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While I was rummaging through my old CD-ROMs I found a particularly old one containing a lot of DOS-games me and a couple of my friends used to play a lot. We actually had to pay something like 20 Dutch Guilders (about 9,00) to have those suckers burned, because in those days nobody had a CD-writer and those that had could charge quite a bit of money (burned in single-speed, baby).

Anyway, the disc was pretty messed up (we made it in '95): a large chunk of the colored coating had come off and you could see right through. I took upon myself the noble task of seeing whether or not some of these games could still be rescued before tossing the disc into the dustbin. It turned out that most of them were salvageable and amongst them I found a little shareware title called Flagger. After a thorough Google session and a little guidance from our own OldWarez list I had to conclude I could find absolutely nothing about the game online. Everyone had completely forgotten about it and even mr. James A. Sausville himself was nowhere to be found. Not anymore!

I have to say it was quite a joy playing Flagger again since it was one of the first PC-games everyone in our family liked and played. This is the only game my sister ever beat me in (except for Mario Bros... and Giana Sisters... and Donkey Kong... ah shoot!).

So, now that I've wasted 5 minutes of your life with useless anecdotes, let's discuss the game itself, shall we? It's basically Minesweeper for DOS. What more can you say? You sweep the mines, you get some points, and you sweep again. There's no sound at all, and the graphics are quite boring. But the game delivers quality gameplay for just under 50kb.

There are a couple of small differences compared to the Windows, most notably that you have to open up every single square by yourself, even if it's a large empty area. A pleasant difference is that you get a safe starting point in Flagger, so you don't have to click around like a madman to get your game going. If you have 5 minutes to spare, play it. If you have two hours to kill, play it. It's great!

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