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Ascii game, seek and destroy the fleet of Megaton warships before they conquer the United Federation of Planets.

Gamma Force in: Pit of A Thousand Screams

Infocom released Lane Mastodon, the world's first "interactive comic book" in 1988 with little fanfare and even lesser reaction from the gaming public. Apart from being the first electronic comic ... The story's beginning is a little disorienting as perspectives change rapidly. More emphasis on backstory would have been better, but this is still a lot of fun to watch and the animations are cool.

Garfield: Attack of the Mutant Lasagna

Garfield: Attack of the Mutant Lasagna is a great fanmade adventure game about the world's most famous comic strip cat. Accidentally spilled radioactive material has turned harmless vegetables and food ... Garfield: Attack of the Mutant Lasagna is a wonderful labor of love and a solid adventure game that will put a smile on your face and glue you to the screen until it's over. Highly recommended!

Gateway 2: Homeworld

Gateway II picks up right where Legend's classic Gateway left off, with even better plot and puzzles. After retiring with fame and fortune from your last prospecting trip, an emergency meeting calls for ... plot, and many challenging by fair puzzles that involve high-tech gadgets and intution. Definitely one of the best hard sci-fi games ever made, Gateway II is a must play for every sci-fi fan.


In one of the most unique and controversial plots I've ever seen, you play an undercover agent who disguises herself as a futuristic geisha to steal secrets from seedy characters. Puzzles are as weird ... affair. Nevertheless, the game's high originality and wacky plot might interest some gamers, especially those who like mature-themed games (although the erotic scenes are pretty mild).

Gene Machine, The

Divide by Zero more than redeem themselves after the horrendous Orion Conspiracy with this outstanding cartoon adventure that unfortunately got very limited worldwide distribution (probably due to the ... clues about the solutions, but for the most part they are fair. If you're looking for a fun cartoon adventure that is funny, atmospheric, and challenging, you can't go wrong with The Gene Machine.

Gnome Ranger

Gnome Ranger is a fun tongue-in-cheek fantasy adventure that follows the exploits and misadventures of Ingrid, a good-natured but exceedingly accident-prone gnome, who has been banished by her village ... and well-written plot, Gnome Ranger is a must play for every Level 9 and Infocom fan. Note: The manual link below is the PDF version of the very amusing Peter McBride novella that came with the game.

Gnome Ranger 2: Ingrid's Back

Ingrid's Back is Level 9's sequel to the very funny Gnome Ranger, and sports improvements over its predecessor in every respect, including a brilliant "racetrack" system that allows you to control ... 9's best games that further affirms their reputation as "Europe's Infocom." Note: The manual link below is the PDF version of the very amusing Peter McBride novella that came with the game.

Grail Quest

A well-conceived adventure that suffers beyond help from poor parser, boring puzzles, and lack of plot development whatsoever, Grail Quest is a good example of how not to make an adventure game. Lest I ... die from a fight very quickly. These failings make Grail Quest a disappointing game despite decent writing and graphics. Play Arthur or Conquests of Camelot instead if you want a good Arthurian game.

Great Escape, The

Review 1: The Great Escape from Ocean is definitely one of the best adventures and one of the best games for Commodore 64. It puts You in role of World War 2 prisoner of war, a guy imprisoned in German ... camp. And figure out some holes in the time-schedule. Find keys in forbidden rooms, learn the guard's routes, etc. If you get caught to many times, your will to escape has gone and the game is over.

Guardians of Infinity: To Save Kennedy

Original in concept but a bit flawed in execution, Guardians of Infinity sports one of the most original and elaborate plots ever presented in IF: you must journey back in time to save president Kennedy ... patience and time on their hands. You definitely need the manual to play this game, as it contains locations and schedules of different people you will need to convince to prevent JFK's fateful trip.

Guild of Thieves

Successor of Commodore blockbuster The Pawn, Magnetic Scrolls' Guild of Thieves improves upon its predecessor in almost every respect, although the charming tongue-in-cheek humor of the first game is somewhat ... adventures without much attention to plot (similar to Zork). Anyone looking for a more plot-intensive game should play The Pawn and even Jinxter first and save this difficult challenge for later.

Guilty (a.k.a. Innocent Until Caught 2)

This sequel to underrated Innocent Until Caught sports the same flexible game engine, with better and longer plot. Intergalactic two-bit thief and failed womanizer Jack T. Ladd is back, but this time you ... If you liked tongue-in-cheek, "light" sci-fi games, and can stand cheesy dialogues and cliche plot, give this one a try. If not, play the first game, or Beneath a Steel Sky instead.

Hacker 1

What should I write about this game? I guess everyone can imagine the basic idea. Yeah right - you are a hacker. This game takes place in the early days when most people didn't have the slightest idea ... out what it's all about. That's the charme of the game and it's strong point - you're simply totally clueless about what to do. :) A cult-classic that everyone should at least have had a look at!

Hacker 2: The Doomsday Papers

Hackers game, text adventure like.

Hank's Quest: Victim of Society

Hank's Quest is a fun fanmade graphical adventure game based on Sierra's AGI interpreter, similar to Police Quest 1, King's Quest III, etc. Depicting a teenager's life (typically the designer's) seems ... of the game (v1.1) fixes a lot of bugs and typos that made the first release annoying, particularly the phone puzzle and GIVE X TO Y sentence structure. This makes the game much better than before.

Hariboy's Quest

Hariboy's Quest is a decent point-and-click cartoon adventure game created by Condor Software to promote Haribo candies. The plot is cliché, but passable: similar to Simon in Simon the Sorcerer, you play ... unobtrusive for a promotional title. Overall, Hariboy's Quest is a fun game that is worth a play-through, but you will need a lot of patience and time to deal with its niggling interface problems.

