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Review 1:

The game itself is very complex and covers a lot of management. You are an Automobile company owner with one goal: get rich! There's a lot You have to do such as make car designs, build factories, employ workers, spread sales... Great game for those that like micro management.

Review 2:

Ever wanted to design and create your own car? And what about producing and selling it afterwards? Well, here is your chance. In Detroit you are the manager of a company that design, produce and sell their own cars. You will have to take decisions on all matters related to all those complicated processes. It can be quite hard to figure out what to start with once you have created, named and placd your company as there are many different options in the game. It helps quite a bit that the game interface is good looking and easy to understand.

Overall a good game if you like these business simulations but beware - the game can be difficult to play for new people in this genre and may be the reason why Detroit never really succeed in getting popular. Still it's quite unique and worth a try for most people as you can't say you don't like this genre because there aren't many other games with this idea.

Review 3:

Detroit is a logical follow-up of Impressions' excellent airline industry sim Air Bucks. This time, the year is 1908, and you are the President of an upstart car company. You will build and design cutting-edge automobiles, take care of finances and promote your products with marketing campaigns. Vintage car lovers will really enjoy the game, as it includes many classic car designs, all of which you can modify to your heart's content. As time goes by, new technologies will become available, and the industry will evolve with faster and safer cars. Competition, of course, will become tougher as your competitors catch up to your technological advantages. You must then think globally -- open new factories overseas, and think of how to segment your market with different car models that do not cannibalize each other's sales.

Like Airbucks, Detroit emphasizes fun and playability over historical realisms, although there is enough historical accuracy in the game to satisfy the most demanding of gamers. The computer opponent is also much stronger than Air Bucks, making it a good challenge for all armchair businessmen. Also check out Max Design's more sophisticated but less-known Motor City.

Review 4:

In this game you start your own car factory, you can build and design your own cars, research new parts, advertise for your product etc etc. The idea is that you compete agains 3 other computer/human companies. Produce the very best car there is, export it to other parts of the world or just keep it local. A very good game, the idea is great and the graphics are ok. The sounds are ok and the gameplay is good. Download it if you are a business tycoon.

Review 5:

A very rare theme in the Simulations genre indeed, this game has its interesting points despite the lacklustre performance in history.

In the game, you progress from the early 1900s to modern day as you build your car empire. Not only you need to expand your sales and factories throughout the World, you are also involved in marketing, research and development, and the management of employees.

Talk about research and development! You get to fit all kinds of gadgets to your new design in an effort to improve safety, performance, efficiency, comfort, and the aesthetic value of your new model. You can also mate different sections of vehicles together; imagine a vehicle having a sports car front and a lorry body! Safety testing of the vehicle will also be carried out before it is ready for mass production. And you can also determine which facet of improvement to work on in order to build your dream vehicle.

Your Production and R&D department isn't going to make it without the help of employees. Yes, you get to hire and fire the employees for every factory you own. In months of prosperity, you can expand your production lines and these need more workers to get your vehicle assembled. When your cash flow looks bad, you can shut down some lines and fire the workers. This applies to engineers too. You can even assign engineers to specific R&D topics in order to speed up the process.

The AI is simple enough for you to play the game at ease. It allows for up to three computer players in addition you your human player.

Download a copy and explore the ups and downs of the game. Fulfil your dream of creating your very own vehicle and competing in the World market.

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Detroit screenshot
Detroit screenshot

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