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Remake of the game for IBM-PC. Object of the game: Collect all the hearts in the field. It has lots of levels, and it's fun to play.

Egyptia: Secrets of the Lost Tomb

Egyptia is a very obscure puzzle game from German developer DOE Entertainment. Your goal is to navigate dozens of rooms inside a pyramid to uncover the hidden gold of the Pharaohs. The game plays like ... menacing monsters to provide a challenge, rather than ingenious designs. Drab graphics and uninteresting background graphics round off this mundane game that deserves its obscurity. Not recommended.


Elements is without a doubt one of the best and trickiest puzzle games I've played. The game unfortunately didn't sell well despite rave reviews from every major magazine (CGW's Johnny Wilson called it ... to reach that battery, key, or other objects you need to get through the maze in the shortest route possible. I highly recommend this game for puzzle lovers, and puzzle experts in particular.

E-Motion (a.k.a. Game of Harmony, The)

E-Motion (E for Einstein) is a nice little action-strategy game developed by The Assembly Line with fairly original gameplay. Quite hard to master, so probably not suited for everyone. The US release by ... sound either, but it's still reasonable. It is quite a good game, but it's a bit too tricky for my liking. Recommended if you like the likes of Atomino, or other challenging block-related puzzlers.


EmPipe is a fun Windows 95/98 version of classic Pipe Dreams connect-the-pipes game. The objective is simple: connect pipe sections to let water flow from the start to finish. Pipe tiles are given at random, ... toes, and the graphics are crisp and clean. Overall, an excellent new version of often-overlooked parlor game that is ideal for that 5-minute brain cell exercise away from your work. Recommended!


Endorfun is a fun psychadelic puzzle game that plays like Tetris on acid. Well, not really - but you get the idea :) The objective in the game is to maneuver a 3D cube (celled "Light Body") around ... - 'augmented' when you do well enough in the game ;) Highly recommended to puzzle fans everywhere, but anyone who is easily nauseated by swirling colors will have to skip this trippy, unique game.

Enigma (2003)

Enigma is a superb puzzler in the same style as Dongleware's underrated puzzler Oxyd series. In the author's own words: "...Enigma is a puzzle game inspired by Oxyd on the Atari ST and Rock'n'Roll ... and sounds from Oxyd series. With smooth graphics and excellent gameplay, Enigma is a must-have for all fans of puzzle games - whether or not you have played the Oxyd series. Highly recommended!

Entombed Enhanced

One of the rare adventure / puzzle games that boasts production value that rival big-budget games, Entombed is one of the better Myst-clones on the market (and yes, as diehard adventure gamer I refuse ... unrelated puzzles): you are an archaeologist who accidentally stumbled into an ancient tomb. Puzzles are creative if not unique, with on-screen hints to help you along. A good game for all Myst fans.

Essence Child

Essence Child is a great brainteaser from Living Energy Productions, a small group of amateur designers. In addition to offering devious non-timed levels that recall the best of Chip's Challenge, the game ... relatively easy difficulty level may turn away expert gamers, puzzle fans who consider themselves beginners or are looking for a casual game will find much to like in this charming game. Recommended!

Even More Incredible Machine, The

Review 1: The Sequel... Very fun game more tools and stuff to complete the levels. Get the basketball through the level. Review 2: This is best described as an "add-on" pack for The Incredible ... it does not require you to have TIM1 to play. The interface was updated from DOS to Windows 3.1 with much better music. The only downside is maybe the fact that tutorial levels are identical to TIM1.

Evil Dice

Evil Dice is a decent PC adaptation of Devil Dice, a great puzzle game on Playstation that was never released for PC. Similar to great reflex-based puzzlers, Evil Dice has simple rules: score as many points ... of "set-piece" puzzles), the game is almost as addictive as the Playstation original. If you like reflex-oriented puzzle games, check out this great game that is ideal for coffee breaks.

