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Dyter 07

Review 1:

Dyter 07 is a prototype of a futuristic helicopter and you are of course itīs pilot on the way to save the world. Your objective in each mission is to rescue scientists and engineers. Like in the really old 'Choplifter' you fly left and right around a scrolling 2d world. Rescued scientists can develop new weapons for you and you can even launch a small buggy to fight on the surface. The game makes a lot of fun, graphics are nice and sound acceptable, but there is one thing that prevents this game from becoming a classic: It is getting difficult very fast. Level one is easy, Level two is about the right difficulty, Level three is already very tough and if I remember correctly I reached Level four only once.

Tips on gaming: Experiment a lot with your buggy, there are enemy instalments like anti-air guns which should better be taken out by the buggy and there are times when it would be suicide.

Review 2:

An action-shoot 'em up game, where you had to shoot everything moving, and loaded with extra weapons you could dare the fight against the end monsters. It was also released on Atari-ST and C64.

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