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Review 1:

One of the most classic and most fun arcade games in the 90's. You control a bunch of these small lemmings and you can give each ones different orders. You have to save a specified percentage of the lemming that are available, but doesn't matter if you waste a few lives of the small poor lemmings.

They can do anything from climbing and digging to stand still and lift people and to explode. A very fun and challenging game which an simple idea. Get this classic.

Review 2:

Everyone should know Lemmings. They are small hamster like figures, and always in trouble! You have to help them to reach the exit! It's hard, because you can't control directly the Lemmings, you should build bridges, dig the land, etc.

Review 3:

Lemmings, one the most famous game in the nineties. You are in charge of a group of lemmings on their way to their home.

Inspired from the legend of the dumb lemming running straight in to danger, the lemmings pop from a portal and walk straight until they find an obstacle. The goal is to build a way to the exit with minimum casualties along the way. Of course dangers are everywhere : pitfall, traps, cliffs, etc...

Hopefully, the lemmings are able to make a lot of things, but you have to tell them to do it. Lemmings can make their fellow friends stop and turn around, build bridges, use an umbrella to fall slowly and much more. With a clever use of the often limited number of abilities, you may lead the lemmings to the exit.

The game was very popular and offered a two player mode, where you could collaborate to end the level or be evil and doom the other player's lemming to their death.

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