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Fright Night

You are controlling a vampire and have to suck blood to survive each day. There is only one "Level", your big, old gothic resident, but each day there will be different persons in different rooms that are waiting for dinner.

You start in the cellars where your coffin is. You run around in your house and have to munch on all people who might be there before you can return to your coffin. They throw things like garlic, crosses and holy water at you and you have to dodge these in order to keep your health. There is a "blood-barometer" at the bottom of the screen and a picture of you. Every time you get hit, youīll lose blood and the picture of yours is getting more and more ugly as you are fading away. Sucking blood replenishes your stock.

However, as time is passing by, you are losing blood, even while you are doing nothing! Additionally you have to be back to your coffin in time cause as soon as the moon isnīt shining anymore, you are dead! This means that you are fighting more against the clock than the actual enemies. Actually this is what makes this game so thrilling: As your meals are waiting for you in the same places each game you have to plan ahead which way to go.

This game is nothing for somebody that canīt stand pressure or dislikes playing against the clock. All others will experience a real horror. Another big plus is the fantastic atmosphere of this game. The graphics are quite good, especially the detailed background. The soundtrack during gameplay and the title song are so atmospheric that I ran it to support real RPGs !

Tips on gaming: It is very important to remember where your victims are each level. Try to catch them in a strategic order, for example spare one on the way back to your coffin cause sucking someone while you are still healthy is a waste of blood! When you encounter ghosts itīs sometimes better to ignore them and just go ahead. The blood you lose when they hit you is sometimes less than the blood you lose while waiting for a chance to pass by unharmed.

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Fright Night screenshot
Fright Night screenshot

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