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DarwinBots is no doubt one of the most comprehensive "artificial life" programs ever made. Here are some excerpts from the official site to give you an idea of how complex the program is: "The ... the game, and the ability to share DNA files with friends makes it much more robust and replayable. If you like artificial life programs, DarwinBots is simply a must-have - and it's freeware to boot.

Das Boot

Review 1: One of the World War II simulations, Das Boot puts you into the German submarine, year 1941, with your mission to find and sink Allied ships on the sight. For those of you with patriotic DNA ... as an arcade/wargame hybrid that can't decide which kind of game it wants to be. Bright VGA graphics and lots of gameplay options, including some inventive scenarios, help elevate the game somewhat.


Dawgfight is a fun, tongue-in-cheek arcade-oriented flight sim is set in the Western town of Hatfield. It's County Fair time, and you decided to participate in the biplane contest with your trusty WW1 ... armchair pilots and arcade fans should take a look. Controlling the plane with keyboard is naturally less intuitive than with a joystick, although it won't take long before you get the hang of it.

Dawn Patrol

Review 1: I must admit that I wasn't aware of any other simulation from the mid 90's that was that close to Dynamix's Red Baron game. Dawn Patrol offers many of the same features, graphics and overall ... and enjoyable experience. Recommended! Note: the download here is single-player version which is out of print. For a head-to-head modem version, check out Dawn Patrol: Head to Head also on this site.

Dawn Patrol: Head to Head

Dawn Patrol: Head to Head is the modem version of Rowan's Dawn Patrol, released in 1995 - about one year after the original game's release. The gameplay remains the same: the game is structured like a ... hours that deserves a spot on your hard drive next to Red Baron. In addition to offering modem play, this version also gets rid of some minor bugs and gameplay issues present in the 1994 release.

Defcon 5

Billed as an "authentic "Star Wars" simulation," Defcon 5 is called "second worst computer game of all time" by Computer Gaming World, and for good reasons. Fans of complex, ... 5 deserves notice as one of the earliest games made about the Cold War. Fans of simulation games should stay away from this very simplistic introductory game that's barely simulating anything at all.


One of the earliest naval simulations ever made, Epyx' Destroyer is a graphically-intense portrayal of World War II destroyer operations. Judging that Epyx is best known for many addictive sports and action ... tactical operations, but it's great fun while it lasts. Highly recommended for action gamers looking for a bit more realism in their sims, and sim fans looking for a lighter fare than, say, Harpoon.

Destruction Zone

Destruction Zone, or D-Zone, is a tank battle game that allows up to three players and up to six robots to fight through rounds and accumulate money and points. The players each shop for new weapons and ... number of weapons and tools with well balanced prices and properties made the game very addictive. D-Zone became very popular in the early 1990, back when the fastest PC machine was the Intel 486.


Review 1: The game itself is very complex and covers a lot of management. You are an Automobile company owner with one goal: get rich! There's a lot You have to do such as make car designs, build factories, ... computer players in addition you your human player. Download a copy and explore the ups and downs of the game. Fulfil your dream of creating your very own vehicle and competing in the World market.


Correctly realizing that the "survival simulation" in its earlier fiasco Robinson's Requiem holds great potential but was fit only for suicidal gamers, Silmarils revamped the game engine, cranked ... MUCH more hospitable now, and it is actually possible to bandage and cure yourself of the various diseases. It's finally fun to play doctor/survivalist/hunter in the best Robinson Crusoe tradition.

Distribution Game, The

More of an educational tool than an entertaining "game," The Distribution Game is a good simulation game of a two level distribution system - the warehouse and the retailers. As owner of a "middle ... as a practitioner of finance I probably am too biased to say this ;) Anyway, take a look if you are interested in a more realistic simulation of the supply chain than the colored lines in Capitalism.

Dive Bomber

Dive Bomber is one of the least known World War 2 simulations ever made, even though it was marketed by (then) UK giant US Golf and ported quite competently by Epyx to the US. Perhaps one reason for the ... bottom line: [Dive Bomber is an] interesting idea and the graphics were definitely well done for the time, but once you get the Bismarck once or twice the game pretty much has no replay value."

Doonesbury Election Game - Campaign '96

The Doonesbury Election Game: Campaign '96 is a fun, but largely forgotten, simulation of 1996 US Presidential Election that allows the players to create their own tickets, pick campaign staffs from dozens ... is a lot of fun, although SSI's classic President Elect feels more realistic. Be warned that the game will probably feel too dry and repetitive if you're not really into political simulations.

