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The time you can waste on this game is ridiculous! It is so great, and the little funny dances the guys do at the end of each mission are even better! The trouble is, it is sooo easy to die! You are one man, alone (unless you play 2 player), who must single handedly kill LOADS of enemy soldiers, tanks, planes, etc... Sounds impossible doesn't it? Well I guess it is to be honest, but it is really fun with unlimited energy... ahem, otherwise it is just too hard for my taste.

The graphics aren't too brilliant, but they are adequate for the game and time that it was made. So, basically in this game you just shoot thing in a single screen, you can destroy buildings and the landscape, which is cool, and you can hide behind boxes which get destroyed... Sometimes your own planes come across and drop you supplies, but it is rare that happens.

For each 4 or so levels that you complete, there is a big bad boss, which comes in the form of some huge vehicle with loads of firepower, which you, alone must kill... Well, it wouldn't happen in real life, but it is possible I guess...

So, if you are into shoot 'em ups then you DEFINITELY want to get this game to get your target practice up to scratch.

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