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Oil Imperium

Review 1:

Want to be rich? Want to be an oil tycoon? Then download Oil Imperium and be one! The game has a great idea but was not so perfectly realized. You'll have to buy oil fields, drill, buy tanks, sell oil, sabotage opponents...

Funny thing about this Amiga version is the mixture of German and English language in it! Some parts are in German while others are English!

Review 2:

Oil Imperium is one of the best business games I have played ever. Not only does the game feature great business management, but it also includes action sequences like when you try to find the best way to the oil fastest or when you have to search for oil. This can be done automatically as it's quite hard to succeed in this unless you are experienced with the game.

The game offers very exciting gameplay with many different options. You can even do sabotage on your competitors oil fields and other similar things. The game also offer multiplayer game which makes this game even more fun.

Review 3:

Old, quite simple strategy game. You should sit in your office and control the whole Oil company. Your mission is to grow up to an Oil Imperium of the world.

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