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Nigel's World

Nigel's World is a fun educational title that fulfills what its subtitle (Adventures in Geography) implies, despite obvious borro-- err-- inspiration from Carmen Sandiego series. In this game designed ... 17 languages. Although it is more derivative than innovative, Nigel's World's very high production values and a vast variety of locations to visit should help kids learn geography while having fun.

Notable Phantom, The

The Notable Phantom is a solid music tutorial program designed for musical neophytes of all ages. The game allows you to compose your own tunes, play them back from disk, and practice reading musical notes. ... Notable Phantom fits the bill. For a versatile and practical program that really stands the test of time, though, check out either of the above-mentioned 2 programs available on this site instead.

Number Munchers

In the designer's own words about this popular children's title: "You, as the energetic green Muncher, run around a grid eating prime numbers while being chased by wicked and hungry Troggles who eat ... that's very easy to learn, but very captivating for its target group (kids ages 5 - 12). A great game that will keep your kids entertained for a long time while brushing up on their algebraic skills.

Odell: Down Under

Odell: Down Under is an entertaining edutainment game for Windows 95 that lets you play as various fish in the sea. In your struggle to survive the longest you'll learn about your fish' preys and predators. ... and click on preys and food source to eat them. It's disappointing that MECC didn't make the game more realistic or complex.. as it is, it's just a very simple game that's fun only in the short run.

Off To Europe

One of the most curious promotional games ever made, Off To Europe was developed by the Foreign Affairs Office in Bonn, Germany, and released as freeware in 1992 to promote the European Union (EU) and ... all, Off To Europe is one of the better promotional (and free) games for PC, and its design goal (i.e. promoting the (now completed) creation of the ECU) makes it one of the most unique. Worth a try!

Operation Frog

"Ah, there's nothing like the smell of formaldehyde in the morning!" Operation Frog is not really a game, but it is such a unique and creative program that I felt it was worthy of some attention. ... and unique, or hoping to gross out your little sister, or wanting to learn more about the anatomy of frogs, Operation Frog is an excellent educational program. Now hop to it and dissect a frog!

Orbits: Voyage through The Solar System

Orbits is a surprisingly comprehensive database about the solar system that's presented in well-written and concise articles accompanied by clear illustrations. Navigation among the wealth of information ... interface, and information contained here is more in-depth than most ostentatious "multimedia" titles. Highly recommended to all interested in learning more about our solar system.

Oregon Trail Deluxe

Review 1: Probably the least known entry in MECC's famous Oregon Trail series that is now up to the fourth edition, Oregon Trail Deluxe is a solid VGA remake of the 1988 original Oregon Trail release ... one hard, unforgiving and unbeatable game. Some family would eventually play the game together and children in school would even make competition over who got the farthest before dying in the game!

Pepper's Adventures in Time (a.k.a. Twisty History)

One of the most underrated Sierra games, Pepper's Adventures is educational game at its best. Help the inquisitive Pepper undo the damage caused by Dr. Fred's time machine. Innovations abound, from the ... caused by Dr. Fred, and the ability to play as Pepper's dog Lockjaw during some episodes (with appropriate action icons). It's also difficult enough for adult gamers to enjoy. Highly recommended.

Periodic Table of The Elements

Periodic Table of the Elements is a fun, freeware program that contains the basic data about the element in six languages (Croatian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish). The best feature that sets ... background color to match your presentation slide. Overall, a very handy little freeware program that chemistry students and anyone who is curious about the subject would find tremendously useful.

Peter Pan

One of the best releases in Electronic Arts' short-lived EA*Kids line, Peter Pan is a fun interactive storybook designed for kids aged 4-8. The excellent review at Quandary says it all: "Peter Pan ... successful so there are no 'wrong' answers to frustrate younger players." Highly recommended, especially for kids who love Broderbund's Living Books series but wish they were more interactive.

Peter Pan & Robin Hood Fairy Tale Factory

Peter Pan & Robin Hood Fairy Tale Factory is yet another lackluster offering in Hi-Tech's line of entertainment titles for kids. The idea of the program is simple: kids can choose characters from Peter ... reason to use this program unless you want to create a quick scene from these two stories. I doubt the program will appeal to anyone, and the kids in your family will probably get bored before long.


Piano is a great and relaxing music application coded by Luis Romero. The "game" is basically an interactive piano - you can play and record songs for playback later. What sets Piano apart from ... artistic and relaxing application, Piano will surprise and delight you with its artistic merits. Mellow, cool, and very Zen. Highly recommended to music lovers and anyone who likes artistic programs.

Pilgrim's Quest

A small educational game similar to Broderbund's Galleons of Glory in concept if not the era, Pilgrim's Quest puts you on the legendary Mayflower as she sails for the New World. Contend with problems real pilgrims faced, from diseases to incremental weather and mutinous crew, and a host of other problems once you land. It's short and easy, but quite enjoyable.

