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BIFI 2: Action in Hollywood
BIFI: Snack Zone
Big Business
Big Deal, The

A simple platform arcade game, where you control a kitchen robot. Simple graphics and music, but nice gameplay. The game was also released on C64, so the Amiga game is a conversion with enhanced graphics.

Bill's Tomato Game

A pluzzle / platform game, with excelent mouse control. You have to solve many pluzzles with Mr. Tomato and with your mouse. The game has a lot in common with Lemmings.

Bionic Commando
Birds of Prey
Black Crypt

Black Crypt is a first-person perspective 3D dungeon exploration game similar to the "Dungeon Master" and "Eye of the Beholder" series. You play the leader of a group with three other ... in the user manual, which serves as a type of game copy-protection. Black Crypt will be enjoyed by those who prefer basic dungeon exploration games, like the original "Dungeon Master" game.

Black Gold
Black Viper AGA
Blades of Steel
Blood Money

Normally I don't like shooters too much, but this one is a corker. Even before you actually play you are treated to a very cool intro with digitized speech, awesome music and some great graphics. The game ... is the sequal to another good shoot 'em up called Menace. Also if you like your games trained (built in cheat) like I do, then this version is trained with unlimited money and no collision cheats.

Blue Max
Blues Brothers, The

Based on the film of the same name. You play one of the brothers as they search for their missing musical instruments scattered about the city. There are five good sized levels, each with one hidden instrument. You have to find it and make your way to an exit.

BMX Simulator

Review 1: This is not so much a simulation in my oppinion, more a 'birds eye view' racing game. You race either against a human friend, or the computer. Either way, it is practically impossible to control ... the same using BMX's and having much worse graphics. Review 2: A simple racing game, where you have to ride your BMX, and reach the finish line. Simple graphics and controls, but it's fun to play.

Bo Jackson Baseball
Body Blows

A good beat'em up stuff, with some warriors to select. The regular Team17 quality game. Fine music and graphics, but unfortunately it loads up very slow. Later BodyBlows Galactic came as the second episode of the game, with even more characters and AGA graphics. Both games rock!

Body Blows Galactic AGA

Team17 was one of the most active companies on the Amiga market. Their games are really rocks. Well, Body Blows is also a very cool game. It's a beat 'em up game, which takes place in the future. With many characters, special moves, and cool backgrounds. You can choose on which planet would you like to fight!

Bomb Jack
Bomber Bob
Borrowed Time
Boulder Dash

Well known game, where you have to dig the sand and move the rocks. Beware, they can crush you out! Very enjoyable stuff, also was a big hit on the C64.


A very cool 3D shooter, Doom klon, for the Amiga. Fantastic atmospheric 1x1 pixel graphics and horroristic sound, lightning effects, many weapons, etc. Unfortunately it runs with good framerate only on advanced Amigas with 68040 or 060 cpu. WinUAE JIT required for emulation.

Breed 96

A space strategy game, which takes only one floppy disk. It was released in '96, but uses only the OCS graphics. Unfortunately there are no boot loader on the disk, so you have to run it from Workbench.

Brian The Lion AGA

You must carry out the task of rescuing your friend Chris the Crystal, who has been kidnapped by Geeza the Dragon. His other warped jungle animal friends, Barry the Bear and Graeme the Gorilla, prevent you from getting to him and rescuing your friend.

Brutal Sports Football
Brutal: Paws of Fury

Fighting game, similar to Mortal Kombat or Body Blows, but now you can fight with animals. For example Kung-Fu Bunny Vs. Foxy Roxy:) An almost ordinary one-to-one beat 'em up gameplay, nice graphics on many different outdoor-indoor stages.

Bubba 'n Stix

A game with extremly hard levels, but with extremly cool graphics and music. You control Bubba and his friend the little stick, called Stix :) They must solve many logical tasks, but beware of the misterious enemies :) Very recommended game!

Bubble & Squeak

One of the best looking platform games ever. It has very nice graphics & music, and the heroes are very nice indeed. It's a shame that in 1994 the game was released without AGA support, but still looks fantastic. Worth to try!

Bubble Bobble

Review 1: Bubble Bobble. Is there anyone that has never heard of those two cute little dinosaurs? Well, if You haven't - be ashamed! Those two little guys are responsible for many divorces, unhappy parents, ... also since it is the only version I could get to run on my PC. Review 4: The very nice and legendary platform game, from the Amiga 500 times. Bubble Bobble. It's music was remixed hundred of times.

Bubble Dizzy

Nice platform game, where you have to control the eggman Dizzy, and help him to find out the way up from the deep sea. Only one floppy, also was a big hit on Commodore 64.

Bubble Ghost

I used to play this game a long long time ago, I could barely believe it when I saw this game on a site for me to download. I downloaded it right away, even though I couldn't remember what the game was ... but extra ordinarilly tricky to complete. There are several levels to keep you occupied. You can even play in two players against a friend if you so desire. A pretty good arcade game all in all.

Budokan: The Martial Spirit
Buggy Boy

A lot of people consider Buggy Boy (or Speed Buggy as it's known in the US) a rather influental game. It is considered to be the first true racing game with a good feel for speed. Others have tried before ... point bonuses, or extra time. There are also smaller flags that start to flash under certain conditions, presumably giving you extra bonus points. This is one "small" yet enjoyable game.

Bundesliga Manager Hattrick AGA
Bundesliga Manager Pro 1.3

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