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A-10 Tank Killer v1.5

A fine simulator program, where you have many choices and settings to set up, equip, use, etc. It's a combat simulator. Your mission is to fly with the A-10 and destroy everybody :) In contempt of the simple vector graphics, on older machines the game is very slow! A1200 required.

A320 Airbus
Abandoned Places

In this dungeon-rpg game, you play the role of four heroes whose mission is to save their world, Kalynthia. It gives you much freedom, there's more to do that just stick to the main quest. Also, while the game is 2D, most of the time, dungeon crawling takes place in a 3D view.

ABC Boxing
Act Out
Action Cat AGA
Action Fighter
Action Service
Addams Family
Advanced Destroyer Simulator
Advantage Tennis
Adventures of Moktar
Adventures of Robin Hood

In Robin Hood you must perform many heroic deeds to change the public impression of you from "villain" to "hero." To he ultimate aim is to retake your castle, which was captured. The game has extremely simple/poor graphics.

Adventures Through Time

A small and simple action game. Your mission is to fly over the ocean and islands, and shoot down all enemies you can see. Better to call an Arcade game. Music and graphics are very simple too.

Age of Rock, The

You can control a guy, who transformed into an Owl, the Psygnosis' Owl. It's a beutiful and full of action Shoot'em up game, where you have to got through many levels, with amazing graphics and music. Worth to try!

Air Ace 2
Air Bucks AGA
Air Force Commander
Air Support
Aladdin (AGA)

I think everybody knows the Aladdin cartoon and the computer game too. It was a big hit on Sega machines, but the Amiga version is much more better because of the AGA graphics, speed and the very well done music.

Alfred Chicken (CD32 AGA)

Interesting, funny graphics, but overall is only a simple platform game. The CD32 version is fully playable on other AGA machines.

Alien 3

Not part of the Alien Breed series, but also about the Aliens :) This game is follows the screenplay of the Alien3 movie. You control Ripley, and got a side/platform view. Short time limits, good graphics and exciting gameplay.

Alien Bash 2 AGA

You are on a prison ship, which takes the prisoners directly to the Aliens planet. You can escape from the ship after the landing, but now you have to try tool yourself up and to wipe out this deadly scourge. It's an action game, very similar to Chaos Engine. So it has cool graphics and sound and takes only one floppy disk!

Alien Breed

Review 1: Not a bad little game here, considering it was converted from a movie. You play from a birds eye view controlling the little guy who walks around with a big ol' alien killing gun. You are in ... story, but a bit different. You can see your character from the top view, and you have to blast every monster. Different levels, weapons, horroristic atmosphere. There are 2 player mode available.

Alien Breed 2

Finally the horror continues. Ever more frightful, very scary music and sounds. New weapons, new levels. Extremly hard gameplay. This top viewed action shooter is one of the best.

Alien Breed 3D AGA

Maybe the first Doom like game on Amiga (except the Doom conversions). It's quite slow on a standard A1200, not able to present so good graphics, and has poor music. But it has great feeling :) You should also try Gloom.

Alien Breed SE '92

Special Edition of the popular Alien Breed 1 game. With some new stuff, also released in AGA version for CD32. Alien Breed 2 is announced during the intro.

Alien Breed: Tower Assault AGA

Last episode of the 2D Alien Breed series. It has enhanced graphics, very good atmospheric sound. The gameplay is not linear like in the previous Alien Breed titles. You can enter different levels, explore the whole base, the way you go depends on your decision. Tower Assault also runs on OCS machines, but it will switch to a low color mode and will turn off many speech to fit in the smaller memory.

Alien Storm
Alien Syndrome
Allo Allo
Altered Beast
Altered Destiny

You are planning to sit down a while at night and watch some good movie on TV. Unfortunately your TV is broken and you have to take it to repair. When you go to get your TV back from repair, you realize that it was taken out by somebody else. You get another TV instead of yours. But this is not an ordinary television device. When you turn it on, it sucks you in, and push you to another universe...

Amazing Spiderman, The

Ambermoon is one of the biggest fantasy games on the Amiga computer. If you still haven't tried it, you must! It is so big and so complex, that you will have to spend years playing it! We offer the unofficial english version, which was never released. Only german game was available in the stores.


Amberstar is part one of the never completed Amber Trilogy. The magical Amberstar is a talisman, used a millennia ago to banish evil demon lord; Lord Tarbos to the third moon of Lyramion. It's an excellent RPG, where you control a party of up to six characters including animals!

American Gladiators
Annals of Rome
Another World

Review 1: At heart, this game is a true platformer. But not just any platformer. The story, the characters, the plot, everything. The entire game creates such an atmosphere that when you start playing, ... jump, fire, and use your mind to get through the hardest levels and puzzles. Your hero teleports to an unknown world, by an accident. It's full of dangers, and monsters. Quite hard, but interesting.

Apache Flight
Aquatic Games

Review 1: Aquatic games is a nice little sports game featuring the well known James Pond and the Aquabats. It's pretty much a mixture of "normal" sports and those weird "California games" ... to rotate your joystick on it, which is rather hard on the arrow keys! This really is a good game, with joystick waggling madness. Compete against friends and have a good laugh with this game!

Arabian Nights

Review 1: This is a classic little game here, I'm not sure of its success, but I think it hit the top selling category, althought not groundbreaking it did have some quite uniqe concepts... Such as the ... marry this game! Review 2: Good graphics, good music and variegated levels. The little gardener guy, is about to save the princess of the castle, who was captured by a huge dragon. Let's help him!


Review 1: One of my favorite arcade games when I had my Amiga 500. The game is very simple as you just have to shoot a ball up on different blocks. Every time you hit one it dissapears and once you have ... style of breakout. You have to control your spaceship in the bottom of the screen and using it ti direct the ball to break the walls. You can collect powerups to arm your ship and use other extras.

Arkanoid 2

Review 1: One of my favorite arcade games when I had my Amiga 500. The game is pretty much the same as Arkanoid but with much better graphics and interface. The game is very simple as you just have to ... which you can use many hours on. Review 2: Second edition of the very famous arcade game, Arkanoid. The backgrounds were a little bit updated and redesigned. There are many new levels to complete.

Armour Geddon
Armour Geddon 2
Army Moves
Ashes of Empire

Another cool Team17 title, with music featuring with one of the best Amiga musicians, Allister Brimble. The Assassin is a cool platform-action game, where you have to run through many levels and kill everybody you can :)

Asterix 2
Astro Kid
A-Type AGA

A quite new, but very simple shoot'em up game, like Galaga Deluxe, but with primitive graphics and chip tune music. It uses the AGA, but for what?

Aufschwung Ost
Aunt Arctic Adventure
Axel's Magic Hammer

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