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Carnage (Freeware)
Carnage is a fun freeware remake of two classic Amiga games: Biplane Duel and Dogfight, which are in turn inspired by the classic Sopwith PC game. The aim of this game for 2-8...
Abandonware/PC/Arcade action/Games Ca-Ce

Obliterator (freeware)
Obliterator is a fine, small and free 360 degree space shooter, with aim no more glorious than achieving a score as high as possible. Luckily, Obliterator plays well and fun i...
Abandonware/PC/Arcade action/Games N-O

Magebane 2
Review 1: Magebane 2 is a 3D single player role-playing game where you command three monks on a quest to recover the holy Amulet of Yendor. Each monk masters a different sch...
Abandonware/PC/Role playing games/Games G-M

Siege (Freeware)
Siege is an excellent and unique puzzle/strategy game from Fallen Angel Industries. The review at Total Klik says it all about this underrated gem: "Siege blends the stra...
Abandonware/PC/Strategy games/Games S-Sn

Gene Rally
Review 1: Gene Rally is a racing game for one to six players. You'll be racing on various tracks in time trial mode or against human and/or computer opponents in championshi...
Abandonware/PC/Arcade action/Games G

Dark Phear
Dark Phear is an excellent freeware multi-character RPG created in Quick Basic. The plot is negligible, but somewhat interesting: last night you dreamt of Alicia, your long-lo...
Abandonware/PC/Role playing games/Games D-F

No-Action Jackson
A freeware masterpiece that no adventure gamer should ignore, No-Action Jackson is a superb point-and-click freeware adventure game that could have been packaged in a box, sta...
Abandonware/PC/Adventure/Games M-O

People's Tactics
Definitely one of the best freeware wargames ever made, People's Tactics is a great hex-based, turn-based war game that rivals many commercial games in terms of quality and AI...
Abandonware/PC/Strategy games/Games O-P

Streambolt is another excellent freeware release from Fallen Angel Industries, a group who develops all their games with Clickteam's excellent game-creating applications. A cr...
Abandonware/PC/Arcade action/Games Sr-St

Starfight VI: Gatekeepers
StarFight VI: Gatekeepers is an incredible spaceflight adventure game that saw over 15 months in development. Aside from the amazing fact that this game is freeware, StarFight...
Abandonware/PC/Adventure/Games Sp-Sw

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