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P-47 is a good PC conversion of Jaleco's arcade game of the same name. A decent side-scrolling shoot'em up set in World War II. Two players can fight their way through at the same time. Nice graphics, ... frustrating even with 2 players. This is the EGA version of the game. A slow-down util can be handy on modern computers, although the game also offers the option to change the speed in the main menu.

Pac Gal

Pacman clone.

Pac Girl

Pacman clone.


Review 1: Basically this one is EXACTLY the same game like Fury of the Furries I am not 100% sure which one was first, but I think Mindscape bought the license later on and changed the intro and background ... reflexes and infinite patience will probably enjoy Pac-In-Time. The very bad controls and high frustration level will keep others hooked on the simple, mindless fun of the original instead.


Definitely the best fanmade Pac-Man game I have ever seen, PacManWorlds is a fun game that brings the fun of Pac-Man into the 21st century with excellent graphics, nicely designed themed worlds, and the ... of addictive gameplay and enhancements that will make you a new fan. A worthy fanmade tribute to one of the most recognizable game characters of all time, PacManWorlds comes highly recommended.


PacWars 2 is a fun multiplayer action game inspired by PacWars, a classic network action game released by Iain Syme in 1991. PacWars2 improves upon the original in many ways by adding better graphics, ... The game is under constant development, so keep checking the official site for new versions that will hopefully make this fun game even better. Note: The download here is for Windows 95 and up.

Paintball Party

Paintball Party is a fun multiplayer action game without blood and gore. The goal: annihilate up to 3 other players in a game of paintball, conducted in a furious 4-way split-screen action on the same ... the "cheap" use of blood and gore in computer games. It is not as much fun or varied as Soldat, but it is still a very enjoyable game if you can get enough friends to play. Recommended!

Pandemonium 2

Pandemonium 2 is a solid sequel to Pandemonium, one of the best platform games ever created. Although more evolutionary than revolutionary, Pandemonium 2 offers the same addictive gameplay as the original, ... game, you will definitely enjoy this sequel. If you like action games but have not heard of either games, you are missing out on two of the most unique and entertaining games ever made for the PC.


One of the best PC conversions of PlayStation games, Pandemonium! is a great platformer that tells a story about a jester and a sorceress who inadvertently summon a giant monster, and so must get rid of ... well chosen, and play control is solid. Pandemonium! is also one of the first games that offer true 3D graphics, combined traditional 2D gameplay. A great old game that shouldn't have been forgotten.


In this game you can walk around with a little fellow. You have to eliminate the jumping balls in the field. You can do this by firing some kind of weapon. The balls will split in two smaller balls, which ... will fall out of the balls with other weapons you can use. There are about some 50 levels and another cool thing is that a second person can join the action immediately without restarting the game.


PANgIC Plus is an excellent fanmade remake of Pang (a.k.a. Dinosaur Balls). In the designer's own words: "[PANgIC Plus] is a true "old-school" arcade blaster - no levels, no bosses, just ... you love Pang (and who doesn't?), you will definitely enjoy this excellent remake that adds a lot of new features and outstanding graphics. I especially like the "bullet time" power-up ;)


Review 1: Paperboy is one of the most legendary games ever created. I met hundreds of game players in my life and each one of them played Paperboy at least once. Most of the people even like this game, ... you are bored. All in all though, it's a great challenge. Beat your own best, or kick your friends arses ;) Just get through it so you can say you did even! I admit I sometimes still give it a whirl.

Paperboy 2

Review 1: Now this is what Paperboy 1 should have been! Aside from better graphics and sound, the game has much larger play area and now you DO have time to avoid the car when it comes at you. The goal ... original classic. Overall, PaperBoy 2 is an excellent all-around update that doesn't change the tried-and-true concept of the original. The game is as incredibly addictive as ever -- so be warned.


