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Dizzy: The Dizzy Collection

This collection has 5 games in it. They are:

Fantasy World Dizzy - Dizzy... Dizzy... Dizzy. Dizzy is an egg. This time he has been thrown into a dungeon. He is being closely guarded by a troll. You must find a way to escape. I'll let you figure it out :) If I could figure it out when I was 5, I'm sure that you can do it now... When you finally do escape, you have to try and find your girlfriend, Daisy (again). You must also collect 30 Gold Coins. Just TRY to find them all... I never could, and there fore could never complete the game :( Oh well, its still a fun platform/puzzle game. Pick up objects, use them in the correct area, I do in fact think that this game is pretty enjoyable. I'm sure you will too if you like adventure games or platform games... Well, give it a try, I like it at least :)

Fast Food Dizzy - A new style of Dizzy game has evolved! I guess you could say it was like Pac Man, but if you are honest, it is nothing like Pac Man... Apart from the maze part. You have to play as the adorable little egg and try to eat everything on the level, without being caught by the ghost things. Interesting and fun to play, you can also gain an extra life every 3 levels and each difficulty level has its own theme, Shopping Mall, Countryside, Lego Land and Mystery. To access mystery you must complete all 3 stages from the beginning, which is pretty damn hard! If you like a good challenge, have ago on this game :)

Kwik Snax - This game is in fact quite strange, it is Dizzy once again. He has to go and save the entire family this time though... Each family member is stuck in a zone similar to his own personality. To rescue your family you have to go through various levels in each zone and get past all of the baddies and collect all of the goodies that you can, these are usually fruits (how the hell collecting fruits saves someone, I do not know!). Anyway, this is an interesting puzzle game form Codemasters. Download it if you want something to eat the time for a bit.

Magicland Dizzy - This one is probably one of the best Dizzy romps. You have to do various things in order to rescue various members of your family. It is in an adventure game fashion, using items with other items and things such as that. It is not an easy task, but you will still have alot of fun.

Treasure Island Dizzy - This one is very interesting and easy when cheats r used (muwhahaha) i don't like using cheats in most games, but in this one it lets you explore the game much more better! It is the same as usual. You have to help dizzy find his way off of a desert island and get the coins etc... Very good game :)

Download full game now:

Source 1 - Disk 1 (735kB)
Source 1 - WinUAE 0.8.21R3: Config
Source 2 - Download

Dizzy: The Dizzy Collection screenshot
Dizzy: The Dizzy Collection screenshot

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