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Review 1:

Space trading/combat simulation

Elite puts You in a role of starship commander (a small starship). You can choose to be whatever You want - a trader, mercenary, pirate, all of the above! Trade goods and earn money slowly or seek and destroy other ships. As you earn ranks You'll be offered some missions to finally reach the ultimate rank - ELITE. Very hard and very entertaining.

Review 2:

Elite is a hyped up Space Simulation. It is like a flight Sim, but in space. The difference is that you travel to different planets and trade goods and things like that. It will probably take you a year to work out what to do with the controls too :D The graphics are pretty poor in space, just 2D polygons in a 3D enviroment... But it is a 1988 game!!

In the buying screens, and other screens on the screens where you are in port, the graphics are pretty ok. It is quite a boring game to be honest.. I didn't like it much. But it was fairly popular in its day! Dispite it's drawbacks it is ok, but not really my thing. Download it if it is your thing!

Review 3:

Everybody knows Elite 2 - Frontier. But who remember Elite 1? :) Maybe it's not an accident. Elite is one of the first space simulations on Amiga. So it has too poor graphics and horrible sound. But if you like Elite 2, you should take a look on this, just for fun :)

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