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Germ Nation

Germ Nation is a fun, addictive freeware puzzler that could have been inspired by SNES classic Dr. Mario and Bust a Move, but with many twists of its own. Similar to Tetris and its numerous clones, your goal in Germ Nation is to shoot out germs from a big pipe to the right of the game board, and match three of them vertically to make them disappear.

On top of this easy-sounding formula, Germ Nation offers some gameplay twists that make the game much more challenging. Certain germs, such as the green blobs, mutate over a period of time, so you'll have to quickly dispose of them as soon as they show up. The graphics, especially the animated, cutesy critters, are quite nice, and the interface is user-friendly. Overall, a nice little game that you will find yourself play now and then, between the more taxing titles. Recommended!

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Germ Nation screenshot
Germ Nation screenshot

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