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Baktinet is the best PC clone I have ever seen of Nintendo's popular Dr. Mario series. Similar to Tetris, the object of the game is to remove rows of similarly-colored "pills" or "virii" ... game on all four difficulty levels. If you like TetriNET or just Tetris game in general, Baktinet is definitely a must-play. It's fun, addictive, and one of the best ways to waste coffee break time.

Baku Baku Animal

Baku Baku Animal from SEGA is a fun Columns variant for Windows 95 that can be played in 2-person mode via split screen. CD Mag's review explains it well: "Baku Baku is Tetris with animal food. Basically, ... misleading and disappointing oversight. So, if you're feeling a little depressed because your life seems devoid of a good Tetris clone, then by all means seek this game out (or therapy)."

Ball Game, The

The Ball Game is a fun isometric puzzle game that is best played against your friends (or foes). Gameplay is a unique blend of checkers, scrabble, and the Japanese game of Go, with many creative twists. ... friends, as the computer AI is none too bright and will often teleport out even though it could still capture your balls. Unique concept, charming graphics, and great gameplay makes this a winner.


Baroll is a fun little freeware old game that plays like Pipes and similar games such as Connect 4. Baroll has one major difference from these games: the tiles are hexagonal. This makes for a much more ... make it through all the levels, you can make your own levels with the included level editor. Sharp SVGA graphics round off this fun old game that is ideal for spending a few minutes at a time with.


Ahh, well this is a long time ago... I was five. I remember I'd never seen a PC before and I went to the attic. My mother was sitting behind a TV and controlling a small blue thing with which she crashed ... cuz it will be unplayable on a pentium 75+! For people who like these kind of games, try the game Caves, that looks like it, but has more variation, better graphics and the game is more fun to play!

Bermuda Square

Bermuda Square is a fun little game based on a neat little mathematical equation: 1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2 + ... + 24^2 = 70^2. Your objective is to place as many squares as possible into a 70 x 70 box without ... brainteaser that's worth your while... or at least as long as your coffee break lasts ;) It's short, it's simple, but it's quite a nice little gem that fans of abstract puzzles should take a look.

Bert the Snake

Q-Bert clone.

Bird Cage Puzzle, The

The Bird Cage Puzzle is a good computer version of a well-known brainteaser that requires you to arrange numbered tiles in the correct order. The (quite unnecessary) plot: "Within the Emperor's Palace ... of steps to arrange the cages is quite challenging. If you enjoy brainteasers, this little gem will keep you entertained for a while, with good representation and even nice background music to boot.

Black Box

Black Box is a great PC version of a 1978 Parker Brothers board game of the same name that emphasizes logical deduction. Sort of a 3D version of Mastermind, your goal in this game is to find hidden balls ... of fun with an intuitive player interface. If you enjoy logical puzzles that require no reflexes to solve, Black Box will entertain you for hours on end, even if the gameplay is a little repetitive.

Black Box (IPCO)

Black Box is an early PC version of a 1978 Parker Brothers board game of the same name that emphasizes logical deduction. Sort of a 3D version of Mastermind, your goal in this game is to find all the hidden ... with the least number of light rays. If you enjoy logical puzzles that require no reflexes to solve, Black Box will entertain you for hours on end, even if the gameplay is a little repetitive.

Block Out

Review 1: 3D tetris, is it possible? Yes, and has it been done? Yes. Has it been done up to near perfection? Yes. This is a true classic. One of the games which made both me and my family go entirely ... memory's inability to keep track of 4 or 5 stacks of blocks. :-)" Tetris fans, eat your heart out with this great variant that is much better than Welltris, the "official" 3D Tetris.


Novatron clone.


Block-O-Mania is an excellent Soko-Ban-style game from Cassiopeia, a now-defunct shareware developer based in The Netherlands. The object of the game is to push all blocks onto the right storages: red ... will keep fans of challenging brainteasers occupied for hours on end. You can even design your own custom levels in the registered version, which is what you can download here. Highly recommended!

Blow Up

Blow Up is a below-average clone of Boulderdash from UK-based Eurosoft, who released a number of games for the MSX computer in mid-1980s. The game is the same dig-the-path gameplay you have seen in Boulderdash, ... features. After you go through the first few levels, you will have seen all there is in the game. If you like Boulderdash, this little game doesn't really do it justice. Not recommended at all.


Bluppo is a great clone of Boulderdash that offers a lot more features than the First Star classic, including new ideas, excellent graphics and sounds, 160 large and tricky levels, a lot of colorful characters, ... devious levels, Bluppo is no doubt one of the best Boulderdash clones I have ever come across. If you like Boulderdash and similar games, you will definitely enjoy this rare shareware old game.


