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Landsitz von Mortville, Der
Laser Squad

Review 1: Turn based strategy game Long before any of the X-Com games was made, Krisalis created Laser squad - turn based, squad strategy game (it was made for C-64 and Spectrum computers, and later ... around opportunity fire and who has to run into it. That means be patient if you are the defending player and plan ahead if you are the attacking player, creative use of grenades is key here.

Last Battle
Last Ninja 2

In this episode the Last Ninja start to train a new order of Ninja, but suddenly hw finds himself in New York. He has to fight against the Evil Shogun once again...

Last Ninja 3

Third episode of the greatest Ninja game ever released! It was a huge hit on the Commodore 64, but Amiga version is not as good as the original. By the way, you should try.

Last Ninja Remix

Medival game, where you should guide your hero through very hard levels. Beautiful graphics, intro and music, but extremly hard gameplay. It's worth to try your might :)

Leavin Teramis
LED Storm
Legacy Of Sorasil

A simple table styled strategy game with pure graphics, which takes place in middle ages. You can choose your side from good or bad, and male or female. Send your troops, recruit an army, use spells, etc.

Legend of Faerghail
Legend of Kyrandia

Title is "Fables & Fiends (book one)". This is a classical point & click adventure game with amazing graphics and long storyline. You play the role of Brandon, grandson of Kallak - a ... of Kyrandia. Malcolm is an evil mage who was imprisoned by Kallak, but now he is free. First he turns Kallak into stone and now he plans to turn the land into evil. Brandon has to stop this revenge!

Legends AGA
Legends of Valour
Leisure Suit Larry 1 Remake

This is a remake of the first Larry episode, The Land of the Lounge Lizards. Sierra enhanced the graphics and music, so the game fits now on 4 floppy disks. The remake introduces a new interface: instead of typing commands, you perform the desired actions by choosing appropriate icons.

Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Review 1: Is there anyone out there who does not know who Leisure Suit Larry is? Al Lowe's funny character is definitely one of the most famous of all time! In his everquest for a female that'll please ... game that makes you use your head and experiment with different options. There are many paths to get Larry laid, some are misleading and others are just plain gross. If it seems too easy, it is.

Leisure Suit Larry 2

Also called as: Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places). Eve kicks Larry out of her flat, so Larry is in streets of LA again, and the story goes...

Leisure Suit Larry 3

Review 1: While the first Larry was aimed mainly for male adults, the second adventure was sold to a much wider audience. Larry became a mainstream figure. In the third episode of the game Larry goes ... a male stripper. However, the Patti sequences are more reminiscent of traditional adventure games, requiring players to navigate through a maze, as well as collect items for use in later puzzles.

Leisure Suit Larry 5

Larry has amnesia, so he forgot almost everything. You have to help him to find out what happened in the Leisure Suit Larry 4. Anyway, don't search 4th episode, because it was simply skipped :) Note: disk 7 is the boot disk. Insert it first.


Review 1: One of the most classic and most fun arcade games in the 90's. You control a bunch of these small lemmings and you can give each ones different orders. You have to save a specified percentage ... may lead the lemmings to the exit. The game was very popular and offered a two player mode, where you could collaborate to end the level or be evil and doom the other player's lemming to their death.

Lemmings 2: The Tribes

This is the Lemmings 2, with new intro animation, and harder levels. The game takes 3 disks and has a fine happy music. You may also want to check "Oh no! More Lemmings".

Lemmings 3: All New World of Lemmings

Review 1: Well, here it is. The final attempt at Lemmings as we know it. This game is EXTREMELY poor in comparision to the original, and even Lemmings 2. Compared to Lemmings 1 or 2, this game is far ... chip RAM. Review 2: The 3rd episode of the classical Lemmings game, with some new worlds. Many levels, at many exotic places, like Egypt. Good graphics, using AGA chipset, and interesting gameplay.

Lemmings Holiday
Lemmings: Oh No! More Lemmings

Review 1: Lemmings is a dudey little game that was made sometime in the 90's, and was a MEGA hit... It is somehow a really GREAT game... even if it is based on lemmings. The idea is simple really, you ... to successfully escape the level and what types of tools are available for the little guys to use. This game is addictive and interesting. So if you want have fun you need downloading it immediately.

