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M1 Tank Platoon
Mac Archer Pool
Mad Professor
Mad TV
Magic Pocket
Manager, The

Your favorite soccer team is in the third class, has no money and no future? Take the job as a manager and lead your team in the first division. It is a mangerial simulator from Europe's favorite sport: Soccer.

Maniac Mansion

A big hit from Lucasfilm games released on C64! We can call it the first episode of the "Day of the Tentacle". You can control 3 people, and have to puzzle out the mystery about that certain mansion... The game is nearly the same as the C64 version.

Manic Miner

Spectrum game conversion. A classic title! Amiga disk contains the original spectrum game conversion and a reworked amiga version. Both are very enjoyable, cool games! You must help your miner to get through the barriers and find the keys to exit from the mine, before oxygen runs out!

Marble Madness

A port of the arcade classic. A masterpiece in game design. You have to guide a marble down a path without hitting any obstacles or straying off the course. The game can be incredibly addicting and fun.

Maupiti Island
McDonald Land
Mean Arenas
Mega Arts Hockey
Mega Motion
Megaball AGA

This is a very nice, colourful Arkanoid clone. You have many extra things to pick up, you can blast the bricks, enlarge your paddle, use guns, etc. Very nice game with cool music and graphics.


This is a strategy game, mixing elements from Civilization, Populous and RTS. Basically, you are the leader of your chosen people. You must build an army and take over the computer players' territory. There is also diplomacy in the game, as you can ally with one computer player against another, like in Civilization.


Ancient style, old shoot game, with tons of monsters, and levels. Fly, shoot, don't think about anything, just relax and shoot.

Mercenary 1&2
Mercenary 3
Metal Mutant

You have to control a Cyborg and get through dangerous places. I saw this game first on a PC, with EGA monitor. The outlook was awful, but the gameplay is amazing. After that I found the Amiga version. It runs miles around the pc version.

Miami Chase
Micro Machines

Review 1: This game is volume 1 in one of the greatest racing series ever made to the PC. You are not only racing in cars, but also boats and other weird vehicles. And the tracks are also very different ... little cars and other vehicles. You have to ride them through funny levels and win the race. For example there are a race which takes place on the eating table, or around the bath-tub. Cool game!

Microprose Golf
Microprose Soccer

Tactical action game, where you have to do some winter movements. For example explore the teretory by ski, shoot the enemy, etc. Also uses 3D vectored graphics!

Midwinter 2

Second episode of the Tactical action game, with even more game types. You can choose where you want to play. On the sea, on the ground, in the air, etc. Than choose your craft and go shooting in this great arcade-action game.

MIG-29 Fulcrum
Might & Magic 2

The second episode of the Might and Magic series. One of the first games of the New World Computing. This game has quite simple graphics and sound, but seems to be a good adventure, rpg, dungeon game for those who likes that style.

Mighty Bombjack
Millennium 2.2

It's 22nd century. After a devastating war, only a few surrvivors left, on a small moon base. It is now your job to fully utilize your resources and make sure mankind survives. But you realize that you're not alone... and not everybody is happy to see you spread across the solar system...

Mind Walker
Monty Python's Flying Circus

If you're a fan of the Monty Python humor then you're gonna love this one. This game is totally crazy. You play the not so smart character from the series (Gumbo or Gumbold, something like that). Anyways ... to shoot at the bad guys, your score goes down the better you do (Yes, the less your score is the better you've played). This is packed with Monty Python humor and I had a jolly good time playing it.

Moonshine Racers

Nice racer game, like Jaguar XJ 220 or Lotus, but with a little bit funny atmosphere. You drive a truck at the american country and you mission is to escape from the policeman, Fat Sam :)

Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

Review 1: Action adventure Druids have selected their best knights and sent them into the search for Moonstone, the only thing that can destroy the great evil that has fallen to Earth. Select one to ... game, with many beat 'um up scenes. You have to defeat all of the lords and collect the keys on the land, to open the portal. Blood and Fatalities also features of the game! Not for small kids!

Mortal Kombat

All time favorite! The fist episode of the coolest beat 'em up game. Mortal Kombat were one of the bloodest game that time. You can kill your enemies (like in Moonstone), make fatalities, extra moves, etc. Not for kids!

Mortal Kombat 2

Enhanched graphics, new characters, many new levels, a huge amount of special moves and even more brutal fatalities. This is the Mortal Kombat 2. One of the most famous beat'em up games on the world.

Mortville Manor
Motor Massacre
Mr. Nutz

Mr. Nutz as you can see is a squirrel. Of course he is the hero of the game Mr. Nutz. It's not an ordinary platform game, much more like the mix of Sonic and Zelda. You have to walk on a map from one village to another, talk to people. When you enter a village the game will switch to a platform view and you have to jump'n run.


This game was a big hit on C64, because of the excellent speed, fine atmospheric graphics, digitalized sound effects and speech. Amiga version is also rocks, but it's behind the C64 Myth on my list.