Expert Common Knowledge

Expert Common Knowledge is a fun trivia game designed by Rosemary West, best known as one of the world's most popular psychics. Basically a text-only trivia game not unlike Trivia Pursuit, this quiz program ... a more accessible challenge. Worth a look. This also deserves mention as being one of the very first games published by Expert Software, one of the world's most prolific publishers of budget titles.


Similar to Eduman, Expertris is a straightforward ripoff of a well-known game. In this case, the game is Tetris, and the clone plays like an exact replica, only with different graphics. No frills or twists ... or so, before you realize that the bland graphics and lack of nice backdrops make the game inferior even to the original Tetris. Not recommended, but worth a look as one of E-Game's earliest titles.


The first game released under the Cyro label, ex-Exxos. Extase is a great action/logic game - remotely similar to the popular locomotion game in principle. The concept is very hard to describe-- suffice ... with stylish graphics by Michel Rho. Great fun if you can figure it out ;) The PC conversion is sadly missing the music. Note: enter level-code 3976 to access the "Magic Crisis" level.


Review 1: Faces is an addictive puzzle game. You control mr. Pacman look-a-like whose purpose in life is to drop star bombs on a horde of incoming faces. If the starbomb hits a face of the same colour ... game, however, is marred by pieces being too undifferentiated from each other that makes gameplay overly frustrating. Good concept over all, but poor execution and little variety in falling pieces.


Fallout! is the superior sequel to Beyond Columns, Brad Taylor's excellent Columns clone. The game is much more obscure than its predecessor for some reason, despite being improved in every way, including ... of three in a row to make them disappear. Expert Tetris players can start at a higher level if they prefer. Overall, a very nice little game that is a worthy addition to every Tetris fan's library.


Farocar is a fun brainteaser that is similar to classic Soko-Ban, except the levels are not as imaginative. Your objective is to control the 'car' with the arrow keys to push all the game pieces on the ... a decent puzzler, but lacks the level of challenge and devious level design to make it a classic. Play the original Soko-Ban or Deadly Rooms of Death instead for a "real" brainteaser ;)


Fiddle is an excellent variant of Tangram, coded by the same designer who designed Cyberbox, a very clever freeware brainteaser. In Fiddle, each level is a collection of pieces which you must slide and ... with 26 levels (each representing one English alphabet), with increasing level of difficulty. Overall, a neat little brainteaser that will satisfy both casual and die-hard puzzle fans. Recommended!


While I was rummaging through my old CD-ROMs I found a particularly old one containing a lot of DOS-games me and a couple of my friends used to play a lot. We actually had to pay something like 20 Dutch ... a safe starting point in Flagger, so you don't have to click around like a madman to get your game going. If you have 5 minutes to spare, play it. If you have two hours to kill, play it. It's great!

Flip Flop

Flip Flop is another fun game from Russian developer Gamos, makers of clever puzzle games. Although far from Gamos' best, Flip Flop is still fun for a few minutes before it gets repetitive. Your goal: ... Flip Flop is a fun brainteaser. If you are patient enough to pass the second level, the third poses even more challenge, and so on. Recommended, but only to the most patient and tolerant of gamers.


FlipOut! is an addictive, funny, and unique puzzler from Gorilla Systems, first released for Atari's Jaguar console. It is very difficult to describe the unique game concept of FlipOut!-- it is most similar ... a high replay value, and the funny alien antics make this a good game for the kids. Anyone who enjoys unique puzzle games - especially very challenging ones - will definitely enjoy this old game.


FlowerPower is a fun puzzle game with a simple premise: collect all the flowers on each level to increase "flower power" (ugh) while avoiding the "Bad Lieutenant" who follows you around. ... sprinkled for good measure). Once you get used to the swirly graphics, though, the game is quite a lot of fun and challenging. If you enjoy reflex-oriented puzzlers, give this quirky game a try.

Fool's Errand, The

Review 1: Designed by Cliff Johnson, one of the best puzzle designers ever, the concept behind Fool's Errand is so original that it defies categorization. Suffice to say that it is part devilish puzzle ... Fool's Errand is a great puzzle game with a difference. The varied puzzles and the cool ways they are connected into the story make this a must play for anyone who enjoys a little brain gymnastics.


