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Jagd auf Roter Oktober
Jaguar XJ220

Quite the same as Lotus series. You drive the Jaguar XJ 220 through many levels, with variable weather. Good graphics, speed, and chooseable music tracks. Good game!

James Pond 1: Underwater Agent

Review 1: You're James Pond, a fish incarnation of the well know 007. Your goal - save the seas from pollution and evil Dr. Maybe. Nice arcade game with cute graphics. Review 2: James Pond is a great ... good for its time, and the sounds are cool too :) This is a great game, which I recommend to players of many types of genre. I was unsure which category to put it in... As the game is very varied.

James Pond 2: Codename Robocod

Review 1: Evil Dr. Maybe has captured the poor penguins and only Pond, James Pond can save them! A cybernatically enhanced James is back and ready to kick some fish butt! The graphics are really great, ... a timeless game! Review 3: Funny game. You are an underwater agent, called James Pond :) You have to swim and capture or destroy the enemies with bubbles. Very funny, primitive graphics and music.

James Pond 3

Quite the same as James Pond 2. You play not only under water but in land too...

Jim Power
Jimmy White's W. Snooker

A very good 3D snooker game, where the table and cue could be turned through almost any angle, with shot strength and spin as required too.

Joan of Arc

In this hard game you play Joan of Arc herself and has to invade other territories and make your way through countries and defend what you practice and preach.

Joe & Mac
Jump Em
Jumping Jack'son
Jungle Strike

The second episode of the famous helicopter action game, Desert Strike. The style is quite the same, you have to fly and complete all the missions mentioned on the map. The game seems to be much faster than the Desert Strike.

Jurassic Park

The computer game version of the famous movie, Jurassic Park. Atmospheric music, cool graphics but only avarage gameplay. It was released on many platforms.


Well designed game from the Gremlin group. It has a sci-fi story, and atmosphere. The player should build up a base and keep an army of spacecrafts. It's a strategy like game.

Kaiser 2
Karamalz Cup
Karate Kid Part 2

Oldscool karate game, with very old graphics and a quite slow gameplay. The music sounds like a SID, but anyway... this is also a C64 conversion and this game is from 1987. Maybe one of the first games on Amiga.


Review 1: What a bastard! This game is hard, very much harder than I remember. But on the other hand I mostly played the C64-Version of this game years ago. This version looks much better and it is still ... hard and exciting gameplay. This is the Amiga version, which was enhanched only in it's graphics, but still reminds the old ages. Very nice, worth to try, but the C64 version still rules the world.

Keef The Thief
Kelloggs Land
Kelly X
Kennedy Approach

A game, where you can take part in KGB's work. Walk through rooms, talk to people, solve the cases. Maybe it's like the Dune adventure game. Almost in every room there is a Lenin picture.

Kick Off
Kick Off 2

Review 1: Football game Sequel to one of the best football games of all time. Sequel that is NOT better than it's predecessor! The game is not as enjoyable as Kick Off 1, mostly because of it's super, ... Review 3: Fine Football game. Only one floppy disk, but many features and very enjoyable gameplay. In the first Kick Off you can see the playground from the top. In 2nd, there is an isometric view!

Kick Off 3 AGA

Since KickOff 2 there were new KickOff games in every year, according to the changes in the championship. '94 was not the last KickOff 3 version. Buy the way, it has many teams and good AGA graphics.

Kid Gloves 2
Kid Chaos

Cool, enjoyable game, which was mixed from Sonic, Superfrog and other fine platform games. You play Kid who came from the past. Jump, run, destroy the flowers and other peaceful beings and win the levels :) Very good graphics, speed and ritmic techno music. Must try!

Kid Pool
Kikstart 2

Quite a simpe and small game, converted from the C64. But it has a very interesting gameplay. You are a cross motor rider and have to beat the cpu or human opponent. There are many levels, with varoius barriers.


It's a futuristic sports simulator. You have to run on a circle tracks, like rollerball. It has nice graphics, but the gameplay is extremly fast!

Killing Game Show
King of Chicago
Kingdoms of England 2
Kingdoms of Germany
King's Bounty
King's Quest 1

This episode is called "Quest for the Crown". The very first episode of the game was released in 1986 with 16 color graphics. Unfortunately I was unable to launch it, so I put you online the Remake version from 1990, which featrues better sound and graphics. The whole King's Quest story about the kingdom Daventry and the childless King Edward starts here...

King's Quest 2

"Romancing the throne". The king goes to a quest to find a woman imprisoned in a glass tower in a far away land. This episode follows the first episode of the adventure, "King's Quest".

King's Quest 3

This episode is called: "To Heir is Human" Two years after the marriage of King Graham and Queen Valanice they bore a twin--Prince Alexander and Princess Rosella. Everything was fine until one day when the evil wizard Manannan kidnapped Prince Alexander. The game starts when Prince Alexander approach to 18 and decide to work towards an escape.

King's Quest 4

"The Perils of Rosella". Princess Rosella has just been rescued from the gigantic three headed dragon by her long lost brother Prince Alexander. All of a sudden, King Graham is stricken by a terrible heart attack. "There is something you can do." sounds a voice from the magic mirror. Rosella agrees to trasport her by the mirror to the land of Tamir... thats where the new quest starts...

King's Quest 5

"Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder". This quest puts you back as King Graham trying to find and rescue his family who have been taken by an evil wizard.

King's Quest 6

Called as "Heir Today, Gone Tomorow". Journey as Alexander, the son of King Graham, in an effort to find true love. As fate would have it, she is being held captive and must be freed.

Kristal, The

You become a pirate named Francis Drake and have to find the fabled Kristal Of Konos and return it to it's rightful resting place. Tons of added side adventures as well.

Krusty's Super Fun House
Krypton Egg

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