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Nice german strategy game, kind of stratego like game.

Asterix im Morgenland

An interactive comic with some little action sequences based on the popular comic book Asterix chez Rahazade. The Schneider CPC version of Asterix was one of the first computer games I ever played, and ... quite awful with its CGA graphics, but it was nice to see the game again. Might require a slow-down util as the action sequences run too fast on modern computers. Note: The in-game text is in German.

Aufschwung Ost

Sunflowers' first game, Aufschwung Ost is a nice political business simulation/strategy game with a touch of SimCity. The game takes place in Eastern Germany after the reunification. You must define and ... at the game's simple black-and-white nature, though. Note: The in-game text is in German. Try to run the game with a slow-down util, especially if it doesn't start and quits with a runtime error.


Balance is thoroughly average and obscure German action game from Kingsoft. The review-style description at MobyGames: "This German game of dexterity delivers what the title promises. Balance is a ... Balance is an interesting premise that turns out to be not much fun, due to extreme difficulty and repetitive gameplay. Stick to Marble Madness and forget about this rare, marginal game.

Big Sea

Big Sea is a mediocre management simulation about production, trading and conquest set in a fantasy world with dragons and wizards - quite an unusual scenario for this kind of game. Not much more to say ... as either game. Many static statistics screens make the game quite boring rather quickly, so unless you like number-crunching, steer clear of this one. Note: Game and manual are both in German.


Similar to Bullfrog's better-known Theme Hospital, Biing! is a humorous German—only business simulation about running a hospital and making money by treating patients from more or less weird illnesses ... forgiving Bullfrog classic. For what it's worth, reLINE later released the sequel Biing! 2 which adds even more -err—revealing graphics of nurses while keeping basic gameplay more or less the same.

Black Gold (Starbyte)

Not to be confused with another game with the same name from reLINE, Black Gold is a great simulation of the oil industry from Starbyte. The game is similar to reLINE title, but focuses more on realism ... the game is too easy or simplistic, you will definitely enjoy this old game from Starbyte. Too bad the English version was never released, so only gamers who understand German will be able to play.

Death or Glory

Decent conversion of First Step/Software 2000's Amiga game. Death or Glory is a round-based strategy game with fantasy role-playing elements. Some of the in-game art (intro, character faces) look fairly ... the genre. But nothing that changed the history of computer gaming by much. ;) Note: The in-game text is in German... as usual with most early Software 2000 games, the English version was never made.

Dig-Dogs: Streetbusters

Review 1: Dig-Dogs is a fun promotional game for kids that teaches basic driver's education, including safe driving, the meaning of different traffic signs, and other road rules. The gameplay is simple: ... care about batteries and gasoline as well. In case you run out of those two, you will have so solve a puzzle to get more. Fun game; easily understandable even though it's 100% in German Language.


Dogfight is the best modern remake I've ever come across of Sopwith, an early 1980s air combat classic. In addition to upgrading the graphics to SVGA with incredibly high details of both planes and scenery, ... best-looking and the most fun dogfighting games for the PC. The game is in German, although it shouldn't be hard to figure out what the options do by trial and error... that's how I did it anyway ;)

Electricity Tycoon

In this game you have to provide electricy to german citizens and in the meanwhile you have to avoid nuclear meltdowns and other problems. The game includes windwills, smoke and other special FX. The game is currently in German only!

Future Dimension

Future Dimension is a very cool arcade quality shoot'em up by Crew242 and Lifetimes. The game features great fast graphics and nice in-game MOD music. There are 3D levels as well as the classic vertical ... Recommended if you're fond of shoot'em ups. The in-game movies are missing in this CD-rip. Note: The in-game texts are in German, but that shouldn't be much of a problem for this type of game.

Hanse: Die Expedition

Review 1: Ein wirklich gutes Remake des Klassikers Hanse den vermutlich jeder der schon eine Weile dabei ist mal auf seinem C64 oder Amiga gespielt hat. Das Spiel war eine meiner ersten Erfahrungen mit ... of the original a bit more. As usual with this kind of game, it's best played together with some friends - up to six in all. Try a slow-down util with the install program, if you get runtime errors.


Hexuma is one of the best German text adventures ever made. The third game in Weltenschmiede's adventure series following Das Stundenglas and Die Kathedrale. Don't miss this one if you are a fan of German ... With great, atmospheric plot, solid writing, improved parser, and some very challenging puzzles, Hexuma once again sees Weltenschmiede improving their craft with each new release. Highly recommended!

