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PANgIC Plus is an excellent fanmade remake of Pang (a.k.a. Dinosaur Balls). In the designer's own words: "[PANgIC Plus] is a true "old-school" arcade blaster - no levels, no bosses, just lots of things to shoot and bags of high-speed action. Shoot the balloons, and dont get hit! When you shoot a balloon it will split into two smaller ones, until you pop the smallest and it will disappear. Different colour balloons have different movement patterns and behaviours: Red ones bounce in curves, pulled by gravity; Green balloons are not effected by the pull of gravity and are faster than Reds, bouncing off all four sides of the screen at the most dangerous of angles, usually; Yellow balloons give you the most point when they are burst, but they are also the most bloodthirsty ones. Out to squish and destroy you they will change direction in the air to chase your ship and try to get you. There are also power-ups to help (and hinder) you in your popping mission, that can increase and decrease the number of bullets you have to fire, give you a shield, freeze the balloons briefly, give you more bullet-time (to slow down balloon movement), evaporate or expand them all, etc. Extra lives every 50,000 points. See how long you can last and how many points you can accumulate in the process. A high-scores table is saved, showing names, scores and hit accuracy."

If you love Pang (and who doesn't?), you will definitely enjoy this excellent remake that adds a lot of new features and outstanding graphics. I especially like the "bullet time" power-up ;)

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PANgIC Plus screenshot
PANgIC Plus screenshot

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