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Defender of the Crown

Review 1:


One of the most famous games ever made. I don't think that there's a serious gameplayer that never heard about DOTC. The story is simple - English king was killed, and 6 lords, both Norman and Saxon, are fighting for the crown. Choose one of them and conquer others with the help of Robin Hood! The game includes sieges, ground battles... True masterpiece by Cinemaware.

Review 2:

Defender Of The Crown is a unique and great game, especially considering it was made in 1986. I played it first on my Amiga. It was class! It has got quite alot of different parts to it. The main focus of the game is to be supreme ruler of the game. But there are jousting competitions, Raiding of castles, and you can even visit robin hood for help! It is quite difficult at times, especially during the siege of castles! But it can be easy if you get good at the game. This is a very fun and addictive game.

Review 3:

A legendary medival game from the C64 era. You should bring your kingdom and your knight to the victory. Capture teretory, win the tournaments, etc. Interesting game, with old style graphics and music. Because of the conversion...

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