Lethal Weapon
Lethal Xcess
Licence to Kill
Light Corridor
Lion King AGA

Came from Disney's famous animation movie, The Lion King. It was released to almost all platforms, including the console machines and the pc. The Amiga version is a little bit dulled in compare with the pc version. For example there are no "Hakuna Matata" level. I don't know why, maybe it would cost an another floppy disk?


Fantastic platform game, where you play a half human, half lion hero and have to beat various enemies and traps. Amazing graphics and music! You must try!

Little Computer People
Little Puff in Dragonland

A simple platform game, where you play Puff, who is in Dragonland (you never thought right? :)) So you have to help him out. The game was also released on C64 in 1990. The graphics in Amiga version was a little bit upgraded, but the games are almost the same.


Review 1: A nice little Puzzle-Game that really tickles your brain. The objective is simple - you have little shiny balls that you have to arrange in sets of four of the same color. Once you've done ... game, which you can play for hours without giving up. The music is also fine. It's a shame, that there are only a few number of levels. But if you complete them all, you can make your own level.

Lombard RAC Rally

This is a rally simulator in which you have to drive through all the tracks in the Lombard RAC rally seasons. The game includes day and night tracks with different weather conditions such as fog and snow. You can also enter the repair station to tune up your car.


Very famous game, by Lucasfilm. Later it became Lucas Arts :) This game is similar to other Lucas games like Day of the Tentacle, Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, etc... Atmospheric graphics and gameplay...

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Review 1: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring was the first true graphic game taking the challenge to feature John Ronald Reuld Tolkien's famous and fantastic fantasy trilogy. Having Electronic ... you can always go back almost to the start of the game. Review 2: Inspired by Tolkien's story, the Lord of the Rings. It's an adventure game, with some Zelda feeling. Lots of text, pure grahics.

Lords of Chaos
Lords of the Realm AGA

The English throne is emtpy in 1268 A.D. You and five lords have to fight for the throne in this great strategy game. You have to build a town with a castle, control your people with feudal and fighting tasks to conquer your rivals and claim the kingdom.

Lords of the Rising Sun
Lords of Time
Lost Patrol, The

Action/Strategy game 1968. Vietnam. A helicopter crashed and seven survivors are trapped on the enemy territory. They have 58 miles to cross to reach the US military base and rescue themselves. Are they ... is part action - part strategy game. On Your way to the base You will have to fight forces of Vietcong, send scouts, dodge sniper fire and booby traps. Nice one, I just wish it had better graphics.

Lost Vikings, The

Review 1: Puzzle/Arcade Olaf, Erik and Baleog lived happily in their village but one day something strange happened - something came from the sky and kidnapped our three little heroes! Yes, you guessed ... conditions. Now they are in a space station and have to find the way out. You can control them separately and use their special capabilities to solve the puzzles and to get through barriers.

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge

Review 1: When somebody mentions Amiga, every true Amiga gamer will remember two games: North&South and Lotus. Yes, a true legend. Is there anything better than being able to drive a great sports ... The Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge. You drive the red Lotus car, and have to beat all the opponents. Nice grapics, two player mode with splitted screen, many tracks and music selector. Try it!

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2

Review 1: The first Lotus game was a true revolution. It introduced real high speed racing with great graphics and the best music I have heard until then. Each moment spent in playing Lotus was a real ... 2: The game is almost the same as the other Lotus episodes. The graphics was updated since the first Lotus and the tracks was also redesigned. As always, this Lotus also has a cool soundtrack!

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 3

Review 1: What happened? Lotus 1&2 were great games, why did they have to ruin the series with this one? Trust me, the game might look good but it's far from the greatness shown in the previous two ... 2: Third part of the Lotus Trilogy. Very famous and good arcade game. 3 selectable car, many levels with various weather, music tracks, two player mode with splitted screen, etc. Worth to try!

Lupo Alberto: The videogame
Lure of the Temptress

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