Heart of China

Heart of China is an excellent and most cinematic of the adventure game trio designed by Dynamix' Jeff Tunnell (the other two being Rise of the Dragon and Adventures of Willy Beamish). Set in the exotic ... to hear that the game, like its predecessor Rise of the Dragon, mercifully awards you a win of the sequence after a number of failures, so you can get on with the game and Jake's future escapades.

Heaven's Dawn

One of the most obscure point & click adventure games ever made, Heaven's Dawn is an average game created by Taiwanese developer Art 9 Entertainment, translated into English and marketed in Australia ... one anyway despite what I say ;) But don't expect to find another forgotten classic. Heaven's Dawn is not so bad it deserves to remain obscure, but it is also not good enough to promote. Too bad.


Review 1: Heimdall 1 is a rather unique and special game. Its a mixture between an adventure, puzzle and roleplay games as several aspects of each genre is included. You start the game by choosing each ... that won't take long to finish. The game's relative brevity is a bit disappointing, although the designers more than make up for that with the substantially longer Heimdall II. Well worth a look.

Heimdall 2

Review 1: Almost as good Heimdall 1 was almost as bad is Heimdall 2. I don't think they should ever have made a sequel to Heimdall 1. The graphics and interface is pretty much the same. But the story ... combines elements of action, adventure, and RPG genres into a consistent whole, and provides a strong platform for Livil Divil Deluxe, the third and final game from Core Design based on this engine.

Hermit's Secret

The Phantom's Revenge, Hermit's Secret, and Castle Elsinore are three early pieces of IF from Temple Software that are of very little value except for its age <EG>. Hermit's Secretis very similar ... you find all the treasures, you only have a few moves to get back to the town hall to deposit them. Don't expect this game to be more than what it is: an Infocom wannabe that falls far off the mark.

Hero's Quest (aka Quest for Glory I)

Review 1: Have you ever wanted to helplessly defend yourself against an ambush of treacherous brigands, or escape the wrath of a hoard of goblins? Yes? Well then today's your lucky day! You've got Quest ... soundcards. As it stands this series is definately among the best that Sierra had to offer and it has a fair following to this day so if you haven't seen the game yet I suggest you check it out.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The

Review 1: Everyone's favorite writer Douglas Adams was so nice to allow everyone's favorite adventure game company Infocom to create a game based on everyone's favorite book called Hitchhiker's Guide ... to disregard but if you can you will find The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to be a interesting game, utterly faithful to the original story. Not one of my favourites, but I recommend it anyway.

Hobbit, The

Review 1: Famous Tolkien's Middle Earth books were transfered to computer games and this was the first one (naturally, since it is the first book as well). The game follows the book's story closely and ... into things. The NPC's too were slightly annoying, seemingly wandering around at random. But what the hell, it's a classic game and I love Tolkien, so I had to add it and you have to download it.

Hollywood Hijinx

Matthew Murray's review says it all about this fun, "light" adventure game from Infocom: "Though it could be viewed as simply another treasure hunt game from Infocom, Hollywood Hijinx stood ... As a bonus, Holllywood Hijinx ships with some of the most elaborate feelies of all Infocom titles this side of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, including a funny, authentic-looking tabloid magazine.

Holy Grail, The

A decent game from a company famous for oldie strategy games, The Holy Grail has a strong plot but very primitive parser compared to the likes of Infocom games. As the name implies, your task is to find the legendary holy grail. It's not a very long game, and most puzzles are simplistic. Recommended as a dose of nostalgia only.

Homey D. Clown

Probably the best (but not by much) among an average crop of movie and novel adaptations from Capstone that includes the horrendous Wayne's World, here you play a lowly clown trying to make a break for ... and most puzzles are of the "get/buy item A to give person X" variety. Yet I still find it strangely and inexplicably compelling. If you have a mean streak, you might feel the same way ;)


Review 1: Hook is an average game based on the movie of the same name, which is a modernized version of the classic tale. Peter Pan, who is now living a normal adult life, is compelled to relive his ... make no sense to you). Review 3: Game based on the movie Hook. You play Peter Pan who has to rescue his kids from captain Hook. With the help of Tinkerbell you do a great job! Back to Neverland!!!

Hound of Baskerville

One of the most sought-after adventure CD-ROM titles in existence, Hound of Baskerville is unfortunately a game for which there is good reason for its rarity: it is terrible. There are not enough 'game' ... tepid narrative that is no match to the 'real' Watson in the novel, there is nothing to save this thoroughly disappointing better-as-a-coaster game. Recommended - to avoid this stinker at all costs.

Hound of Shadow, The

This is a good horror IF based on H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu novels. Psychic seances, horrific encounters, and troubling nightmares abound in this game set in Victorian London. Although the in-game graphics ... and the parser is quite robust. It won't grab you in quite the same way as Infocom's horror classic The Lurking Horror, but it will provide hours of good puzzle-solving fun amid an interesting plot.

Hugo 1
Hugo 2: Who Done It

In Hugo II We join our intrepid heroes as they attempt to enjoy a much-needed vacation at the house of Hugo's Great Uncle Horace...

Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom

The third and final episode in the Hugo trilogy. Penelope got bitten by a treespider. Hugo's has to find the 'Pool of Life' in order to obtain some of the life-giving water for the remedy.

Hugo's House of Horrors

Review 1: You play the role as Hugo as you set foot in the Haunted House to rescure Penelope. A typing game, eg. Open door, get key etc, but features great pictures and animations. Over some puzzles ... ghouls and ghosts that are waiting for him inside? Or will he be beaten to a bloody pulp by an angry waiter? You decide! I think I`ve already said enough about Hugo`s House Of Horrors. It`s great!

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