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B.C. Kid

Quite similar to Chuck Rock. B.C Kid is little guy, who can beat even a dinasour He can jump and head down everybody stands in his way. Nice but simple graphics, funny music and very exciting gameplay! Great piece of work.

B17: Flying Fortress
Baby Jo

Review 1: This is cute little platformer in which you play as a little baby... For some strange reason he needs to get home. I think he ran away or got lost or something... It does tell you, but I can't ... An ordinary platform game, a standard jump 'n run gameplay. Where you must control a funny baby. You have to run from left to right collect items and try to avoid obstacles. Similar to Chuck Rock.

Back To The Future 2

The game is based on the movie with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Unfortunately the game is not as good as the movie, it's just a simple platform-adventure-arcade game. You will have to complete the tasks that Marty McFly had in the movie.


It's a very simple vector graphics based action shooter, similar to the ones we were able to see in the arcades ages ago. Go with your vehicle and shoot the enemy. Very fast game.

Balance of Power
Bandit Kings of Ancient China
Bandit Mania
Bar Games

Oldstyle beat 'em up game where you play a Barbarian and have to kill your enemy with a huge sword. Also was released on Commodore 64.

Barbarian 2

Second episode of the Barbarian series. Not really the same game. You have to walk in levels like forest and beat your enemy.

Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior

This is the classical Barbarian game, which was also available on C64. You can beat the computer controlled barbarian enemy or play a versus mode against your friend.

Bard's Tale 1

Bard's Tale is a basic "dungeon hack". You create a party of 6 characters, who can be mages, warriors, rouges, wizards, etc. You then wander down dungeons filled with monsters, defeating them ... I must have been mad, but then, everyone else was enthralled in the game too, and so if you suddenly find you're hooked on this game, you can take comfort in knowing that there were many others.

Bard's Tale 2

Review 1: The Destiny Wand has been shattered into seven pieces and spread over the realm. You, as the destiny knight, must whip up a band of adventurers and track down those pieces and reassemble the ... original with similar gameplay, but takes place in a much larger game world, featuring several different cities. You can generate new characters or import characters from the previous Bard's Tale.

Bargon Attack
Base Jumpers

Good platform game with side scrolling engine and bungie jumpers. It allowed a 1-4 player option and was released on OCS Amiga and CD32 also.

Batman Returns

Gotham City is in trouble. Oswald Cobblepot, known as The Penguin, planned more mayhem and schemed the take over of the fightened metropolis. You, The Batman have to take control of the situation, in this movie conversion game, through many different levels.

Batman: The Caped Crusader
Batman: The Movie

The Movie conversion game, which was also released on C64. You play on the scenes of the movie and the final goal is to eliminate Joker. The C64 version takes advantage of the hardware, the Amiga version ... insert disk 1 into DF0: and disk 2 into DF1 to run the game. Or, switch off all drives except DF0: because if you have two or more disk drives, the game will automatically search for game disk 2.

Battle Command
Battle Chess

Review 1: I remember the first time I saw this game. My friend and me were looking for a two player game and since there was nothing better - we picked a chess game. The game loaded, we started playing ... It's the most enjoyable Chess program ever! Has a fantastic graphics and ingame action. With moving your figures, you can kill the enemy. Beat them, shoot them, etc :) It's my favorite chess game!

Battle Chess 2
Battle Isle

On the distant planet called Chromos there is an A.I. out of control, so you have to fight against them throught 16 levels, in this nice turn based strategy game. The screen is splitted in two halfs, so you can also play with your friend a 2 player battle.

Battle Isle (German)
Battle of Britain, The
Battle Squadron

Review 1: This is a really good shoot 'em up, especially when played 2 player. You control a spaceship, which is flying across a planet and has to destroy everything in its path. There is even a slight ... Squadron. An arcade style game for one or two players. You fly your battleship through a high tec surface and your mission is to blast everybody. You can collect powerups to modify your weapons.

Battle Toads
Battle Trucks
Battletech 1: The Crescent Hawks' Inception

Review 1: A role playing game Great RPG, one of the best ever. You start as Jason, a young battlemech cadet in a training camp. After a while, a citadel gets destroyed while You escape and start Your ... characters you see as well as do arena fighting with your mechs and win money. Battletech is a great adventure game with a few roleplay aspects as well and you won't go wrong if you get this game.

Beach Volley
Beast Lord
Behind The Iron Gate
Beneath a Steel Sky

Review 1: This game is one of the coolest adventures I've played. This was one of the first PC games I had ever played, and I bought it because of an excellent demo on my Amiga. And the CD I have is ... game with cyberpunk, dark sci-fi elements. A long game, with amazing story, graphics and gameplay. Also was released on PC and CD32 CD-Rom with audio tracks. A must play for all adventure gamers.


A platform styled game, where you have to control your very little sized character through many barriers. Nice graphics, smooth animation!

Bermuda Project

You are on an island in the Bermuda Triangle after a plane crash. You must find a way to survive, rescue other passengers, and escape back to civilization. This is a mouse controlled graphical adventure game.

Beyond the Ice Palace

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