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Arabian Nights

Review 1:

This is a classic little game here, I'm not sure of its success, but I think it hit the top selling category, althought not groundbreaking it did have some quite uniqe concepts... Such as the item using to progress further in the level. You play this gardener person, and he goes up to see the princess when she is kidnapped, and he gets blamed, so u gotta get out of the deep dungeons, and then trek across the perilous lands to find your beloved princess!

Along the way you must swish baddies, help people, for return help, collect currency (different on nearly every level) and basically its a cool game.

It also has some funny elements, and is very humor oriented. If you like platformers, you will love this game, if you like adventures, you will want to marry this game!

Review 2:

Good graphics, good music and variegated levels. The little gardener guy, is about to save the princess of the castle, who was captured by a huge dragon. Let's help him!

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Arabian Nights screenshot
Arabian Nights screenshot

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