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Review 1:

Do you like chemistry? Do you like puzzle games? If the answer to both questions is yes than this is the game for you. You will be given a molecule to create and the atoms will be scattered around. Make the given molecule and advance to the next level.

Review 2:

I normally don't like puzzle games but Atomix is really one of the better puzzle games around because it really challenges your brain to think a lot. The game consists of that you have to place different objects together so it forms the same thing as you are shown on each level. Of course the game gets more and more complicated and you really have to try many different things before you can see the correct solution.

Every level have to be completed within some given time and the faster you complete a level the more bonus points you will get. Sadly you don't get a password once you have completed a level as seen in many other games and as you only have 1 life it can be a nightmare to try to play the same level again as you have to complete all the other levels again. The game offers two player mode all though I had a problem seeing how this will work. This is a recommended game if you want a good puzzle thinking game.

Review 3:

A great Puzzle-Game! Build molecules... - yep - the problem is, you can only give those atoms a push and they won't stop until they hit a wall or another atom. Sometimes it's very difficult to find a solution to put those parts together. But it's kind of addictive and even got an educational value. You start building simple molecules like water but soon things get more difficult without you even noticing. You'll find yourself muttering things like "now this can't be sooo difficult, there MUST be a way". You'll have to use other atoms as stoppers to get the others into the right position, this usually means that the easy ones have to be put into place last. Great fun and recommended for all ages.

Review 4:

Atomix is a fun puzzle game with inventive education twist: your task is to combine atoms to form the required chemical molecule, e.g. 2 Hydrogen atoms and Oxygen for water. Each level also has a time limit in addition to the various obstacles you must maneuver around or avoid. Overall, it's a novel combination of puzzle and education that should satisfy both camps.

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