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U Chess AGA
U.N. Squadron
UFO: Enemy Unknown

UFOs are coming. They're going to take over the world. You must do something. Go, place your base on Earth, make troops, vehichles and shoot them out! Very cool graphics (AGA version is much better!!!) hard and interesting gameplay, with rotating Earth view, and 3D isometric level views. Try it!


Best graphics on a 1 floppy game on A500! It looks amazing! Interesting platform game, where you have to fly with a helicopter cabin, and use it like a taxi to take the quests to their wanted destination.

Ultima 3: Exodus

Review 1: Ultima III - third one in the series (fourth if you count Akalabeth as Ultima 0, like they sometimes do at Origin...). For the first time you're not travelling alone. Travellers report strange ... an advancement in the right direction. Review 2: 3rd episode of the looong and famous Ultima series. One of the oldest Amiga games. Very simple graphics and sound! A little bit Zelda like gameplay.

Ultima 4

Review 1: This is the start of the Age of Enlightment trilogy. After Exodus' defeat, there was peace in Sosaria. Lord British, a man from Earth, united the scattered people under his rule. He called ... engine, with color graphics and better character interaction. But what really makes Ultima IV shine is its radical departure from any other RPG made before or since in terms of the story and goal.

Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny

Review 1: So here's the fifth part of the great Ultima-series. This time it's the Shadowlords the Avatar has got to face. Very TOUGH guys indeed. Hard to defeat. Lord British hasn't returned from a journey ... The fifth version of the Ultima series, on Amiga the 6th was the last one released. In this episode, many actions were expanded, including much more world interactivity and much deeper characters.

Ultima 6

This one has been a real revolution back then. The first Ultima using VGA! The whole gameplay has undergone a change. You've now got Icons to navigate. Also ev'rything now is in 3D. The story: In Britannia ... truly became one, when this game was released. I remember trying to talk a friend of mine, who owned a PC into buying this game. I haven't been successful - well, he didn't know, what he missed...

Ultimate Pinball Quest
Ultimate Soccer Manager AGA
Under Pressure
Universal Warrior

Not so old, but quite simple game. The universal warrior is a robot, who has to roll over many levels, find keys, open doors, collect extra points, and fool his enemy.


You are Boris Verne, and unfortunately you pressed the red button on your uncle's Virtual Dimension Inducer. It transfers you to a parallel universe, where you must find the way home facing with many situations, enemies, puzzles, etc. This is a classic adventure game, with a point & click interface. Many animations, atmospheric music, beautiful scenes, a must for adventure game lovers!


Unreal is obviously designed to outdo Shadow of the Beast as a superlative demonstration of the Amiga's graphics and sound. The arcade-adventure levels have superb graphics, full of detail and imagination. The huge palette of colours, smooth scrolling and speed at which large creatures are whizzed about are something only an Amiga could do.

Untouchables, The
Uridium 2
USS John Young

Review 1: This is the best sim city clone I have seen so far... But to call it a clone of Sim City is more degrading than Halifax Town beating Man United! This game is entirely unique, and could only ... it! Review 2: A well designed strategy game, similar to Sim City, but with military actions. Your task is to do the job of a colony administrator. You have to create a whole new nation on a planet.

Valhalla 2
Vampire's Empire

Sometimes the game-programmers really demand a lot of imagination - who would think of a human body and virii looking at this game? In Vaxine you are the last line of defense protecting important cells ... and the 3D-environment were really ahead of its time in 1990, the game is definitely worth a look only for that (in my opinion), but it's not exactly a game you will easily beat at first try.

Vektor Storm
Velcro Grub
Venus The Flytrap
Video Kid
Vikings: Kingdoms of England 2

A fine strategy game, which takes place in medival England. You can build your kingdom, set taxes, cut wood, etc. Features detailed, beautiful graphics.

Virocop AGA

An interesting hybrid of platform and action games. You control the virocop robot and have to find the exit on funny but dangerous places. For example the first level is a billiard table, full of monsters and popping billiard balls.


Virus is a small game with vector graphics. The visuals are similar to Zeewolf, but here you have to learn how to control a UFO. It's a bit similar to the Stardust games, but here you have to control the ship in 3D.

Visionnary Catacombs
Voodoo Nightmare
Voyages of Discovery

Feel like Eddie Irvine today? Try Vroom! A very good racing-sim. The best one I've played so far. Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out, why only the arcade-version works. Well, if anybody finds out, please let me know. But the racing itself is fine - works pretty good. What should I say? Fine thing - if you like racing this is definetely a must-check-out!


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