Kathedrale, Die

Review 1: German text adventures are rare, good ones even rarer. Die Kathedrale by Weltenschmiede is one of those few good ones - together with Hexuma, Soul Crystal and a couple more lesser known games. ... console and icons located on the right side of the screen, making Die Kathedrale feel and play like the legendary C64 textual adventures. A real jewel among the many great German made games.

Mad TV 2

Mad TV is a cult classic in Europe that is virtually unknown in the U.S. And that's a shame, because it is a fun, solid strategy game with a neat underlying plot. You start as a lowly reporter working ... of TV audiences also had me chuckle a lot :) Mad TV 2 adds better graphics, more shows and options, and a lot of hilarious spoofs of real movies. Too bad only the German version was released :(

Pinball Wizard 2000

Pinball Wizard 2000 is an excellent application that allows you to create and play your own pinball tables. Although the English version was never made, this German game is not difficult to understand ... 2000 is well worth your time. Graphics and gameplay sophistication cannot match the more recent classic Visual Pinball, but it was ahead of its time in 1996, and remains highly playable years later.


Scenario is a fairly simple and simplistic strategy game for one to four players, playing in a fictional World War I scenario. Your aim: conquer Europe. The game requires a mouse, but doesn't work with ... premise, and quite boring to boot. Proof that Starbyte should stick to their (more or less average) line of management games rather than anything else. Note: Both game and manual are in German.

Schatz im Silbersee, Der

Der Schatz im Silbersee is a decent graphic adventure by Software 2000 and Swiss developer Linel based on the popular Karl May characters. Certainly no milestone in adventure gaming but most of the things ... and the game overall is shorter than average, but it's quite fun while it lasts. Try a slow-down util, if you get runtime errors when you try to start the game. Note: The in-game text is in German.

Soul Crystal

Soul Crystal is one of the better German text adventures, with a fun and interesting story, a fairly good parser, and a mouse-driven interface. The plot sounds as if it were inspired by Lewis Carroll's ... of it, you're finding yourself in a strange fantasy-like world. The game is very nicely presented with excellent music and (small) graphics. Probably one of the last commercial games of its kind.

Stundenglas, Das

Das Stundenglas was the first game by little German Bavarian-based company Weltenschmiede. It's an illustrated text adventure, all in German, in the style of the Magnetic Scrolls games, combining the story ... improved with their following adventures, Die Kathedrale, Hexuma and more recently Die Höhlenwelt-Saga. The game was released as freeware in 1998, novel and copy-protection included with the archive.


A game from Germany, from Starbyte, from 1990. What could it be? Yes! You're right, another management simulation... of course *yawn* - although puzzle game could have been another good option to think ... entertaining games of its genre, although the scope is quite limiting and long-term playability is much lower than classics of the genre (e.g. Transport Tycoon). Note: Game and manual are in German.

Turn It

Turn It is a simple solitaire Mahjongg game that is set up a bit differently from normal: instead of a mountain of tiles, you just see a whole screenful of tiles at the beginning of the game, all lying ... strategy makes the game fun, and challenging especially at higher levels. The game is in German, but there's nothing you need to know if you already know how to play solitaire Mahjongg. Worth a look.

Verbatim: Top Challenge

Verbatim: Top Challenge is an average colllection of 5 "rugged sport" games, created as a promotional title to celebrate Verbatim's 25th anniversary as one of the world's largest data storage ... is in German, but the games are easy to play, since they are all arcade-oriented. If you can read German, though, you can read a few colorful pages about Verbatim's history and its range of products.


Ralf Glau's second game following Hanse, Vermeer is an interesting trading oldie for up to four players. All texts in the game are in German. Set in the year 1918, the world is at war, the economy in turmoil. ... a slow-down util as the real-time auctions will run too fast on modern computers. In 1997, Ralf Glau together with Ascaron released a remake of this oldie called Vermeer - Die Kunst zu Erben.

Yuppi's Revenge

The third game in Ralf Glau's series of management simulations, following Hanse and Vermeer. All game texts are in German. This time the game is set in the 60s, in the world of drilling rigs, oil fields ... decision making to be a very good game of its kind, especially as a single-player game. However, with its limitations it might be of interest for people without any experience in the genre.

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