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Flip Flop

Flip Flop is another fun game from Russian developer Gamos, makers of clever puzzle games. Although far from Gamos' best, Flip Flop is still fun for a few minutes before it gets repetitive. Your goal: open all of the windows on the screen by clicking on any of them. However, once you click on one window, other windows in the same row and the same column will be toggled too - opened ones will be closed, and vice versa. The key to beating each level is therefore to observe which windows are affected by each click, and then figure out the right order to click them. The game gets even more difficult in the second level: here, the windows can open or close by themselves. Although this does little more than put time pressure on you, the effect is rather annoying - you might be very close to finishing the level, when suddenly a window opens or closes, throwing you off balance and forcing you to redo your steps. It's too bad that this independent window action is more of a nuisance than a fun challenge, because otherwise Flip Flop is a fun brainteaser. If you are patient enough to pass the second level, the third poses even more challenge, and so on. Recommended, but only to the most patient and tolerant of gamers.

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Flip Flop screenshot
Flip Flop screenshot

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