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Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o' Fun

Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o' Fun... Just rolls right off the tongue doesn't it. I loved this game back in my good old amiga days! And after playing it again I can see why!! It has got superb graphics considering the year it was made and the game play is pure class too! In the intorduction you see that your circus will be closed down by the clowns if you don't raise enough money... So now you have to play against however many other people there are competing for the ruling of the circus.

Well how do I do this I hear you crying and screaming out to me!!! Well it is simple... really... well no not really. You must get your circus folk to do stunts for you! Each time BETTER than the last person. And each time harder! This makes it really quite hard to do the best. After completing all of the rounds for the act you must be put in front of the judges... who... are... clowns. So I assume they like it funny! I'm not quite sure how they do judge it because sometimes you can do better than anyone and still get less money. Which is pretty dumb.

Anyway in the first act you have to control a diver. But even this is not as simple as it may sound... especially since on the last round you must land perfectly... ON A BRICK. On each succeeding act there is other such things, like human cannon ball, trapeze artist, tight rope walking (DAMN HARD!), juggling (on a unicycle) and more!

Now, as if all this wasn't hard enough for you to cope with, there is always this annoying little clown who keeps popping up every so often trying to stop you. To do this he will throw bombs at you, blow you (oo-er), cut ropes and all sorts of other annoying things. Thus putting even more pressure on you!

I loved this game and it still appeals to me, so I suggest that it will to you. Of course if you don't like fun, don't download it.. but if you do! Then you know what to do :D

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