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Adventures of Robin Hood

Review 1: Good story but not so good game. You, as Robin Hood, have been thrown out of Your castle and marked as a villain. It's Your job to reclaim your honor and become a hero. That's it. The game ... it ain't, and the tiny animations are hard to see, not to mention some frustrating action sequences and obscure clues. Those who are patient will be well rewarded with an amusing little game.


Review 1: An evil wizard turned you into a bubble - an airball to be precise... and you have a leak! While it's your primary goal to find a spellbook and reagents for the spell to turn you back into ... spell. The problem is, you have a leak, and if you deflate or hit something sharp you will pop. This is one of the great games of the time. The graphics were very good and the game was addictive.

Al Qadim: The Genie's Curse

Review 1: Whole Arabia lived happily under protection of a good Genie which was under control of our hero's family. One day Genie mysteriously turns against the family and takes them away as prisoners. ... are still present and can be increased when your character gains a level. Colorful graphics, interesting plot, and cool magic spells make up for the frustratingly difficult combat and trap sequences.

Alone in the Dark

Review 1: This is one of the true classics. Before I start reviewing it any further I must say something about it's graphics. All the backgrounds were hand-drawn and they give the complete game a specific ... are great mood setters and will probably cause goose bumps every now and then! Enough said! If you are not convinced by now, you'll never be! A mark of 5, of course, and a definite recommendation.

Alone in the Dark 2

Review 1: Eager to capitalize upon the success of their previous game in the Alone in the Dark series, Infogrames set on a voyage the second in the series just a year after the first game hit stores. ... movies?), one of which came out recently. Give this game a go, (the card system is bloody tricky, I've totally forgotten how to use it). Try playing it alone... in the dark... with the door shut...

Alone in the Dark 3

Alone in the Dark 3 is the third installment of the Alone in the Dark survival horror video game series created by Infogrames. The video game was released on May 16, 1995. A Windows 95 version of the game ... the game. Towards the end of the game, the concept of radioactive mutation plays a significant role in the story, and the player ends up fighting monstrous creatures created from the radiation.

Asterix: Operation Getafix

Review 1: Asterix has always been one of my favorite characters. I simply enjoyed every comic book I read and each cartoon I watched. There was one episode in which Obelix hit druid Getafix with a huge ... fun game, maybe one to let the young 'uns play. Review 4: Get Getafix (Panoramix in the dutch comicbooks) his memory back, having a great adventure. It's some platform based game with a real story.

Bad Blood

Review 1: It is a time after a great war. The world that we know is wiped out and a new race has emerged - the mutants. They differ from humans only by the way they look, but are rejected and hated. ... for creating cinematic moments is apparent even at this early stage. Note: This download is the 1994 re-release version, which features updated 256-color VGA graphics and other cosmetic enhancements.

Berlin 1948

Review 1: Berlin 1948 is a mix between the Action, Adventure and Roleplay genres. You will have to run around in Berlin, as the title states, trying to locate nuclear weapons. From the start of the game ... used to hold the city hostage to Soviet demands, and detonated if any attempts to disarm the device are uncovered. It's an unacceptable situation. Find the nuclear weapons in Berlin and destroy them.

Bermuda Syndrome

A fun but frustratingly difficult action adventure that is all but unknown outside a few countries in Europe, Bermuda Syndrome tells a story of Jack, a World War II fighter pilot who was shot down into ... it is, though, the game is only recommended to action experts who want some adventure in their gaming, not the other way around. Two thumbs up, but not for the faint of heart or the weak of reflexes.


Bioforge is an action/adventure game that tries to do a lot, and only succeeds at some of it. Also it is at times ridiculously difficult, and combat can be a frenzied, disappointing experience. Still I ... games, but won't shy away from a little action, Bioforge is your ticket. It reminds me of Out of this World with its combination of action and adventure. You'll just have to read a lot more.

Castle Master

Review 1: An early game using 3D - something like the grandfather of Tomb Raider. Your little sister has been kidnapped by an evil magician and now you set out to rescue her from the deepest dungeon ... and secret tunnels are still the mainstay, however). Overall, a solid action/adventure that offers many hours of fun, although the control scheme is awkward and graphics still difficult to make out.

Dark Earth

Review 1: One of the few action/adventure games that truly succeeded in appealing to fans of both camps, Krisalis' highly underrated Dark Earth is a great game that makes up for the short length with ... durability. In addition, Arkhan is also slowly turning into a dark creature. This functions as a time limit because if a certain amount of time passes he will morph completely and the game ends.

Dizzy: Bubble Dizzy

Review 1: Dizzy is going to visit his girfriend Daisy with a nice present for her - a pearl necklace. But something went wrong during the trip - the ship on which Dizzy was traveling sunk and Dizzy is ... your second or third try. Even so, the refreshing game concept and flawless controls, along with attractive graphics, will keep both Dizzy and arcade fans happy for the few hours it take to complete.

Dizzy: Fantastic Adventure of Dizzy

Review 1: Another game featuring the world's most famous egg - Dizzy. This one is the best in series of great games made by Codemasters. Diasy (Dizzy's girlfriend) has been captured by the evil wizard ... jump too far or to short and you die, you can lose all of your lives on one small part like jumping over a lake. After you have got real far and that happens, you get pissed off quite a bit.

Dizzy: Fantasy World of Dizzy

Review 1: This has been one of my top 10 games of Commodore 64! I had no idea it was converted to PC until recent when a friend of mine brought it to me on a floppy. Dizzy, the world's most famous egg ... PC that offers only PC speaker, the music is still quite good for its time. Overall, a nice, pleasant arcade adventure that just might get PC gamers to take a look at this quirky Spectrum classic.

Dizzy: Magic Land of Dizzy

Review 1: Magic Land Dizzy, ahh I remember that game, I used to play that game on my old C64, I kind of liked it. The plot is basically that Zak the Evil Has taken all your friends and family and has ... jump too far or to short and you die, you can lose all of your lives on one small part like jumping over a lake. After you have got real far and that happens, you get pissed off quite a bit.

Dizzy: Prince of Yolkfolk

Review 1: Another great Dizzy game. Do the same - run around, pick up objects and use them on the right place. I always adored this little egg guy. Review 2: Okay to start off you should know that ... jump too far or to short and you die, you can lose all of your lives on one small part like jumping over a lake. After you have got real far and that happens, you get pissed off quite a bit.

Ecco the Dolphin

This game is quite unique if you ask me, you play as a dolphin, not a dolphin that has a gun, not a dolphin that can fly or walk on land, just a dolphin that happens to be in the right place at the right ... amazing music that flows through the game almost seamlessly, if your looking for a game that isn't just another action game, and will take you in for days if not weeks then this is the game for you.

Ecco The Dolphin (Windows 95)

Ecco The Dolphin is the rare Windows 95 version of SEGA's first game in a classic series that began life on the SEGA Master System in 1992 and is still going strong, with sequels appearing on the Playstation ... of Time, and even a mulit-language support. This means that the PC version is probably the best version of the first game in the series - a fitting and competent job on one of SEGA's best games.


Platform adventure game, you're an Elf and have to solve the game.

Flashback CD version

Flashback: Quest for Identity can easily be considered one of the best platform games ever made. Following the initial success of the 1992 release, in 1995 Delphine has released an enchanced CD version ... version, and people who have played Flashback before and enjoyed it will not any less enjoy replaying the game to see the new cinematics - especially when all the level passwords have been changed.

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