Playboy Interview: Three Decades, The

One of the best reference/educational CD-ROMs ever created, The Playboy Interview: Three Decades was unfortunately a commercial failure for IBM's short-lived Multimedia Publishing Studio. Perhaps this ... same name includes only 30 interviews as opposed to the entirety of three decades' worth of work. And if you have a very low opinion of Playboy magazine, this is something that will change your mind.

Playroom, The

The Playroom is designed to encourage children's curiosity and then reward it with new discoveries. All the scenes take place in a child's bedroom where the child clicks on a variety of different pictures ... then chooses a number. The number chosen will show the amount of pictures shown. For example, if the child clicked on a telephone and then clicked on the number two, then two telephones would appear.

Pong & Kooky's Cuckoo Zoo

Pong & Kooky's Cuckoo Zoo is the last release in EA*Kids' quality but short-lived product line designed for young children. This preschool title features nice background graphics and animations, recorded ... animals, this final EA*Kids product is well worth a look. Too bad the enhanced CD-ROM version was cancelled in beta as EA shifted its focus to produce - you guessed it - more profitable sports games.


Probably Bob Bates' most obscure "game," Quandaries is an excellent and unique edutainment titles designed to teach professional ethics to federal agents. Designed under contract for Ethics Office ... Anyone who is interested in ethics, or career simulation in general, should find the game enjoyable and captivating (although the quoted legal passages are, by nature, quite dry). Highly recommended!

Quarky and Quaysoo's Turbo Science

A pleasant surprise by master puzzler Jeff Tunnell, this is "edutainment" at its best. Essentially a science trivia games for kids, this game puts a new spin on the ideas with wacky cartoon characters, ... are all multiple-choice, with some surprises near the end. Overall, this is one of the strongest educational titles ever released, and it shows off Jeff's versatility as an astute game designer.

Reader Rabbit

One of The Learning Company's early edutainment classics, Reader Rabbit is a fun and timeless game designed to teach 3-7 kids reading and spelling skills. There are four different word games to play in ... alphabets), you would be hard pressed to find a much better program than Reader Rabbit - truly a wonderful edutainment program that is still as much fun today as it was in 1989. Highly recommended!

Reader Rabbit's Ready for Letters

Reader Rabbit's Ready for Letters is another superb release in The Learning Company's excellent Reader Rabbit edutainment series. Tailored to pre-schoolers, this program contains six activities designed ... colorful graphics, intuitive user interface, and superb gameplay that will capture pre-schoolers' interest for hours on end. Yet another excellent release from arguably the best edutainment company.

Reading and Me

Reading and Me is a collection of games and activities designed for beginner readers, ages 4 to 7. The game is not as fun as Davidson's other games-- perhaps because the company is better at designing ... difficult to read. Overall, it's not a bad effort, but it doesn't have the same stellar quality as the Math Blaster series. Pleasant graphics and decent speech support make it worth a look, however.

Redhook's Revenge

Review 1: Redhook's Revenge is a fun and educational game of life on the Caribbean seas of yore. Billed as "pirate educational board game," Redhook's Revenge fulfills every word in its claim: ... game into the public domain in 2004. Review 2: This is a pirate board game. Throw with the dice, you can answer pirate questions or get money to buy food for the crew, etc. Good graphics and music!

Return of The Dinosaur

Return of The Dinosaur is a fun board-game style detective game designed to teach kids facts about their most favorite animals of all time. The premise is that your hometown is suddenly overrun by dinosaurs, ... CGA graphics. On-line instructions and hints ensure help keep frustration level low, despite all the illogical clues. If you have a resident dinophile in your home, here's a good game for him/her.

Rock & Bach Studio

Review 1: The last release from underrated edutainment developer Electronic Zoo is a great all-in-one music game and application with virtually unlimited playability. Rock & Bach Studio has two major ... the game are way too complex for a kid to understand, I think. Overall, a good game, it could have had some more attention at the sounds and the gameplay part, but overall, this is a very good game.

Rocky's Boots

Rocky's Boots is an excellent educational game that teaches kids the basics of logic circuits that computers are based on. A true predecessor of better-known Robot Odyssey, Rocky's Boots was aimed at a ... Boots is a must-have for everyone, child or not, who wants to learn about how computer logic works. Fans of Robot Odyssey and Gertrude's Secrets in particular will enjoy this classic for ours on end.

Rosemary West's House of Fortunes

One of Villa Crespo's most unknown games, Rosemary West's House of Fortunes is a good fortune teller program for DOS that packs a lot of options into a few floppy disks. The 'game' contains 4 traditional ... passing interest in various fortune telling disciplines, give this obscure game a try. Even if you are a skeptic like me, you will find the depth and breadth of its features both interesting and fun.

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