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F/A-18 Interceptor

F/A 18 Interceptor is a flight simulator in which you can fly either a F-16 Falcon or a F/A-18 Hornet jet, on one of six missions that are set in the Cold War. The game has vector based graphics, unfortunately it is quite slow on an Amiga 500.

F117A Stealth Fighter

A good simulator game co-designed by Sid Meier. You can fly the Lockhead Stealth Figter through many missions. Arm it with various form of weapons. Good intro animation, music and graphics.

F15 Strike Eagle 2

Very cool combat simulator game, with many missions and places to fight (featuring campaigns in Lybia, The Persian Gulf, The Middle East and, Vietnam). It has good graphics, many external and internal cockpit views, fast vector graphics, etc. F-15 Strike Eagle 1 was released in 1985.

F-29 Retaliator

Very cool action flight simulator. You control the F29, and must complete many missions. The game looks great and takes only one floppy.

Faery Tale Adventure, The
Fairy Tale
Familien Duell
Fate: Gates of Dawn
Fears AGA

An evil professor created creatures similar to Frankenstein. Your mission is to fight your way through hordes of mutants ever onwards towards your final confrontation with the mad professor himself. The game is a 3D action shooter, similar to Doom or Alien Breed 3D. The title screen, music, pictures looks very sharp and cool, but the game itself is slow and ugly even on a 040.

Fernandez Must Die

A very simple action game, based on the idea of the legendary Commando. In this game, you drive an armed Jeep vehicle and have to eliminate all the enemies across the level. Rude graphics and sound.

Fields of Glory
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o' Fun

Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o' Fun... Just rolls right off the tongue doesn't it. I loved this game back in my good old amiga days! And after playing it again I can see why!! It has got superb graphics considering ... more pressure on you! I loved this game and it still appeals to me, so I suggest that it will to you. Of course if you don't like fun, don't download it.. but if you do! Then you know what to do :D

FIFA International Soccer

Official EA Sports and FIFA game. It runs on A500, but requires 2Mb of RAM. Better to use A1200. It's a cool soccer game, but loads extremly slow. If you use an emulator, switch on the Floppy speed boost.

Fighter Bomber

A nice aeroplane fighter simulator game, also released on the C64. The Amiga version is faster and playable.

Fightin' Spirit

A fighting game with amazing AGA graphics! A bit similar to Shadow Fighter or Street Fighter. It has beautiful colorful backgrounds, two player mode, tournament battle, many selectable characters including dragons and powerful creatures.

Fighting Soccer
Final Blow
Final Conflict, The
Final Fight
Fire and Ice

Review 1: In this game you play 'Cool Coyote'. God knows what the aim of the game is, as I don't think there is actually a story behind it. But what the hell, it's still a truely great game. The game ... Nice platform game, where you play with a wolf. You have to collect the parts of the key, to open the door and exit from the level. Many stages, quite hard gameplay and features a very cool music!

Fire Force

Everyone who ever played Airborne Ranger from Microprose will see the resemblance to this game. Fire Force puts you in role of an elite commando of an elite SEAL team! First of all, make your character ... carrying night vision goggles or something? As you complete missions, you will be earning higher ranks and medals for bravery, getting wounded and such. Airborne Ranger lovers - get this game!

Fire Zone
First Samurai

The first episode of the popular game Second Samurai. It has a similar style to the mentioned 2nd episode. You have to walk through many levels and butch all hostile ninjas. :) Of course it features simple graphics in compare with the Second Samurai AGA. Yet its a good game!


Many people call it the next episode of the Another World. Maybe it is. But we can indentify that the style is very similar. The difference is in the graphics. Not so vectored, more colors used, cool animated intro. Good game!

Flight of the Amazon Queen
Flimbo Quest
Floor 13
Football Glory
Forgotten Worlds
Formula One Grand Prix

A simple arcade game, where you have to test your skills with F1 cars. The graphics and the engine is quite similar to Lotus. It was released on Atari ST too.

Formula One Grand Prix (Microprose)

This is the legendary Formula One Grand Prix from Microprose. Many tracks and setup options very advanced controls, internal cockpit view, external view, etc. Features cool vectored graphics, and fast speed. An A1200 is required for better speed though.


A very nice Frankenstein platform game, where you play Egor and had to collect all the things you're asked for by the Doc to rise Frankenstein. Fine graphics and sound, only one floppy disk.

Frantic Freddie
Fright Night

You are controlling a vampire and have to suck blood to survive each day. There is only one "Level", your big, old gothic resident, but each day there will be different persons in different rooms ... encounter ghosts itīs sometimes better to ignore them and just go ahead. The blood you lose when they hit you is sometimes less than the blood you lose while waiting for a chance to pass by unharmed.

Frontier AGA
Frost Byte
Full Contact

One of Team17's biggest titles. A game before Mortal Kombat, which ruled the beat 'em up game market.

Full Metal Planet
Fury of the Furries AGA

You control a creature called Tiny, who must defeat the evil one who has captured the King, and turned all the Tinies into monsters. The game takes place on a huge island seperated into eight regions: Desert, Lagoon, Forest, Pyramids, Mountains, Factory, Village, and finally the Castle. Very nice intro animation on the first disk and cool graphics and sound. It's a worth to try platform game!

Future Basketball
Future Tank

Your home, planet Mirar has been overrun by aliens. They captured the defence system and control the whole military installation. The population is now under attack. The only hope of the people is the secret base with a super tank. An action shooter game. You control the tank and have to blast everybody on the screen.

Future Wars

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