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Sabre Team

Commando game from 1994. Choose your team, arm them with the coolest weapons, and then go, kill the enemy. Good graphics, but a little bit complicated gameplay.

Saint Thomas
Scape Ghost
Scooby and Scrappy Doo

Everybody should know the famous cartoon Scooby Doo. So this game is about his adventures. Nothing special, an ordinary platform game. Only one disk.

Scorched Tanks v1.90

A nice classical tank shooter game. You have to choose the angle and the power of your shoot and try to blast your enemy. You can collect money and buy various shields and weapons. Very enjoyable, cool game. Especially with two players.

Screaming Wings
Second Samurai AGA

After the First Samurai, here is the Second :) Very cool and funny music, worth to listen! It has a very enjoyable gameplay, best in two player mode. You have to go and kill all the dragons and other bosses through many levels.

Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge AGA

It's about Guybrush Threepwood and the Ghost Pirate LeChuck, who Guybrush killed (for the second time) in Monkey Island 1 and who is now after revenge. It's a very beautiful AGA adventure game, in the classic point'n'click style. Unfortunately it takes 11 floppy disks and a long time to load. The startup code is 99/99.

Secret of Monkey Island, The

Everybody knows Guybrush Treepwood. Lucasfilm Games created one of the best adventure games ever! Cool graphics, atmospheric easy music, amazing gameplay. There were many episodes, unfortunately on Amiga only the LeChuck's revenge was released in 1991...

Secret of the Silver Blades
Seek & Destroy

Review 1: Action Quite interesting action game from Vision. You will fly your helicopter and be free to fly in any direction you want (the view is top-down). You will be given missions such as "Destroy ... Review 2: Very fast, but simple shoot'em up action game, which can run on any hardware. But it likes AGA graphics, 68020 cpu and more memory. You fly a helicopter and have to blast everybody :)

Seelenturm, Der
Sensible Golf

After the success of the Sensible Soccer game, Sensible software decided to remake an other sport game in it's own funny style. They choose golf. The game is a 2D golft simulator with easy to use controls and fun to play.

Sensible World of Soccer

Review 1: Football game Sensible Soccer, a predecessor of the world famous Sensible World of Soccer. It is definitely one of the best football games of all time. You do not agree? Why not? Bad graphics? ... good look across the entire stadium within a few seconds of play. The graphics are good and detailed and the game has a great atmosphere during the matches as well, because of the sound implemented.

Sensible World of Soccer 95-96
Sensible World of Soccer 96-97
Settlers, The

Review 1: The Settlers is obviously a kick ass well known game that revolutionised games and was the first of its type. It got its creator 'Blue Byte' into the lime light of computer games and was a ... One of the best Amiga game. Strategy game, from the medival eve. You have to build your own empire, control the work of people, conquer the enemies, and enjoy the amazing detailed graphics and music.

Seven Gates Of Jambala, The
Shadow Dancer

This is a very cool game ported from the Sega arcade machine. It's about a Ninja and his wolf. A little beat 'em up, a little action, with good graphics and interesting gameplay.

Shadow Fighter

A hard beat 'em up game, where you can choose from many characters, bring up a huge amount of secrets, and enjoy the feeling of a real AGA based fighter game. Buy the way, it is not so brutal, there are many special moves, but all without violance.

Shadow of the Beast 1

Review 1: This is an ancient platform/beat 'em up/ what ever else, with slight adventure game elements thrown in with the use of items on other itmes (mainly keys). This set a trade mark in graphics ... beat-em-up game, where you have to move your hero through the beautiful levels and slay all the monsters. An extra feature that you can enter the backgounds and explore many areas. Very nice.

Shadow of the Beast 2
Shadow of the Beast 3

Maybe you have heard about this title. One of the biggest in the game history. Adventure/Action stuff, with a little horroristic atmosphere. Using the AGA chip's capabilities.

Shadow Warriors

An evil messenger terrorizes the land. Only a lonely ninja can destroy the dictator. This game is a sword-fight through 5 stages. Every stage has a boss at the end. It's the Amiga 500 version, the game was also released on Commodore 64/128.

Shaq-Fu AGA

Another beat 'em up game, with hi-res graphics and well drawn backgrounds. Unfortunately the gameplay is not so good... the characters are too small and the movement is very fast. There are many better beat 'em up games available on Amiga anyway.

Shufflepuck Cafe

Very cool table game, from the Ancient times. Also was available on MacOS and pc. It was a very big hit! You have to beat the hardest opponents. Just visit the cafe and select somebody to play with. There are quite interesting faces...

Schmutzige Erbe, Das

Action This is a true game legend. Silkworm, or Operation Silkworm, gives you an option to play either as a helicopter or a jeep or both if you have a friend! When you get into the game simply shoot at everything that moves and you will eventually get through. Sounds easy? It's not, trust me. This game was very successful when it was made back in 1988 because of its difficulty rating and great multiplayer fun.

Sim Ant
Sim City

Review 1: In this business/management simulation, you play a virtual mayor of a city that is about to be built. You start with a certain amount of money which you have to invest and build residental, ... series. Followed by Sim Earh, Sim Tower, Sim Life etc. Sim City 2000 was the biggest hit. In this first episode the graphics was very poor. Quite simple town building game. Runs well from Workbench.

Sim Earth

Episode of the Sim series. In this game you have to take control of an entire planet throughout its 10 billion year lifespan. The ultimate task is to guide the planet's inhabitants into the stars. The player can control everything, for example move mountains, continents, creating species. Play god :) But you have to face numerous threats like pollution, war, global warming, limited energy, etc.

Sim Life AGA

One of the most complex Sim games, ever released on Amiga. You have to build and manage your own world! You can construct a planet, and creat life on it, with many exotic creatures!

Simon the Sorcerer

Damn good looking adventure game, with hand painted graphics and good mood music. You control the sorcerer Simon and you should help him to solve mysteries. Quite new game.

Simpsons, The: Bart vs The Space Mutants

Another episode of Bart Simpson's adventure. Now he has to beat some mutant creatures came from the space, in this simple but nice platform game.

Simpsons, The: Bart vs The World

This small game offers you 5 types of levels. You can choose a platform game, where you must help Bart to find the exit on the ship There are also a card game, a puzzle, a trivia and a platform/skating game.

Sinbad and the throne of
Sink or Swim

You have to rescue passengers from the sinking SS Lucifer by directing them to the exit before it's too late. You have 60 levels to pass each having its own puzzle to be solved...

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