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221b Baker Street

Review 1:

221b Baker Street is a puzzle solving game based around the Sherlock Holmes characters. You can solve cases by yourself or with up to 4 characters. You can choose what character you play as including the characters Holmes and Watson. You move around each area by rolling a dice and walking to buildings to collect clues. It's a bit like Cluedo because once you think you know who is the killer, the person who was murdered and the motive you can go solve it at 221b Baker Street. It's an ok game but unless you write down clues it would be very hard to play.

Review 2:

221B Baker Street is a solid computer version of an underrated board game of the same name, which is similar to Clue! but with more challenging cases and innovations that evoke the feel of Holmesian London. As in the classic board game, up to 4 players first choose their alter egos from main characters in the classic series, including Holmes himself. Players then take turns travel through Victorian London gathering clues and solving mini-mysteries such as The Coded Message, The Clerk's Demise, and The Nettlesome Bride.

Like its board game counterpart, 221B Baker Street is full of innovative features. For example, you can use a Scotland Yard badge to seal off a site you've already visited, and use a Skeleton Key to unlock any location in the game. The mysteries are all quite short, but more involved than those in Clue! although the goals are similar (i.e. you must deduce the killer's identity, the murder weapon, and motive). There are 30 mini-mysteries in the game, although they don't differ that much from one another. Still, with a solid user interface, bright, attractive graphics, and a large number of cases appropriate to the era, 221B Baker Street is a very faithful reproduction of the board game that sleuths of all levels will enjoy.

Review 3:

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes. Undeniably the most famous detective ever (fictional of course)! His pipe and hat are the first thing that comes to mind when I think of him. I loved the books along with many other mystery novels. There is something about that era in history where mystery fits in perfectly. The quiet dim dark misty London streets are the perfect setting for a crime, and a supercool detective to solve them.

This game was great for its time. It bought together 30 cases for a super-sleuth such as yourself to solve, with the cases being fun and offering a variety of challenges. You make your way around the city stopping in at various locations, questioning people and finding clues. I guess it's a bit like Cluedo, you have to figure out suspects, motives and weapons etc.

The locations in London are pretty cool, and fit the theme nicely. There are the shipyards, museum, pawnbrokers and pub to name a few. When you enter the buildings, you go into a bigger room where you can do your detective work.

Then when you think you are ready to solve the crime you venture back to 221B Baker Street and take a test. But, there is much more to the game then merely wandering around solving crime. You have to get your Scotland Yard badge before you can take the test at 221B Baker Street. If you fail the test, then shame on you! You probably did not take enough time and interrogate enough people ;)

You can encrypt clues to make the game harder, but I guess that once you have played it about 10x through encryption just won't do you much good. But it does make the game a lot harder.

Overall, I enjoyed the game. I got a bit bored as the characters and the board never really changed, but it was still a lot of fun :) While nowadays they could probably make a really cool version of this game, this was a classic and I would play it again.

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