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Dungeon Master

This is one of the first dungeon exploring type games I do believe. I'm not into them much, but it is pretty simple, so I actually can tell you what happens in it! woah. Anyway, you start off and you have to enter a dungeon. As you explore the dungeon you come across various objects and obstacles which you must overcome. There are bad guys which you should kill and there are puzzles which you must solve. It's your average RPG in a superly simplified form!

The graphics are medicore, but are enough for what they are needed for, but most of the time all you see is corridors, but there are the pictures and coat hangers... (shows you how far I got) :) The interface is super simple. You either go forward, backward, left or right, and you can change your facing position. Thats basically it for the interface...

If you like this type of game, download it, if you don't like this type of game, don't download it!

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