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Fighters Kyodotai (a.k.a. Fighters Kototai)

Fighters Kyodotai is a great freeware 2D fighting game from Japan. Although the game's graphics looks a bit outdated in VGA, Fighters Kyodotai shines through in the gameplay department. To begin with, ... though: the game doesn't let you change difficulty level or save key configurations. There is some nudity in the game, although it is not as nearly blatant as "Hentai" fighting games.

Gigantic Gear

Gigantic Gear is an excellent (albeit short) freeware giant robot action game from Japan. Aside from sporting excellent 3D graphics, the game offers a few innovative features that set it apart from other ... is in Japanese, but the shoot-all-in-sight gameplay makes language a bit redundant ;) Note: Basic controls to get you started are as follows - Y = shoot, D = hit, S = change weapon, C = jump/fly.


One of the best anime shooters I?ve ever played, Idinaloq is an amazing game that boasts an incredibly high production value that would have justified its release as a commercial game. But fortunately ... Note: This download includes the full game, with high-quality music (22MB), and both the opening and ending movies in \MOV subfolder which you can view outside the game with Windows Media Player.


Ikachan is a charming and interesting platformer from freeware developer Pixel in Japan. As a tiny squid, your goal is to survive in the dangerous oceans and grow up to be a more powerful octopus. In an ... can use them to gain access to hitherto inaccessible areas. The game is in Japanese, but you don't really need to read the text to finish this charming and addictive little game. Highly recommended!


Jegg is a cute little freeware gem from Japan with a simple premise: direct eggs of different color into the correct bag by adding or removing pipes the eggs can travel on. Despite being very easy to learn, ... I find Jegg a fun coffee-break title, although the difficulty level may be too high for most of us. The game is in Japanese, but there's really nothing you need to read to understand how to play ;)

Mahjong House 2

Mahjong House 2 is a fun Japanese-style Mahjong game from Japan. This is not the solitaire tile-removal game known in the West, but the Chinese multiplayer game that plays similar to Rummy. The difference ... are. Also, please be advised that there are some "Hentai" (i.e. anime adult content) in the game, but they are mild in my opinion and do not detract (too much) from the focus on Mahjong.

Masashikun Hi!

Masashikun Hi! is a wacky school olympics game involving silly scribbled stick figures. Although the game is in Japanese and all the action is portrayed only by stickmen, the game is surprisingly playable, ... lot of fun, and very unique for this type of game. Overall, Masashikun Hi! is a great game that is perfect for anyone who is willing to try an Oriental olympics game, and is fond of stick figures :)

Nantonaku Majyan

Nantonaku Majyan is a fun freeware Japanese Mah Jong game for up to 4 players, any of whom can be computer-controlled. If you have never heard of it before, multiplayer Mah Jong is a popular tile game ... is in Japanese, but you can learn the rules of Japanese Mah Jong by browsing the excellent Mah Jong for Dummies site, and it won't take long to figure out what each menu item means ;) Recommended!

Ocean Battle, The

The Ocean Battle is an exceptional freeware game - one of the few that boasts such outstanding production value that will make you wonder why they are released as freeware instead of shareware. The game ... Z keys to increase and decrease speed. The arrow icon at the top of the screen is used to acquire target. If you enjoy quality shooters, The Ocean Battle is simply a must-have. Highly recommended.

Oden Todo Fish

One of the most unique and fun little games you'll ever come across, Oden Todo Fish is a fast-paced fishing game like none other. Forget realism or the drill of arduously charting your course to a fishing ... and very basic premise, Oden Todo is a great coffee-break game with a strong "just one more try" addictiveness. Highly recommended to everyone who wants a quick break from serious games.


One of the most simple yet strangely addictive games I have come across in quite some time, Pendulumania is a very unique game that will keep you glued to the screen, oblivious to everything else ;) Well, ... are required) combined with neat gameplay that keep me addicted. For whatever reason, you definitely won't regret trying out this little game. Just be warned - it could ruin your productivity!

Psychic War

One of the earliest Japanese RPGs released overseas, Psychic War combines the anime-style graphics with first-person gameplay in this intriguing scifi RPG that features ESP powers instead of spells and ... enliven the action and provide good diversion from the hack-and-slash affair (or in this case, aim-and-shoot). Repetitive graphics are claustrophobic, but there are many neat gadgets to find and use.

Puyo Puyo

Alexei Pajitnov's blockbuster Tetris spawned many clones, but Puyo Puyo is one of the more worthy derivatives from the whole falling-blocks craze in the early 80s. First released on the Mega-Drive console ... in a Tetris-style game. This is addictive old game! Note: the game is in Japanese, but it shouldn't be hard to guess how to play. You will miss out on the funny dialogs between characters.

Second Age

Second Age is an excellent 3D giant robot ("mechas" in Japanese) action game set in space. The game offers excellent mecha designs, fun gameplay, and a variety of modes including Story, Practice, ... you will likely enjoy this fun freeware game. The game is in Japanese, but you won't need to read anything to finish the game as the goal of all the missions is the same: kill everything that moves.

Warning Forever

Another superb freeware shooter from Japan, Warning Forever is similar to BulletML games like rRootage - addictive games that are turning "abstract shooters" into a new and exciting genre. Warning ... this is another game you shouldn't pass up. Also, in contrast to most Japanese shooters, the game even comes with English help file... not that you need to understand Japanese to grasp the controls.

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