Review 1: Yet another of really, really old small games. Paratrooper is quite simple and easy game to play. You control a big surface cannon that'sbeing attacked by numerous enemy helicopters, jet planes ... graphics and sound, but still being a very great game to play! This could be the best game to play if you don't know what to do and you only have a 386 PC in front of you. Go on! Check it out...


A7xpg and Parsec47 are two more superb "abstract shooters" from Kenta Cho, prolific Japanese freeware developer. If you have played rRootage or Noiz2sa (or hopefully both), you know what to expect ... to charge enough energy for the devastating "roll shot" is to slow down your ship. If you love shoot 'em ups, these are two more modern freeware gems that deserve to be in your collection.

PC Man

Review 1: Why is the main character of this game called PC Man and not Pacman (as the legendary character) is unknown to me. Probably because Onion Software had no rights to use Atari's brand name... ... so often you find a 1983 game that doesn't need to be slowed down :-) If you can't get enough of Q*Bert, Pac-Man, or Paratrooper, check out these excellent classics that truly stand the test of time.


PC*Bert is an excellent fanmade remake of Atari/Parker Brothers' Q*Bert, one of the most classic arcade games of all time. The gameplay is the same, and the controls are just as simple as in the original. ... that is very faithful to the original, PC*Bert is a must-have for any fan of the original, and anyone else looking for a pleasant diversion that requires both reflexes and some planning to succeed.

Pea Shootin' Pete (a.k.a. Spit Wad Willy)

Pea Shootin' Pete is a fun shareware arcade game that looks deceptively simple, but will grow on you after repeated play. The concept is straightforward: armed with a little blowgun, you need to shoot ... by the game's simple premise -- Pea Shootin' Pete has all the charm of coin-op games that sucked countless quarters when you were growing up. Highly recommended, but don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Pee & Gity Special

Pee & Gity Special is a fun and very cute 2D side-scrolling beat ?em up from Korea, starring two lovable cartoon characters: Gity the squirrel, and Pee the snake. The game is in Korean, but since it?s ... enough for beginners but not too easy for experts?the right play balance. Overall, if you enjoy beat ?em ups in the style of Double Dragon, you?ll probably enjoy this obscure old game from Korea.

Pepsi Virtual Reality Game

Pepsi Virtual Reality Game is a below-average 3D action game from Pepsi, the world's cola giant. Aside from the dubious merit as the first 3D promotional game ever made, there is little to recommend this ... another banal promotional title that won't change anyone's opinion about how bad promotional games usuall are (before the late 1990s, anyway). Thumbs down on this deservedly obscure, marginal game.

Perestroika (a.k.a. Toppler)

Perestroika (a.k.a. Toppler) is a fun game by a small Russian developer called Locis, who promptly disappeared after this "one hit wonder." What makes the game interesting and of historical value ... the connotations and play Perestroika for what it is at heart: a fun, unassuming action game. Recommended, although it's too bad the game is very difficult to get to work on Pentiums and above.

Phantom Fighter

More of less a "beta version" of If It Moves, Shoot It!, Phantom Fighter is a one-year-older vertical shooter from Emerald Software that is identical to the better-known IIM,SI game in every ... gameplay under a different name. If you like shooters, check out the superior If It Moves, Shoot It! instead of this 'prequel' that is of interest to die-hard collectors and completists only.

Pharaoh's Tomb

Just looking at this game will make you realize how far Apogee has come from a little-known shareware company :) This game is reminiscent of Montezuma's Revenge-- basically you jump, run, and dodge to collect treasures from the title location. Lots of enemies and traps, and generally well-designed platform levels that are the strong point of later Apogee games.

Phobia 2

Phobia 2 is a simple but fun top-down shooter by the finnish Wah-Software. You are a space marine with a simple goal: survive as long as you can, and kill anything that moves. There is an neverending swarm ... if you can get a friend to play with you. Good production values and playability make Phobia a nice game if your time for playing is limited, or if you just want to quickly kick some alien butt. :)

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