Dragon Strike

Review 1: Another fantastic game from SSI. All though this not the usual game type SSI works on but yet a very special game. But you can also see the influence Westwood has had in the developments. All ... fight through progressively harder missions on dragonback, downing enemies with your dragon's deadly flames while avoiding theirs. Definitely fantasy flight sim at its best. And unique, to boot ;)


A "view-from-the-turret", Dreadnoughts is an excellent World War I naval simulation that offers an interesting, albeit very slow, portrayal of tactics during the few World War I encounters. The ... as weather effects and more. Definitely a game worth investigating for all armchair commanders, especially those (i.e. most of us) whose hardware couldn't handle the game when it first came out :)

E.S.S. Mega (a.k.a. European Space Simulator Mega)

Probably the most obscure game ever made by quirky French developer Coktel Vision (Gobliiins, Lost in Time). E.S.S. Mega (a.k.a. European Space Simulator Mega) is a lackluster space shuttle simulation ... that will succeed, and lack of random elements that make Buzz Aldrin challenging. Overall, worth a look for space buffs, but only for historical interest as one of the rarest space simulations.

Earth Orbit Stations

Karl Buiter's first, and most underrated, design, Earth Orbit Stations is a classic space program simulation that was one of the first of its kind. It is also probably the only space station simulation ... fans of space simulations and business games alike. It's also worth a look by anyone who loves Karl Buiter's other old games, Sentinel Worlds and Hard Nova. Too bad the PC version was never released.

EGA Trek

Review 1: EGA Trek - a completely cool clone of a very early Star Trek game, but better than any of the Star Trek games I've ever tried (which is near to about 0 or 2, so that might not say much). But ... Lysians... or something." Review 3: Some Star Trek game where you have to kill all Klingons. You can explore different sectors in space, each with there own planets, enemies and friends.


One of the best 3D spaceflight simulations ever made, Echelon goes beyond the typical shoot-everything-in-sight concept by integrating neat puzzles into gameplay. Your task as member of the Space Federation ... a headphone/microphone combo (included free with the game) that lets player shout command in English. It doesn't work very well, but as a 1987 invention it was definitely far ahead of its time.


A unique and refreshing simulation, El Fish lets you breed -- err-- fish and watch them live in a virtual aquarium. Every aesthetic factor involved in aquarium design is at your disposal, including tank ... unlimited, thanks to an ingenious and robust fish design interface). After you're done with designing, there's not a whole lot to do, but watching your creation on screen is quite relaxing :)


Review 1: The pioneer of Space trading/combat simulation genre. Many other titles were inspired by the original Elite but neither of them reached the glory of the mother of them all! Elite puts You in ... idea ;) Earn money, upgrade your ship, undertake missions, maybe even go after the evil Thargoids (the big bad aliens in the game). What you do is entirely up to you. This game truly is a classic.

Elite Plus

Review 1: Remake of one of the best and, at some point, most complex games of all time. Elite plus is a bit easier and better looking than Elite but it still has the same story, same ship types, same ... is an enhanced version of Elite. This time you got some more colors on the screen. Furthermore it's more of the same, so that's good. Just trade between planets, upgrade you ship, but a new ship etc.


Review 1: In the future, the Terrans solar systems Sun is dying and is turning into a Super Nova, a full scale planetary evacuation on the homeworld has been started. But once they get outside of the ... graphics, but is limited to missions and freedom as you always have to start off in career option, no arcade option here folks. And for those of you who wanted to know, Inferno is the sequel to Epic.

Evasive Action

From Glyn Williams, co-founder of Particle Systems comes Evasive Action, an innovative combat flight simulator featuring dogfights with planes from as early as 1917 up to the future of space combat of ... guy working alone, especially coding in assembler. By the time it was done, the technology was looking long in the tooth - and the release version was way too buggy. Not pleased with this one."

Executive Suite

Executive Suite is an excellent (and perhaps only) simulation of office life. Your goal is a typical white-collar one: climb up the corporate ladder to become CEO. What sets this game apart from other ... Overall, Executive Suite is a fun, highly original, arguably controversial game that will either help hone your skills at corporate management or discourage you from doing business altogether.

Eye of The Storm

Eye of The Storm is a solid space simulation that offers fast action and several HUD innovations. Similar to countless games of this ilk, Eye of The Storm casts you as captain of a spaceship, where you ... a closer look, especially since it's one of the first games produced by Jason Kingsley, who would later go on to greater fame with another space simulation: I War (Independence War in the US).

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