshot

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