Fourside is a neat little ASCII-based Dominoes variant, released as one of the games on an issue of SoftDisk's "Big Blue Disk" monthly disk magazine. The game plays like Dominoes, except that ... integer spectrum from 1-9 is used. If you enjoy a neat little brainteaser with no reflex requirements or time constraints, check out this quaint and interesting puzzle variant of a common board game.

Freakin' Funky Fuzzballs

In a strange but fortuitous departure from its stable of RPG classics, Sir-Tech released this enjoyable puzzle game that's best described as Diggers meets Pacman: your job in each level is to clear path ... be traversed *twice*, after which it disappears. Hence, planning your patch is crucial to success, especially on later levels of the game. Overall, a fun little game that won't tax your brain cells.


Definitely one of the best "all-in-one" software collection ever released, Friendlyware is a great collection of 30 excellent BASIC programs, ranging from applications, to different kinds of ... to how software works. Even without the intriguing historical context, Friendlyware remains a great 'grab bag' suite of ASCII games and applications that remain both useful and fun to this day.

Future Classics Collection

I'll let MobyGames' excellent rap sheet for this great action/puzzle collection speak for itself: "Future Classics Collection is a collection of five distinctly-themed, well-balanced games that stress ... one player alone, two players alternately, two players simultaneously, or one player against one of three computer personalities -- including split-screen play for head-to-head competition."


Platform puzzle quest game. CGA version.

Game of Life

Review 1: I must admit I have no real clue about how to play this game. I can only guess for the most part, but it is kind of fun to guess the controls and what they would probably do. After all you ... In *this* game, you must split the cells in the right order so that the end pattern matches a given prototype. Quite fun and educational, with energy and control issues thrown in for complexity.


Fill lines in order to get to the next level.

Gear Works

Gear Works is a decent puzzle game that may appeal to fans of Incredible Machine series. The objective is to place given different-sized gears on pegs to construct a gear train that continue from the left ... and gameplay elements to add variety. It's just gears, gears, and gears all the way. Worth a look for puzzle lovers or anyone interested in invention-building games, although it's nothing special.


This inventive puzzler sadly disappeared from stores in less than 6 months after its release. The premise is simple: try to get 21 wind-up toys over to your opponent's side before he can do the same to ... into a very captivating experience. The game is essentially a great variant of paper-rock-scissors game, and can be considered a modern update of EA's classic Archon, but with a more cartoony feel.

Germ Nation

Germ Nation is a fun, addictive freeware puzzler that could have been inspired by SNES classic Dr. Mario and Bust a Move, but with many twists of its own. Similar to Tetris and its numerous clones, your ... animated, cutesy critters, are quite nice, and the interface is user-friendly. Overall, a nice little game that you will find yourself play now and then, between the more taxing titles. Recommended!

Getaway Entertainment 6 Pack for Windows

Notable for being the last game from Epyx before the company folded, Getaway Entertainment 6 Pack for Windows is a fun collection of parlor/card games that much better than 1987's very ugly black-and-white-only ... what the designers had in mind: a collection of short and simple games for your laptop, ideal for whiling away a few minutes at the airport (or at a meeting, if nobody notices ;)). Recommended!


Gruntz is an addictive but vastly overlooked puzzle game from Monolith. A bit like Lemmings but with the addition of combat and more focus on puzzles than real-time precision, Gruntz will definitely appeal ... game, quirky and humorous, with some quite tricky levels to keep you coming back for more. Unlike Lemmings, you can save your game at any time and try different strategies to see you through."


Guardians is an interesting puzzle game from Loriciel which, true to their reputation, is quite unique in its concept. The game looks like a cross between Tetris and Origamo, except it's a little more ... board. Tetris fans who want something more challenging should take a look at Guardians, but the rest of us should definitely steer clear of this muddled puzzler that frustrates more than entertains.

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