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Skate of the Art
Skeleton Krew AGA

It's 2062 and the DEAD, Inc. (The Deadly Enforcement Aggressive Destruction, Inc.) has unleashed some awful mutants on to the civilians. You've are here to direct the Skeleton Krew, a team of equally mutant-like ... one. (or two in the two player game) Their task is to simply blast the hell out of everything that gets in the way. It is a very good looking action game, with isometric point of view. Worth to try!

Ski or Die

Another great game from the early pc times. It was the all time favorite, in the time of Shufflepuck and Prince of Persia. Like the title says you have to ski or you will die :) An interesting arcade Ski game, where you can choose from many types of skiing, jumping, etc.

Skidmarks 2 AGA

Second version of the famous racing game, Skidmarks. In this version you have more tracks to race, more cars to drive and many other extras. Of course it features better graphics thanks to the AGA chipset.


Skrull is a very old platform like game, where you have to control your barbarian hero, by clicking buttons with the mouse. It's a mix of point'n'click and platform. The game takes place in a dungeon. Not bad, but it's a bit hard to learn the controls.

Slam Tilt

Review 1: Just as PC's Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Dreams, 21 Century Entertainment released a few fantastic pinball games for Amiga. Slam Tilt is one of them and is simply great! The game offers you ... Review 2: Newest flipper game on Amiga. The last 21st Century game for our platform. 4 tables, built in games on the led panel!, multiball, hires resolution mode, cool music, and very fast gameplay.

Sleepwalker AGA

Beautiful AGA game, where you play a dog and have to save a sleepwalking boy. Push him, kick him through pits and other difficulities. Cool game, with animated cartoon intro and digitalized speech. OCS version was released too.

Slip Stream

Very old aeroplane flying and shooting game, in arcade style. Later other Slipstream games was released on many platforms. It's a classic.

Soccer Kid
Soccer King
Software Manager AGA
Sony Game
Space Ace
Space Ace 2
Space Gun
Space Harrier
Space Harrier 2
Space Hulk

A 3-dimensional space game which has you going about shooting millions of aliens and finding rare artifacts. The music is very similar to Desert Strike theme, so it's rule! Anyway, some people say that Hired Guns is a far better game.

Space Job
Space Max
Special Forces

A very unique rugby kind of game. You can choose to play a single game against the computer or another human player, play a full league or a knockout tournament. The goal in each match is to score in the ... player. The controls are easy but the lack of overview regarding time and score in the matches could have been better but there isn't much to do about this. A great classic game with superb gameplay.

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

Review 1: Sport One of my favorites from C64. I used to play with Brutal Deluxe (the team that You lead in this game) all night until I finally won the championship. Huh, it was a hard task, but with ... choice. Review 2: Have you ever thought about how will football look like after 100 years? The Bitmap Brother had! Speedball is a real futuristic football game, with amazing graphics and speed!

Speris Legacy, The AGA

You play Cho who is a young farmer and travels the world in search of adventure, fame, and fortune. He has asked by the king to find the evil prince Gallus, defeat him, and bring him back to the king. ... throne over to him. It's a very beautiful RPG adventure game, similar to the big hit Zelda. Unfortunately it is one of the last games Team17 made on Amiga. The AGA graphics is amazing, worth to try!

Spherical Worlds
Spirit of Excalibur
Spy Who Loved Me, The

Made after the movie, this game places you in role of the most famous secret agent of all times. The game follows the plot of the movie and is mainly an arcade racing while some shooting is involved. Not so good for a great license.

Star Control
Star Dust
Star Lord
Starglider 2
Steel Empire
Storm Across Europe
Storm Master
Street Fighter 2

Very big classic! Arcade hit game, ported to Amiga. Best beat 'em up game from that time. 8 Characters, bosses, lots of different stages, extra moves, excelent audio and visual!

Street Rod

So, What can I say? Don't you know Street Rod? Shame on you :) It's one of the best car dealing and driving game. You have to buy and tuning cars, win races for money and upgrade your machine until you can beat The King :) Also try Street Rod 2, with newer cars and opponents.

Street Rod 2

Auto trade and simulation. You have to buy a car from a newspaper, and start to tuning it. If it's ready, go to the buffet and find somebody for a race! If you win, you can get his car, sell it and buy new parts for your car, or change it to a bigger. The mission is to beat "The King" :)

Strider 2

An action game with the necessary hero, who will shoot every bad looking guy. Simple graphics, fast gameplay with many robots and other enemies.


"Send out Hi-Tech helicopters fot remote targeting or Anti-Submarine warfare. Engage enemy fleets, submarines, long range missile bombers. Configure your task force from 12 ship classes and deploy up to 16 vessels at once. Real world scenarios." The text from the cover box :)

Stun Runner
Stunt Car Racer

Review 1: Stunt Car Racer has to be one of the oldest games for the Amiga, it was first released on the Amiga, and ran slower than that guy from American pie could do a poo without laxitives... But on ... of racing games or fans of solitaire will also love it! Review 2: Well known racer game from C64. Nice vector graphics, very fast speed and pleasurable gameplay with many jumps and extreme tracks.

Subwar 2050 AGA
Summer Games
Summer Games 2
Super Cars

A good car racing game, with a top view from the creators of the Lotus series. It has 9 tracks to race and 4 difficulity levels. You can win money during the races and spend it in the shop to tune up your car.

Super Cars 2

An arcade racing game, similar to Skidmarks, Micro Machines or Wheelspin. Simple graphics but quite good gameplay with fast scroll speed. The game also features a split screen two player mode. Unfortunately the loading speed is extreme slow. You have to wait a minute even with Turbo floppy speed feature of the emulator.

Super Hang On
Super Methane Bros
Super Monaco GP
Super Off Road
Super Scramble Simulator

Gremlin's classic motocross game. It has horizontally scrolling terrains in which you race your bike over obstacles, sadly it looks better than it plays. The game was also released on C64, Atari and ZX Spectrum.

Super Stardust AGA

Everybody knows the Spaceship game called Stardust. Fight against meterors, and other interesting things :) Super Stardust is the best Amiga version of that game. Using AGA graphics and the power of CD32. With extra Tunel levels and featuring 12 channel music.

Super Street Fighter 2 AGA

In 1994 Capcom released the last Street Fighter episode on Amiga. Unfortunately it is too big to play it from disk. It takes 7 floppy disks! Not so good as the previous SF2, and no hard drive installation available.

Super Tetris

Review 1: Platform arcade Superfrog is one cool game, especially for it's time. It has got great graphics, great sound effects and great gameplay. It is one of the long line of platformers made by Team ... into a frog by the evil witch. His wife was captured and we must help him to find the way back to human being and to free his love. Many levels, extra gamble game, and the traditional Team17 quality.

Surgeon, The
Switchblade 2

Review 1: Silkworm? Or is it a completely new game. Back when SWIV was released a lot of people thought that this is actually Silk Worm 4(IV). Got that? But it's not! Silkworm 2 and 3 were never released ... It's a well known shoot 'em up game, similar to 1942. You fly with your helicopter and have to shoot many different fighters, tanks, guns, etc. Very nice graphics and speed, from the Amiga 500 era.

Sword of Sodan

A well whown strategy action game, where you should command your soldiers (4 of them) and solve many cases. Syndicate was also famous on PC.

Syndicate: American Revolt

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