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10th Frame Bowling

Review 1: Probably the best bowling game of the 1980s, 10th Frame Bowling is a fun bowling game for up to 8 players. Two gameplay modes are available: Open Bowling (a single match) or League Bowling ... and the sound is quite bad as the game uses the pc speaker. The gameplay is good and the controls are easy to use: left and right to decide where the ball has to go and the spacebar to throw it away.

18 Hole Miniature Golf
2 Fast 4 U

2 Fast 4 U is an average futuristic racing game from German developer Greenwood Entertainment. Although the VGA graphics looks nice and the music decent, the game suffers from bad physics and lackluster ... sleek futuristic style, and the enemy cars challenging. But you have seen it all done many times before in better games. Ignore this game, and stick to the likes of CyberRace and Wipeout XL instead.

3D Cyberpuck

One of the more obscure shareware titles by Webfoot, 3D Cyberpuck is a decent futuristic sports game that utilizes good 3D graphics and fluid controls. Best described as a cross between hockey and soccer, ... unique sports games, give this one a try. If you like neither soccer nor hockey, and have no penchant for arcade-oriented games that require quick reflexes and sharp eyesight, play something else :)

3D Pool

Cool 3d pool game. Easy and fun.

3D Table Sports

3D Table Sports is an okay collection of indoor sports games. Indoor sport games are few and far between, and although this is not a bad game, it is unfortunately not a game that will stop you from looking ... All in all, a fun diversion you will enjoy for a few minutes, before getting back to other, better sports games. SporTime's much older Indoor Sports Volume 1 is far superior than this newer game.

3D World Boxing

Review 1: A good boxing game all though the game doesn't offer anything unique other than a regular boxing game. The graphics are good and the game does offer several things when you make your boxer. ... Review 5: An exciting box game. Very good graphics and nice betweentro's or how do you call intro's between events? Good thing about the game is that almost your entire screen is the box-ring.

3D World Tennis

Released shortly after 3D World Boxing, Simulmondo's 3D World Tennis suffers from the same good graphics/bad execution faults. You can choose a pre-created player or create your own to go through the ATP ... shots, and the computer players are as bright as a rock: I won many matches simply by going up to the net and volleying every opportunity I have. Overall, a lackluster tennis game you can do without.

4d b

Arguably THE best action-oriented boxing game ever made for the PC, 4-D Boxing is a revolutionary sports title from Distinctive Software that does to the boxing genre what Stunts does for racing. Trixter ... come close (including one for 3DO that was heavily influenced by 4-D Boxing), nothing satisfies the need to box like 4-D Boxing. And it runs great on modern machines, so try to pick up a copy."

4D Boxing

Review 1: This game was made in 1991 but not a single boxing game has ever even come close to it's perfection and entertaining gameplay!. 4D Boxing is probably the best boxing game ever made and one ... the effort of the programmers to build in as much realistic elements as possible while providing a maximum of fun. I just discovered this game, but I am sure it will stay on my harddisk for years.

4D Sports Tennis

Review 1: In this well created Tennis game you have the option of playing an Exhibition Match, Tournament, starting a Career or even just Practising your serves and shots. You have the choice of a few ... this game first person! You can play with a mouse or with the keyboard. It takes quite a while to get grip on how to return a ball, but once you know how to do that this game was worth the download.

4th and Inches

One of the earliest American football games to boast player animations, 4th and Inches offers a good blend of action and in-game strategies. You can throw the bomb, run the sweep, call the blitz, and exercise other common tactics in the game. The lack of detailed statistics and typically fast matches make this a good diversion from more realistic football games.

5A Side Soccer

An *extremely* primitive soccer game that's really not worth bothering with, except for the nostalgic value and wonder at what 8-bit computers could do over a decade ago. The less said about this game, the better ;) You have been warned.

