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Battle Chess

Review 1:

I remember the first time I saw this game. My friend and me were looking for a two player game and since there was nothing better - we picked a chess game. The game loaded, we started playing and I attacked his pawn with my knight. The figures moved into a position and started fighting!!! Of course, this is chess and the attacker always wins so I was relieved. But what the heck happened there? Welcome to Battle Chess!

This is a standard game of chess, but to make it a bit more interesting the programmers at Interplay allowed the pieces to actually fight each other. All the fights between pieces are animated and most are very funny to watch... for a few times then they get boring. That's when you switch to 2D view and play your normal chess game. There are ten levels of difficulty to choose from. Enough?

Review 2:

It's the most enjoyable Chess program ever! Has a fantastic graphics and ingame action. With moving your figures, you can kill the enemy. Beat them, shoot them, etc :) It's my favorite chess game!

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Battle Chess screenshot
Battle Chess screenshot

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