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$100,000 Pyramid, The

Review 1: $100,000 Pyramid is a great computer version of The Pyramid game show, one of the most successful TV game shows ever made. The show was nominated 16 times for the Emmy Award, and won the Emmy ... in Beginner Mode" - $100,000 Pyramid Manual. This is an ok game, but it runs a bit quick on a Windows 98 computer. You could give this game a go if you want a multiplayer game with your mates.

221b Baker Street

Review 1: 221b Baker Street is a puzzle solving game based around the Sherlock Holmes characters. You can solve cases by yourself or with up to 4 characters. You can choose what character you play as ... and the board never really changed, but it was still a lot of fun :) While nowadays they could probably make a really cool version of this game, this was a classic and I would play it again.

24 Knights

24 Knights is a fun little chess puzzle from NZP. The official word: "a chess puzzle consisting of 24 numbered knights randomly distributed among 25 chessboard squares. The object is to move the knights ... will prove challenging." A fun brainteaser to solve during a coffee break, but once you find the optimal number of moves, there is little reason to replay it again. Fun while it lasts, though.

3 in Three

Probably Cliff Johnson's best game since The Fool's Errand, created at the height of his creativity, 3 in Three is a charming, unique puzzle adventure that unfortunately is very little known due to its ... recommended for all puzzle fans, especially those who love The Fool's Errand. Just be prepared to get stuck a lot, and take heed of the hints printed in the manual -- you'll likely need most of them.

3D Lemmings

Review 1: An innovative 3D version of the classic Lemmings, 3D Lemmings took the great gameplay of its forerunner to a whole new level. The concept is still the same-- assign foolish lemmings various ... famous for having tonnes of levels). Don't play it just because you want 3D (that part of it is overrated) ... and if you haven't played the lemmings games, don't use this to measure them up with.

3-K Trivia

Trivia 101, 3-K Trivia, and TV and Cinema 101 together constitute a trilogy of trivia games developed by Digital Learning Systems and published by IBM in 1984. The games are all straightforward multiple-choice ... questions to the program. Please note that all three games are self-booting games that cannot be run even from the DOS prompt. The downloads are therefore disk images that you must run with Flopper.

7 Colors

Simple solo or two-player brainteaser developed by Russian company GAMOS. Also known as Filler, which describes the game principle fairly well. You have to fill a board of different colored tiles starting ... blind, give 7 Colors a try. The concept, at least at the time of its release, is unique, and the implementation is very good. If only the tiles were bigger, this would have been a Top Dog in my book.

Adventures of Robbo, The

The Adventures of Robbo is a decent puzzle game by xLand Games, small developer who also developed two other shareware games published by Epic: Heartlight and Electro Man. The game is a 2D puzzle game ... like Chip's Challenge, mainly due to inferior puzzle design and too-easy difficulty level. Worth a look if you are new to this genre, but puzzle mavens should look elsewhere to exercise their brain.

Air Trax

The object of the game is to land a number of planes and allow others to take off by issuing commands to the planes as an air traffic, controller would do. Ascii game.

Alizarin Tetris (a.k.a. Atris)

Review 1: One of the best Tetris clones I have ever come across, Alizarin Tetris (Atris for short) has everything you would want in a Tetris game: customizable colors and block sizes, special tiles and ... regular Tetris clones this will be a fresh version though because of the many new and unique features and the option to play against the computer on time gives the game a whole set of new challenges.


AlphaNatix (pronounced "Al-Fanatics") is a fun and unique puzzler from Zero Entertainment. First (but unfortunately only) in the "Action-Word" series, the best way to describe the game ... and Zero Entertainment is no more. If you enjoy word games but want some excitement beyond crossword puzzles, or arcade games with some brainpower involved, AlphaNatix more than fits the bill.


In this little game you have to make a copy of the right shown coloured pattern. You do this by moving along the pattern. Each time you leave a color it will change to another. The concept of the game is shown in the game itself. It's actually quite fun to play for a while. Of course there are some difficulties like a timelimit.

Amazing Maze

Styx in another style.

Apocalypse Abyss

A somewhat uninspired shareware puzzle game, Apocalypse Abyss doesn't have much you haven't seen in many other puzzlers. You must guide a dwarf to the exit of each room through a variety of obstacles, ... rooms in the game challenging. If you like the boulder-pushing, laser-avoiding, enemy-dodging action found in many other shareware puzzlers, Abyss might be worthy of a brief diversion, but no more.

Arcade Trivia

Question & answer game. Play solo or with some friends.

Are We There Yet?

Although it utilizes the same engine as The Fool's Errand, Are We There Yet? isn't as original or as fun to play as that classic. However, it is a pretty good puzzle game, featuring a diverse array of ... travelling through the U.S. (hence you solve one or two puzzle for each State they visit), and as such the game also has a high educational value-- I learn a lot about U.S. tourist attractions :)

Astronomy Quiz

Another excellent ASCII game by Scott Miller of Apogee game, Astronomy Quiz was included on Softdisk's "Big Blue Disk" number 26. Basically this is a trivia game that tests your knowledge about ... with 100 questions, it will take at least a few hours to finish the game. Try all three games in his trivia series (Computer Quiz, IBM Basic Quiz, and Astronomy Quiz) -- they come highly recommended.

AT Robots

A fun game in the spirit of Origins' OMEGA and other programming games, AT-Robots (short for Advanced T-Robots) is a fun and educational game that tests your programming skill by pitting the robot you ... for anyone who is interested in robot games or programming in general. Originally shareware, the author has kindly released the latest version as shareware in late 1990s. Highly recommended!


Atomic is a faithful remake of Thalion's classic Atomix. The gameplay and levels are identical - just cosmetically upgraded with SVGA graphics and a Windows interface. If you have never played Atomix before, ... designer did not add any new levels to make the classic even better, but at least the game is open source, so any programmer who is so inclined can extend the game can do so him/herself. Recommended!


Review 1: Atomino, not to be mistaken for Atomix by Thalion, is probably best described as a molecular version of Tetris: simple in concept, but addictive in gameplay. The objective in the game is to ... when every atoms' electrons are paired with those of its neighbours. You are given atoms with a varying number of electrons, wich determines how many atoms it must have next to it to be complete.


Review 1: Do you like chemistry? Do you like puzzle games? If the answer to both questions is yes than this is the game for you. You will be given a molecule to create and the atoms will be scattered ... Each level also has a time limit in addition to the various obstacles you must maneuver around or avoid. Overall, it's a novel combination of puzzle and education that should satisfy both camps.


A simple but fun puzzle game that plays like a primitive spiritual predecessor to Deadly Rooms of Death. The goal from game manual: "clear levels by making robots smash into one another. You do this ... them to march to certain doom). Overall, a clever little game that is well the collection of puzzle fans. Fans of Deadly Rooms of Death in particular will find this an entertaining, nostalgic romp.

Avish: Searching for The Exit

In this fun puzzle game, you take the role of Avish, an absent-minded professor who gets lost in the university's library. On each room you need to find a key to unlock the exit. You have to find the right ... boxing gloves, rockets and more, and negotiate crumbling floors, trampolines and the deadly Harry-monster. Overall, one of the better homebrew games that's easy to play, but hard to play well.

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