Review 1: Bombuzal is one of the best puzzle games I've ever played. Your goal is very simple - destroy all the bombs on the level, stay alive and advance to the next one. It may sound easy but it ain't. ... looks nicer, but I prefer the 2D one as it just plays easier. But after all, it depends to what you got used to. Nice game overall-- just "ugly" compared to the Amiga/Atari ST versions :)


Booly is a fun puzzle game similar to Tetris but with a dash of electronics circuitry thrown in. The goal, as in all good puzzlers, is easy to say but hard to achieve: you have to bring all the objects ... a fun little puzzler that's worth a play or two. Not incredibly addictive, but still a nice Tetris variant with some original ideas. It even features one of Bach's masterpieces as background music :)

Boppin Deluxe

One of Apogee's most underrated games, Boppin is a fun puzzler that grows on you as you play, even though the learning curve is somewhat steep. Games Domain's review summarizes the pros and cons quite ... first. If you take the time to learn how to play it, though, you'll be amazed at how devious some of the puzzles are, and how addictive the game can get ;) A definite must try for every puzzle fan.

Boston Bomb Club

Boston Bomb Club is without a doubt one of the most unique puzzle games ever created, although not necessarily one of the most comprehensible. As one of the world's most famous scientists in the 19th century, ... wheels, steam engines, etc. and roll bombs into them to hit the destination safely. It's a fun action / puzzle game that, like most of other Silmarils games, could benefit from a better interface.

Bound Plus (a.k.a. B-Zero)

Bound Plus is a fun freeware arcade-ish puzzler from Japan. Mistakenly labelled on many freeware sites as B-Zero for some reason - perhaps due to the file name - your goal in the game is to get to the ... a very fun and quite addictive bouncing game from Japan that should appeal to all fans of arcade-style puzzle games. For more Bound games, check out the author's website below. Highly recommended!

Boxer Rebellion

In this game the players have a common enemy that they are fighting against. I don't like the game as the graphics are bad and a big problem is the randomness in this game, wich has too much effect on the game.

Breakthru! For Windows

Breakthru! is a neat puzzle game that puts a new (but not original) spin on the Tetris concept. This time, clicking on a tile will make it disappear along with neighboring tiles with the same color. Special items a la Super Tetris such as bombs make a re-appearance in this game as random elements that make the game more exciting. Overall, a fun but difficult game.

Bridge Builder

One of the most original puzzle games ever designed, Bridge Builder is an intriguing blend of real-world physics, puzzle, and economics. Your job is simple: build a structurally sound bridge across the ... in Bridge Builder (levels 8-15 appear after you beat the first 7) should keep you hooked for quite some time. Overall, a very unique and entertaining game that deserves much more notice than it did.


Another great freeware title! Brix gives you hundreds of levels, ranging from very easy to insanely hard, with many mind teasing tasks. You have to place cubes with the same symbol next to each other in order for them to disappear. This may sound easy, and in most time it is, but there are situations where the solution is simply nowhere to be found. This game is highly recommended to all the puzzle game lovers!


Bugbomber is a fun and huge puzzle games that features 50 levels of addictive gameplay for either one or up to four players. A clone of Bomberman, Bug Bomber adds to the already addictive gameplay with ... number of levels is not matched by enough diversity to make it more fun. A lot of fun in multiplayer mode and reasonably fun in solo-player mode - before you get bored with the sameness of levels.

Bugs Bunny

A nice little game. Run away from the monsters and the mad scientist. Created after an episode of the famous Looney Tunes, featuring Bugs Bunny. I always Liked Bugs - has been one of my favorite Toons ... You find various potions throughout the game, some to throw at your enemys (like a reduction-potion or nitroglycerin) and some to make you invisible or other nice things. Recommended for all ages!

Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition

Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition is a great sequel to Taito's classic puzzle game that was extremely popular on the Neo-Geo system and in the arcades. The first official Bust-A-Move game, this excellent PC ... beating each level. Addictive, fun, and near-flawlessly executed, Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition is a worthy addition to a great franchise, and a must-have addition to every puzzle gamer's library.

Bust-A-Move 3 DX

Bust-A-Move 3 DX is yet another great entry in Taito's line of arcade puzzlers, although it is not all that different from the previous game. As GameSpot says in its review of the SEGA Saturn version, ... the arcade or at home, you'll spend at least as many, if not more, with BAM3. And as with any puzzle game, you won't exactly regret the time spent, but you won't really walk away with anything."

Bust-A-Move 4

Bust-A-Move 4 is the latest and arguably greatest in Taito's line of arcade puzzlers that are much more popular on console systems than PC. Adrenaline Vault's comprehensive review says it all: "Anyone ... levels, a solid editor and a fantastic multiplayer option, Bust-a-Move 4 proves itself to be more than the sum of its parts, and is certainly a worthy addition to any puzzle-lover's collection."

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