ABC's Wide World of Sports Boxing

ABC's Wide World of Sport Boxing is essentially the same game as Cinemaware's TV Sports Boxing, with the added chrome of Dan Dierdorf, sportscaster of ABC Sports channel. From my review of TV Sports Boxing ... as it is the same game, but updated with more features and real-life boxers. If you have already played TVSB, then there is little reason to play this edition except to hear Dan Dierdorf's voice.

Action Soccer

A quick and succinct synopsis of this cartoonish soccer game from MobyGames:: "Action soccer is a quick and uncomplicated soccer game with two different graphic styles (2D overview and 3D isometric). ... games with little regard to actual rules or realism. But even as a pure arcade game, Action Soccer is inferior to Sensible Software's beloved Sensible World of Soccer series by a longshot.

Action Sport Soccer

Designer of excellent sport simulations broke the mold with this rare arcade-oriented soccer game. Choose among many European teams and compete in well-known events such as the UEFA Cup. The game offers standard options such as choosing formation and substitute, but as an arcade-oriented game it falls short of its competition. Good for a quick diversion only.

Actua Soccer

Review 1: Now I've never been one of the greatest in playing football games... however I do see it as a bad sign when I cannot find a way to move the goalkeeper. Okay, I managed to let him lift his arm... ... won't dethrone the likes of Kick Off 3 as arcade-soccer classics, but it offers enough adrenaline rush and "you-are-there" impression to make it an addictive game. Highly recommended!

Actua Soccer 3

Imagine Sensible Soccer. Imagine a 3D engine built over the massive ammount of teams and competition options. Now imagine everything screwed up by unrewarding gameplay, and there you have Actua Soccer ... "recomended" tab, so much for a top game. While there are teams to keep anyone (and I mean ANYONE) entertained for long, gameplay is not as rewarding like other games, even older 2D games.

Actua Soccer: Club Edition

Actua Soccer: Club Edition is another excellent entry in Gremlin's highly underrated Actua Soccer series. Chris McMullen of Games Domain says it all about this game: "...You can play as any of the ... Even if you wouldn't dream of standing around for ninety minutes on a freezing day, this is worth a look. And if you have the slightest interest in football, you can't afford to miss this."

African Trail Simulator

African Trail Simulator is decent mountain biking game with a simple premise: you take part in a desert rally against a specialist who will do anything he can to defeat you and prove that he is riding ... bike game that quickly becomes boring once you have played it once. And don't let the "simulator" in the title fool you-- reflexes are the only thing you'll need in this game.

Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing

As the game title implies, Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing is an arcade style racer for Windows starring F1 racer of the same name. The game doesn't offer much to the simulation freak, but if you're looking ... having trouble staying on course, try a slow-down util for Windows, like Turbo. Note: This Windows game only works in 256 color mode, so make sure you reset desktop settings before starting the game.

Alex Higgins World Snooker

Alex Higgins' World Snooker is an excellent PC port of one of the best early snooker games on the Spectrum and Commodore 64 computers. The game was revolutionary for its time-- offering mouse support, ... is a great snooker game that would have been near-perfect with an addition of computer players. As it stands, though, it is an excellent PC port of a Spectrum classic that is well worth a look.

Alien Olympics

Alien Olympics is a decent PC conversion of an also-obscure Gameboy game of the same name, first released in 1992. The game is best described as Caveman Ugh-lympics fast forward to the future. Despite ... evidenced by Project Neptune). Fans of Caveman Ugh-lympics or similar titles will likely find Alien Olympics a fun galactic romp, although it doesn't have quite as much charm as the Dynamix classic.

All-American College Football

All-American College Football is a fun, little-known American football game developed by Micro League and published by IBM, back when the PC giant was aggressively entering the PC game market (and from ... deep sport simulation... although it leans more toward the former. If you want a quick game of college football and don't care much for minutiae or extreme realism, this may just be your cup of tea.

Allan Border's Cricket

Review 1: Allan Border's Cricket, named after one of the greatest cricketers in history, just stands up to its name. Its graphics is excellent considering the year in which it was created! Gameplay is ... add icing to the cake. Suffice to say that no cricket fan should be without Allan Border's Cricket, one of the best sport games of all time that put Audiogenic on the map of great game developers.

