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D/Generation AGA

A secret project is out of control at Genoq corporation, a biotech company in Singapore. The building is in total chaos. The security system is on full alert, blasting everything that moves. All the employees have been trapped or killed. D/Generation has taken over. You must force this intelligent organism, in this cool isometric action game.

Dark Castle
Dark Man
Dark Queen of Krynn

A game from the authors of the Dragonlance chronicles. It's a reading, walking, acting role playing game, where you can meet most of the heroes of the Dragonlance.


In a small village mysterious things begin to happen. Your mission is to discover the secret and save the people. Fine role playing style adventure game. Very long loading time!! But it's worth to wait because the game is exciting!


Nice game idea, but an awful game design. Anyway this adventure game has a good horror story and fine atmospheric cutscenes. Many people say that this game is a really big crap. I think you should try it and make your own decision.

Dawn Patrol
D-Day: The Beginning Of The End

It's a 2D table, round based strategy game. You can choose your side, to play the Alliance or the German empire. Poor graphics and sound, but an ordinary gameplay known well from the similar games on the market.

Death Knights of Krynn
Death Trap
Deep Core

You play a ninja in this shoot em up type platform game, with very detailed good graphics. The game was released on CD32, and on ECS/OCS Amiga also.

Defender of the Crown

Review 1: Strategy One of the most famous games ever made. I don't think that there's a serious gameplayer that never heard about DOTC. The story is simple - English king was killed, and 6 lords, both ... C64 era. You should bring your kingdom and your knight to the victory. Capture teretory, win the tournaments, etc. Interesting game, with old style graphics and music. Because of the conversion...


Deflektor is another 'Break out' style game, only with a name that sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie. If you don't know what this type of game is, then I shall tell you. You ... onto a harder one. I really like these types of games for some inexplicable reason, because they really do have boring concepts. I recommend this game, as it is one of the better games of this type.

Deja Vu
Deja Vu 2
Deluxe Galaga AGA

Galaxian clone, but one of the Classic shoot'em up games on Amiga. Small, fast, good music and fine AGA graphics. You can move the ship on the bottom of the screen, and you should shoot all the enemies, but collect the extras and money coins. At the end of the levels, you can enter to a weapon and shield shop to boost your spaceship.

Deluxe Pacman
Dennis AGA
Desert Strike

Review 1: Action Persian Gulf. Operation Desert Storm. All available units are being called into one of the biggest war operations since the D-Day of World War 2. Air units are highly needed and You ... Soviet, Nuclear). It's a helicopter action war-game. You fly with your well armed helicopter, save the civilians and destroy the mission objectives. Interesting style, with very long and hard levels.

Detroit AGA

The well known strategy game, where you are the manager of a car factory. You should buy a building, figure out a car modell and start to producing it. You mission is to make the company successful.


The sequel to Millennium 2.2. It's a space strategy game in which you start with a minimum amount of supplies and scientific knowledge, and must expand beyond Earth to explore and colonize other planets.The ... screens with basic animations. There is no background music during gameplay, only futuristic sound effects. The interface is a simple "point-and-click" on different icons and buttons.

Die Hard 2

Pull up your sails and lets go sailing. In this nice strategy game, where you have to manage your ships, explore, trade, attack, etc. Many choices, you can take a loan from the bank and buy various types of ships. Unfortunately the graphics is very poor, othervise it would be an enjoyable game.

Disposable Hero

The best shoot'em up game on Amiga. Amazing graphics and music, extra hard levels, two spaceship, huge collection of weapons. More than three weapon can be armed at one time, shields, underwater level, etc. Whatever you want!

Dizzy 2: Treasure Island

My personal favorite Dizzy adventure. The story is more-less the same as all others with cute little egg hero in a mission of rescue...of himself. He's gotta escape the pirate island but before he does that he has to find the hidden treasure! A great action/adventure with one of the computer game's most favorite characters of all time.

Dizzy 7: Crystal Kingdom

Review 1: Once again, the little egg guy is on a mission. This time in the crystal Kingdom, I swear down I played this game, although I cannot remember the exact thing that you had to do. But it was ... is in Dizzy Village, the second on a pirate ship, the third on the sea where Dizzy swims for the first time and the fourth in a cave. A huge game with a great gameplay for everyone's joy. Have FUN!

Dizzy: Fantastic Dizzy

Many people remember the little egg, called Dizzy from the C64 era. Dizzy has returned on Amiga, with new advantures and new, redesigned graphics.

Dizzy: The Dizzy Collection

This collection has 5 games in it. They are: Fantasy World Dizzy - Dizzy... Dizzy... Dizzy. Dizzy is an egg. This time he has been thrown into a dungeon. He is being closely guarded by a troll. You must ... games, but in this one it lets you explore the game much more better! It is the same as usual. You have to help dizzy find his way off of a desert island and get the coins etc... Very good game :)

Dog Fight

Dog Fight 80 years of Aerial Warfare. A very cool game, which you can play both with computer opponents or with your friends, through splitted screen. You can choose between many aeroplanes in style of first or 2nd World War, etc. Fine graphics, enjoyable gameplay, worth to try!

