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Review 1: Yet another very unique strategy game from SSI. You start the game by choosing game level like how much wind there will be, whether you will play a single mission game or a whole campaign. ... from a repetitious nature and the fact that a single bomber in a raid offered little room for initiative. In terms of gameplay and graphics, it was superseded by [LucasArts'] Secret of the Luftwaffe.

Back to Baghdad

Back to Baghdad was the first and only release from Military Simulations, a small US-based outfit that later modified the game's source code for use with the US Air Force's actual F-16 simulator. One of ... such a beautifully executed suite of avionics and such careful recreation of the handling properties of the F-16, it's a shame that the rest of Back to Baghdad couldn't be equally impressive."

Balance of Power (1985 edition)

Balance of Power is among the first political simulation that emphasizes diplomacy and politics over outright aggression. When he first released this seminal game in 1984, Crawford single-handedly established ... philosophy: Capitalism or Communism. The game, not surprisingly, attracted many non-gamers to the field and inspired countless books on the subject. International cold war politics at its best!

Balance of Power (1990 edition)

Review 1: This update of Chris Crawford's seminal Balance of Power for Windows 1.0 features up-to-date information, 18 new countries (bringing the total to 80), and "multipolar level" in which ... The game was designed for the Mac and this shows in the gfx which are virtually the same on the Amiga. So one for the strategy fans, certainly not for those who want flashy gfx or the casual gamer.

Balance of The Planet

As policymaker, you must achieve a precarious balance in this game between the needs of growing industries and natural ecology through adjusting various environment-related policies. Until Maxis' SimEarth, ... policies. Arguably it is still the best game of its type, both as a strong simulation and a comprehensive educational tool on both the science of ecology and environmental public policies.

Baron: The Real Estate Simulation

Baron: The Real Estate Simulation is, as the name suggests, a simulation of the real estate industry. The game is undoubtedly the best simulation of this industry I have ever seen, and given its release ... as how high operating expenses can get). If you think the prices look ridiculously low, remember that the game was made in 1987.... convert it back to today's dollars and you may be surprised ;)

Battle Command

Battle Command was the followup to the classic 3D war simulation Carrier Command that put you in charge of an advanced aircraft carrier. In Battle Command you command a tank. Unlike its excellent predecessor, ... very similar. In short, this is a very disappointing sequel to the classic game, despite better graphics and sound. I strongly suggest you play Carrier Command instead if you don't know what it is.


Different missions, with cool old plane.

Battleship Bismarck

Having Enjoyed GQS's Midway: the Battle that Doomed Japan, I was much dissapointed with Battleship Bismarck, another naval wargame that deals with the famous battle of the North Atlantic in early World ... fan of the Bismarck and the North Atlantic campaign..try it, you might think it is the best recreation of the battle out there. But, if you want to play a wargame, skip this one. It's terribly dated.

Begin 2: A Tactical Starship Simulation

Begin 2 is a classic shareware space combat simulation set in the Star Trek universe. Inspired by the Starfleet Battles board game (which was also an inspiration for Interplay's Starfleet Command), Begin ... This is a game that is dying to be updated with a mouse interface, a campaign/mission mode, and better graphics. It is a true old game classic, with small but loyal following. Highly recommended!

Becher Bar

Becher Bar is a fun bar simulation game similar to Pizza Tycoon, except you are managing a bar rather than a restaurant. You first start with leasing or buying property for your bar, then decorate the ... like Becher Bar too. It is not as addictive, varied (no gangster demands here), or pretty, but it's quite a decent simulation of an interesting business that more designers should take a look at.

Big One, The

Big One, The is an innovative (and only?) game that simulates the effects of an earthquake hitting Los Angeles area. It is your job as mayor to restore order to the city with public approval. You must ... e.g. dispatch utility crew to repair broken gas lines, evacuate people from fires, and send national guards to subdue riots. It's fast, fun, and easy to get into, with good on-line help to boot.

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey is a fairly complex combat flight simulator by Argonaut Software, featuring a lot of different planes and missions. The Amiga version contained a breathtaking intro that is sadly completely ... ThunderHawk fans who were used to evolving storylines and varied terrain types." Still a Top Dog, regardless :) Note: The answer for the copy-protection question is shown on-screen in brackets.

Black Gold (a.k.a. Oil Imperium)

One of the masterpieces in the niche genre of business management simulation, Black Gold lets you manage the unique and intriguing oil business. When the game was first released as Oil Imperium, it garnered ... who likes business simulation, except perhaps those who prefer more realistic and complex games such as Capitalism Plus. Too bad reLINE's the development of Oil Imperium 2 has been cancelled :(

Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter

This is a simulator of the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft. The Flight model is relaxed, so it?s easy to get into. The graphics are VGA, but they won't surprise you a bit. There are several scenarios and a campaign ... this game are Hornet 3.0 and Hornet Korea, which made their debut on the Mac a few years ago, Jane's F/A-18, and Digital Integration's Super Hornet. You can download F/A-18 Korea from this very site.

Black Monday

Review 1: Black Monday is a simple stock market simulation that manages to capture some aspects of the real market despite its primitive engine. The goal of the game is simple: amass the most amount ... In this stockmarket strategy game you can compete against eachother (up to 5 players). The object of the game is to buy and sell large amounts of shares and make more money than your opponent(s).

Blue Angels

Although it is really a flight simulation, Blue Angels' focus on the exciting world of air shows makes it closer to a sports game than a flight sim. Instead of shooting downs MIGs or make bomb runs as ... would shout `Break! Break!' if you flew the pattern too poorly). Overall, a fun game for flight sim beginners who aren't too concerned with realism in their games-- definitely not for ace pilots.

Blue Max: Aces of the Great War

Review 1: This is one very unique game! Yes, it is a World War I flight simulation, but it's even more - a turn-based strategy game with planes only! You can select the game mode yourself, so if you ... controls. Register your pilot and watch his career develop on either side in the conflict. All in all, an excellent sim that's not Red Baron caliber, but is still entertaining in its own right.

Bridge Crew

Bridge Crew is an excellent spacecraft management similar to Super Star Trek and subsequent games, i.e. as spaceship commander, you will explore galaxies and engage in combat with other ships. The catch ... present in shareware version. If you run GURPS Space or Traveller campaign on a regular basis, Bridge Crew is highly recommended as an adjunct that will really spice up your space-faring campaigns.

Business Simulator

Business Simulator simulates the whirlwind, high-risk world of nurturing your own business from birth to IPO. And like its predecessor, Business Simulator is a great game no fan of business sim would want ... economic model, well-implemented gameplay, and well-written text (memos in particular), Business Simulator is a classic, if unfortunately obscure, business sim that truly stands the test of time.

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