Narco Police

In this action game, you control a commando team, who are fighting against narco bandits. You have to enter the secret base and shoot every bad guy with your gun. The perspective is a 3D moving, tunnel fighting game. Before the mission you can choose the position of your team members and arm every of them with wide range of weapons.

Nascar Challenge

Many people know the Nascar racing rame from the pc era. But did you know that there were a pre pc Nascar game on Amiga? Yes, is a cool simulator, similar to the well known ones on pc. Vector based graphics fine looking, but a little bit slow on 7mhz...

Nathan Never

An avarage platform / adventure game. I don't like the movment and the scroll. The levels are a little bit empty, but the ingame screens, pictures looks cool (screenshot). Nothing special about that game, but if You need it, here it comes...

Naughty Ones AGA

A good looking platform game from Melon Design. Two little man, who has to get through many dangers to find the exit from the level. Beautiful AGA graphics, and harmonious music.

Navy Seals

Nebulus places you in role of a high-tec frog working for a Destruction company. Your goal - get to the top of a tower and clear the way so it can be razed down. Strange idea, isn't it? To get to the top ... just an arcade but a puzzle game as well. After beating a level you will go to a bonus level in which you, by controlling your sub, have to catch fish and earn extra lives. This is a must-have game!

Nebulus 2
New Zealand Story

Review 1: Big mean walrus has kidnapped all your borthers and sisters while you managed to escape. Now you are in a mission of rescue through many levels that will take you to all parts of New Zealand. ... in the role of a Kiwi bird. You are lost, because there was a hole on your mom's bag, so you fall out. Now do your best, find your family! Each level is named / based on locations around New Zealand.

Nick Faldo Championship Golf
Nicky 2
Nicky Boum

It's a good platform game, with this small fat guy.

Nigel Mansell's World Championship

Only Nigel Mansell's name and licence sells this game, because it's nothing more, just a simple car racer game, like thousand others released on Amiga. Nigel Mansell's Grad Prix was also released on C64 in 1988, so the Amiga version is an updated, enhaced game.

Night Breed: The Interactive Movie
Ninja Mission
Ninja Warriors
Nippon Safes Inc.

Also known as a prequel to Big Red Adventure, cartoon adventure. The gameplay takes place in Tokyo. You can control three characters separately, each of the heroes has its own story to follow and puzzles to solve. When you have finished all three storylines, you'll get a final with all three characters acting together.

No Second Prize

A polygon graphics based motorbike simulator game. You control your bike with the mouse and have to win the first prize, an amazing new motorbike! The game features extreme fast vector graphics even on an A500! It has video styled replays, tv cameras, external views, etc. Worth to try!

North & South

Review 1: Action/strategy game North & South has been voted as Amiga's best game ever by many game magazines! It features great graphics, sound and interesting gameplay. The story is probably already ... It's a table strategy game flavoured with platform and strategy war elements. You have to rob the enemy's train, to capture the other's village and to beat the opponent's army. Really cool game!

Nuclear War

Review 1: You are in charge of this little nation in the middle of the sea. Around you are 4 other nations. You can choose your opponents at the beginning. Basically you are at nuclear war with EVERYONE! ... of the enemies who look similar to famous politicians, many jokes that happen during gameplay. It's a very funny game, but if you just feel like nuking the whole world, that game was made for you.

Oil Imperium

Review 1: Want to be rich? Want to be an oil tycoon? Then download Oil Imperium and be one! The game has a great idea but was not so perfectly realized. You'll have to buy oil fields, drill, buy tanks, ... this game even more fun. Review 3: Old, quite simple strategy game. You should sit in your office and control the whole Oil company. Your mission is to grow up to an Oil Imperium of the world.


Also known as "Motor City". In this cool strategy-manager game you are the CEO of a car company. You have the control just about everything, from designing cars, production, selling to Europe and hiring workers and engineers.

One On One
Ooops Up
Operation Lemming
Operation Stealth

US engenieers constructed the best stealth aeroplane for the army. But somebody has just stole it! You are the man, whose job is to find that super secret weapon :)

Operation Wolf

One of the most classic shooters ever made. I would thing you were lying if you told me you haven't seen this game around one of the play machines around your block. This game is probably the one that ... to kill as many soldiers, helicopters and tanks while you fight your way through the different levels. I'm not a big fan of these games, but I can see why a game like this got so popular as it did.


Very good music and not bad graphics. A platform game, with visuals similar to Lion Heart. You play an Ork, who looks like a monster.

Out Run

The popular arcade racing game from the Sega arcades. Just press your fire button and keep on the scud. Good music, fine oldschool graphics and digitalized speech!

Over the net

Cool valleyball sport game. Go to the beach and play in the sand. Runs well on an A500. There are not so much good valleyball games on Amiga, so grab it!


A well designed arcade racing game similar to Micro Machines. You have about 20 courses on five different terrains. Very fast speed, amazing smooth scrolling, fine graphics and 2 player option.

Overkill AGA

A simple, Project-X like shoot 'em up game, from the Adid software. You control your spaceship and have to shoot eveybody who enters the screen :) It uses the AGA chipset, but the graphics is not as good as it could be.


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