Dog Fight v1.1

This is the Dogfight game, which was the favourite of many Amiga gamers. You have a splitted screen and have to fly your plane and shoot the opponent. Can be played against the computer or a 2nd player. Very cool!

Dogs of War

It's an agressive shooting action game, which was 'Banned in Germany' at that time. With a modern point of view it looks very funny. A nice action shooter in the style of Commando and Chaos Engine.

Doodlebug (Bug Bash 2)

Good platform game, which takes only one floppy disk, but features fine graphics with happy colours and a nice character called Doodle.

Double Dragon

Billy and Jimmy Lee must rescue Billy's girlfriend after she is captured by Mr. Big and his gang. Featuring one- or two-player action. You can do many special moves, and also had a range of weapons. Fight your way through the levels to the final confrontation with Mr. Big. Watch out for his machine gun.

Double Dragon 2
Double Dragon 3
Dr. Plummet's House of Flux
Dragon Breed
Dragon Flight
Dragon Ninja

Review 1: This is a kick ass ninja kickin' game. Basically, it's a 2D arcade conversion where you play as a ninja who has to beat up loads of other ninjas. This is a really good example of this type ... you can control two Van-Damme styled guys, who can beat a whole Ninja army :) The graphics is very simple, but the game gives a little arcade feeling, which is nice. It's similar to Double Dragon.

Dragon Strike
Dragon Wars
Dreamweb AGA

This game was widely advertised as the first adult orientated adventrure game. It's full of violance, nudity and sex. The gameplay is not very hard, most problems can be solved by shooting them. By the way the game is interesting with it's top viewed camera. The AGA version also features 256 colour screens.

Druid 2: Enlightment
Duck Tales

A famous adventure game based on the book Dune. You can explore the planet by flying a copter, talk to people, visit the places you know from the book or the movie. It has a fine intro animation and a very good music.

Dune 2

A classical real time strategy game from Westwood studios. It was followed by Command & Conquer and many others. Based on the bestseller book Dune. Harkonen, Atreides and Ordos are the three houses, you can choose between. Build up your base, grow an army and conquer the enemy. It runs on an A500, but for enjoyable speed requires an A1200.

Dungeon Master

This is one of the first dungeon exploring type games I do believe. I'm not into them much, but it is pretty simple, so I actually can tell you what happens in it! woah. Anyway, you start off and you have ... left or right, and you can change your facing position. Thats basically it for the interface... If you like this type of game, download it, if you don't like this type of game, don't download it!

Dylan Dog: The Murderers Adventure

A very nice logical styled action game, where you should place bombs, and blast computer or the other opponents. Beware, the bombs are timed, you can easily kill yourself!

Dyter 07

Review 1: Dyter 07 is a prototype of a futuristic helicopter and you are of course itīs pilot on the way to save the world. Your objective in each mission is to rescue scientists and engineers. Like ... 2: An action-shoot 'em up game, where you had to shoot everything moving, and loaded with extra weapons you could dare the fight against the end monsters. It was also released on Atari-ST and C64.

Einmal Kanzler Sein
Eishockey Manager

Review 1: You take the part of Cornelius the Elf (hence the title) who must rescue his beloved Elisa from the clutches of the said Necrilous-The-Not-So-Nice. Just by the first look at the name of the ... worth a look. Review 2: A "nothing special" platform game, with poor graphics and sound. It's very old. You have to move your Elf guy and beware of the enemies and barriers. Typical...


Ultimate fantasy beat 'em up game, with funny and nice characters, many beautiful levels and exciting music.


Review 1: Space trading/combat simulation Elite puts You in a role of starship commander (a small starship). You can choose to be whatever You want - a trader, mercenary, pirate, all of the above! Trade ... it's not an accident. Elite is one of the first space simulations on Amiga. So it has too poor graphics and horrible sound. But if you like Elite 2, you should take a look on this, just for fun :)

Elite 2: Frontier

Complicated space simulation. You can travel to one planet to an other in the space, and of course, you can land on them. You have to make business in space, trade, deliver, etc. Make some money to buy better ships, weapons, defend yourself. Vector graphics and simple sound. Very interesting, but difficult!


Elvira is a 3D adventure similar to Eye of the Beholder, but it's much more horroristic.

Elvira 2
Elvira: The Arcade Game
Enchanted Lands
Enlightenment Druid 2
Epsilon 9

This game was scheduled for 1992, but it was never released. The TLK soft now, in 2003 released it for us as freely downloadable software! :) Unfortunately it's in French, but everybody can play it without reading the French text. Good logical-puzzle game, you should try!

Escape From Colditz
Espana: The Games 92
European Football Champ
European Space Simulator
Exile AGA

A platform like arcade game, with good graphics and music featuring digital speach. You have to control your hero, who has a jetpack on his back. It's not an easy task.

Exodus 3010

Old, Amiga 500 style space flying game. The Earth will be destroyed by a huge meteor, so people build a big spacecraft and starts the journey to the new home planet. Your mission is to control that ship. Simple graphics and music.

Extra Time
Eye of Horus
Eye of the Beholder

An official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role playing game! It has wonderful intro animation, many selectable characters and 3D view. Nice and exciting.

Eye of the Beholder 2

Almost the same as the episode 1, but you got some new stuff. Even more beautiful levels, stronger enemies, and better music.

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