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The time you can waste on this game is ridiculous! It is so great, and the little funny dances the guys do at the end of each mission are even better! The trouble is, it is sooo easy to die! You are one ... kill... Well, it wouldn't happen in real life, but it is possible I guess... So, if you are into shoot 'em ups then you DEFINITELY want to get this game to get your target practice up to scratch.


It's an isometric action adventure from Bitmap Brothers / Image Works. You play a thief called Karadoc. You heard a legend, that the castle Wulf is filled with treasure. What legend didn't say: It's also filled with deadly traps, riddles and monsters. The isometric view makes the game similar to the Heimdall series.

Cadaver: The Last Supper
California Games

California Games is one of the few sporting games that has looked great on every platform it was ever released on. Maybe because all versions looks almost the same :) You can play it with many human players to compare your strenght.

California Games 2
Campaign 2
Cannon Fodder

Review 1: Cannon fodder is, in my opinion, one of the best war games out there. It features a very unique mouse control, which actually works very well for blowing the heads off of your enemy. As the ... for the Amiga. You can play the war from the funny side. "War has never been so much fun!" A little strategy, a litte action, and a little bit skillfull. Great music with featured voice!

Cannon Fodder 2

The funny war continues! Almost the same game as Cannon Fodder 1, but now you must fight on Mars! New music with vocals and new levels. Very hard gameplay!

Cannon Fodder: Christmas Edition

Action game, where you must shoot the enemies from a 1rst perspective. Similar to the western shooting games. You can connect a gun to your Amiga, or use the mouse.

Captain Blood

A nice strategy-adventure game, which was released on many platforms. You have to travel in space, visit galaxies and planets, make contact with other species. Interesting game, not an ordinary gameplay. Check the name of the music artist of the game on the title screen. Yes, he's Jean-Michel Jarre...

Caribbean Disaster
Carl Lewis Challenge
Carrier Command
Castle Master
Castle Warrior

An old and simple game, where you have to run in 3D view mode and workaround many barriers and monsters.


Everybody knows this game. One of Konami's biggest titles. On Amiga there were only one episode... But the series continued on Megadrive and the Nintendo machines. You are a vampire killer, go though the levels and kill everybody! The Castlevania music is also famous.

Cattivik: The Videogame
Cave Mania
Cedric and the Lost Sceptre
Celica GT Rally
Celtic Legends
Centerfold Squares

It's an erotic puzzle game. Players have to compete against the computer. The goal is to take the squares covering a digitized picture of a centerfold. When you acquire a square, it disappears, showing more of the picture. The game has many opponents (girls) with pictures and difficulity levels.

Centurion: Defender of Rome

Review 1: Strategy Veni, vidi, vici! Julius Cesar That's what You have to do - conquer the "Old world". You start with one legion in Rome (whose people are very restless in the beginning). ... strategy game, where you can conquer the whole continent, as the leader of Roman empire! It has fine graphics and sound. Centurion also was released on PC and it was one of the pc gamers' favorite.


Review 1: Nation building simulation/strategy game PC version of this game is definitely the best game ever made, and the only reason why it's not the same with this one is - graphics. Graphics is NOT ... game level as you can choose on several different computer levels. The graphics are ok, but it's not what Civilization became famous from. This game works best when installed to the hard drive.

Civilization AGA

Review 1: Nation building simulation/strategy game AGA version of Civilization with a lot better graphics. Everything else is the same. I could write about this one all day long but I'll try to be short. ... also available on many platforms. Time rounded strategy game, with simple graphics, but many options and features. You have to rise up your Civilization and play through the rest of the history.

Clever and Smart
Clik Clak
Clou, Der AGA
Clue AGA, The

An exciting adventure game, takes place in London. The gameplay is quite easy, everybody can figure it out. "In a way, The Clue is a simulation of being a master criminal."

Codename: Iceman

Colonization is a follow up to the more famous Civilization from Microprose as well. Instead of being a complete civilization you are instead trying to colonize what we today call America. Whether you ... only be able to run from the HD version, but you can try it in its usual mode (running from disks). Also, you will see the workbench screen, just open the disk and install/play the game from there.

Combat Air Patrol

This is a conversion of the all time favourite C64 action game, 'Commando'. Unfortunately the Amiga version has much worse music, so it's not as enjoyable as the C64 version. The graphics was enhanched a little bit, but it's far from enough...

Conquests of Camelot
Cool Spot

Cool Spot is the red Spot from the bottle of SevenUp. Our Spot is alive and can blast everybody with bubbles of the drink. Many levels, quite hard, cool gfx and music.

