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Bubble Ghost

I used to play this game a long long time ago, I could barely believe it when I saw this game on a site for me to download. I downloaded it right away, even though I couldn't remember what the game was about or anything like that. I just downloaded it from my nostalgic curiosity to see if it really was a good game or if it was just because I was young and didn't have many games at the time. Never the less, the game wasn't the game I remembered, because I had in fact played Bubble Ghost +, and not this out dated version. Still, it is exactly the same, apart from the obvious graphical difference.

In the game you play a ghost who, for whatever reason, has to blow a bubble around various obstacles to the exit without it exploding. Quite a simple arcade concept, but extra ordinarilly tricky to complete. There are several levels to keep you occupied. You can even play in two players against a friend if you so desire. A pretty good arcade game all in all.

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