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Bugs Bunny

A nice little game. Run away from the monsters and the mad scientist. Created after an episode of the famous Looney Tunes, featuring Bugs Bunny. I always Liked Bugs - has been one of my favorite Toons since I've been a child. But I only came across this game last night when I was looking through the site of my friend Darkside - Flashback Abandonware. Checked that game out late at night and played it for quite a while. It took me a while till I realized that this game only uses CGA-graphics - would you have expected that you are only looking at FOUR different colors? They did a marvellous job there, really! But on the other hand - at the time this game was made not even EGA was standard anymore - most games already used VGA, so I ask why it had to be CGA...? Anyway - it gives the game a nice nostalgic touch while still be funny and good in gameplay. You find various potions throughout the game, some to throw at your enemys (like a reduction-potion or nitroglycerin) and some to make you invisible or other nice things. Recommended for all ages!

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Bugs Bunny screenshot
Bugs Bunny screenshot

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