American Gladiators

A mini-games collection based on that Amercian TV show thingie of the same name, probably one of the dumbest things ever to hit the TV screen. The game was developed by Imagitec Design, designers of such ... Not great, but as the various events are very unusual for computer games, American Gladiators is okay for a change. Probably a must-have for fans of the TV show, and worth a look to everyone else.

American Challenge: Sailing Simulation, The

Perhaps the earliest "realistic" sailing game, American Challenge pits your mettle and sailing skills against other computer-controlled opponents in sailboats or motorboats. Wind direction, waves, and weather effects all play a part in this excellent sim, which is as accurate as it could get given hardware in 1986 :)

Animated Bounce

Animated Bounce is an excellent SVGA remake of Arcade Volleyball, a very popular freeware 2-player volleyball game that was easy to learn, but hard to master. The original game inspired a number of remakes, ... game in general or are a fan of the classic, check out this excellent remake that is simple but quite addictive. Too bad the designer didn't credit Arcade Volleyball anywhere in the game.

Arcade Pool

This game lets you play nine different types of pool, ranging from "US 9 ball" to survivor and speed pool. Also there are options to play using US or UK rules, or to set up a custom game. The ... skilled. All in all a fun game if you're into the genre, but perhaps not something you'd spend a whole night on. Still, as nice abandoned pool games are tricky to find, this is a good solid choice.

Arcade Volleyball

Review 1: I find this game to be very fun even it is one of the simplest games ever made. It might not be considered as a sport game actually, but what is it then? This is a game for two players only. ... worse than a baby and the other time unbeatable. Decide for yourself, it's surely nice to kill off some minutes. If you want a version with better graphics take a look at Zorlim's Arcade Volleyball.

Archer Maclean's Pool (a.k.a. Pool Shark)

Review 1: Archer Maclean?s Pool is an excellent follow-up to Jimmy White?s Whirlwind Snooker, which he also designed. The review at Amiga Games Database says it all about this rare old game: "Archer ... Several of this game typer were made, in which you can use our mouse to aim and rotate around the table and stuff. In this version you can play almosy every pool game and even do some trickshots.


Review 1: One of the first computer games in the CGA format taking up the challenge to make a good archery game. Whether the developed failed or not is really up to you but even if you don't look at ... an XT... Well, this surely is an old one. I wouldn't really call this a serious sport-sim, it's fun anyway, you might have guessed what it's about, right? Archery... you know - the thing with arrows.


Review 1: Well, Archon has always been a game I loved and hated. The concept is ingenious - a mixture between Chess and a good old fighting arcade game - everything set in a fantasy environment. A good ... and a lot of fun. Brings together using your brain, and using your fighting skills. If you like this you should have a look at Archon Ultra which was the newer version and can be found on this site.

Armchair Quarterback

Armchair Quarterback is a decent free text-based simulation of American football. As the in-game description says, "...nearly all aspects of the sport are simulated or taken into account, including ... game of football management, Armchair Quarterback more than fits the bill - although it is not as detailed as commercial titles released during the same period such as NFL Challenge. Recommended!

Aspar GP Master

Review 1: Aspar GP Master is a fun but little-known motorcycle racing game inspired by Jorge "Aspar" Martinez, Spanish world champion who dominated the 125cc class in the 1980s. It is only ... it a fun game that's good at what it does. Review 2: Motorcycle game. Topdown view. The gamecontrols are really 'bad'. You have to get used to it before driving like a real hero across the track.

Awesome Earl in: Skate Rock

Awesome Earl in: Skate Rock is a fun CGA side-scrolling skating game that is reminiscent of Atari?s classic Paperboy arcade game. Nothing extraordinary here, but solid gameplay should keep Paperboy fans ... people, etc.) to the surprising (well, I?ll let you find out what ;)). Overall, a solid action-oriented game that?s well worth a look, although not a realistic depiction of the sport by any means.

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