Cool World
Cosmic Pirate
Cosmic Spacehead

A very nice adventure game with platform elements. Cosmic is a guy from planet Linoleum. There is a legend about a planet called "Earth", but nobody seen it and nobody belives that it's really ... to Earth and bring photos from there to prove that it's not only a fairy tale. You have to get through many adventures, travel in space with your spaceship, strike down a robot revolution and so on.

Crash Test Dummies
Crazy Cars

A quite old game, with simple graphics and with gameplay similar to Lotus Espirit and the other arcade styled car racing games. Anyway, it was a big hit in 1988.

Crazy Cars 2

Second episode of the Crazy Cars series. You have to drive your F40 and avoid the cops. You can use a map to choose the best course. The game was also released on PC-DOS, but with 16color, ugly graphics. The Amiga version looks much better :)

Crazy Cars 3

Drive across the USA, collect money, complete the tracks and avoid the cops. You start with a simple, ordinary Lamborgini :) and with 6000$. This is the last episode of the Crazy Car series, and features the finest graphics. The gameplay is similar to Chase HQ.

Crazy Sue

Review 1: Platform arcade Clyde Radcliff Exterminates All The Unfriendly Repulsive Earth-ridden Slime is the full name of this game. Clyde is one cute little Furball in a pursuit of everything that comes ... Review 3: A logical platform game, converted/rewrited from the Commodore 64. It's almost the same, the changes can be found only in graphics and music. But it's still interesting and well playable.

Crown of Ardania v2.0, The

Table rounded strategy game, like the Risk. You have to deploy your troops on the map and give orders to take over the enemy. Simple design and ugly graphics.

Cruise for a Corpse

It is the 1920's. Interceptor Raul Dusentier has been invited on a dream cruise in the Mediterranean, aboard the superb 3-masted ship belonging to Greek shipping magnate, Niklos Karaboudjan. But no sooner ... is summoned to investigate a scandalous crime - the murder of his host Niklos! It's a very beautiful french adventure game with interesting gameplay, point & click interface and amazing graphics.

Crystal Dragon
Crystal of Arborea
Curse of Enchantia
Curse of the Dragon
Challenge of the Matrix, The
Chambers of Shaolin

Oh, just another beat´em up game? Not exactly. In this game you have to create your character/fighter first in several arcade sequences! This is what makes this game unique. There are six different sequences ... try to use moves that knock your opponent over while you are behind - you can use the time he stands up for recovering health. Do not use any Fast RAM, in fact all you need is 512 KB of Chip RAM.

Champion Driver
Champions of Dawn
Champions of Krynn
Championship Manager '93

Ah, the good old Championship Manager! Who can say that there is better football management game anywhere in the world? Sure, the new versions are all better than this one, but I meant the complete series, ... to the top of England and Europe. Buy, sell, arrange friendlies, play cup, championship and Euro games... Brilliant! Feels good to play with those '93 stars such as Barnes, Klinsmann, Van Basten...

Championship Manager Italia 1995
Chaos Engine

Review 1: Chaos Engine is a revolutionary shoot em up... Well, not really since it is just a graphically enhanced version of really old 'shoot em up construction set' games. You play as a man, from a ... Engine. A legendary action game, which made many lovers to the girl called Amiga :) Amazing graphics, hard gameplay and techno music. The style is a little bit similar to the Alien Breed series.

Chaos Engine 2

It has arrived! The second episode of the most popular action game ever released on Amiga! Chaos Engine 2! Unfortunately this game is a little bit disapponted me, because it has only splitted screen mode, and much weaker music and graphics than in the first Chaos Engine. Maybe it's enjoyable only for two players...

Chaos Strikes Back
Chase H.Q.

Very classic game from the arcades. Drive your super car and blast the others with a gun. Chase the bandits and kill them :) Nice game with nice graphics.

Chessmaster 2100, The

A very simple designed chess game from 1986. You can challenge your chess knowledge against the chessmaster.

Chicago 90
Chip's Challenge
Chrono Quest 2

A simple adventure game. It shows you many screens without any animation, and you have to act, pick up, use, etc. The buttons are not very obvious, so it takes time to find out where to click :)

Chuck Rock

Review 1: Ahhh the memories. I remember playing this one years ago on my good old Amiga 500. This game is very amusing. The plot goes something like this.. You control the main character called Chuck ... now! Review 3: A platform game, where you play the strange man from the stone-age, Chuck Rock. Nice graphics, funny music but not so good gameplay and control. Better to choose the Chuck Rock 2 :)

Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck

Legendary game, where you play the son of Chuck, who is a little baby. You have to take care of him and devastate every dinosour with his hammer. Very nice game, with amazing graphics and sound!

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Center

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