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Review 1: Pacman is back and he's ready to kick some ghost ass again! This time the game is 3D while the goal remains the same - pick up all the dots and avoid ghosts (unless you're in frenzy mode when ... you simply must play! Review 2: Are there anybody who doesn't know Mr. Pacman? I don't think so. This version is a little bit different, it has 3D view, and Lego like graphics. Quite interesting.


Pang is a platform-arcade game, which can be played in one or two player mode, on the same screen. The mission is to destroy the flying balls above your head. If you hit the ball, it will split in two or many pieces. You can collect extra weapons and certain things, like clock, dinamite, life, etc.

Panza Kick Boxing

Many people consider Panza Kick Boxing as one of the best fighting games ever made for Amiga. They are probably right since the competition didn't really bother much with making something better. Anyway, ... your boxer will improve (or worsen!) his skills, so you gotta be careful and try to stay away from stronger opponents. Panza is a great game that asks for skill. Not recommended to nervous people!

Paperboy 2
Paradroid 90
Parasol Stars
Patrizier, Der
Pawn, The
Persian Gulf Inferno
Personal Nightmare
PGA European Tour
PGA Tour Golf
Pillus AGA
Pinball Dreams

A nice pinball game from the pinball maestro, 21st Century. It has four tables, covering themes such as the wild west, space rockets, a haunted churchyard and pop music.

Pinball Fantasies

One of the best pinball games ever! 4 tables, amazing speed, more than one player modes, fantastic music and graphics... Later there were an A1200 and CD32 version, with AGA support and even more beautiful graphics.

Pinball Hazard
Pinball Illusions
Pinball Mania AGA

The fourth in the series of pinball games from 21st Century. It's the first and only game that was not designed by Digital Illusions, but SpiderSoft. You got four tables to play: Jackpot, Jail Break, Tarantula, Kick Off.

Pinball Prelude

A nice mix of the styles adventure and strategy. You can talk to people, enter cities, buy sell and attack. Navigate your ship through the seas and attack anybody you want.

Pirates! Gold AGA

Enhanced version of the Pirates! adventure-strategy game. In the AGA version the graphics was completely rewrittain, more cartoon like and enjoyable. You can walk through the cities, visit the pub or the bay, etc.

Plan 9 From A Other Space

An old action game, where you have to run, and kill everybody you can. The graphics resemble to C64 games, the gameplay reminds the Predator. It's quite hard, you will be shooted after starting, within seconds :)

Player Manager
Player Manager 2 Extra AGA
Pocket Rockets
Police Quest 1: In Pursuit of the Death Angel

Review 1: Ah, the good old days of old graphic adventures. Back in 1980's the adventure games were mostly based on a textual descriptions of the area in which you were at the moment and an option to ... music and sounds, but exciting story! The game uses the antique sierra type in interface, like the first King's Quest series. You have to type the commands, for example: take radio, get out car, etc.

Police Quest 2: The Vengeance

Review 1: Sonny dealt with the dangerous Jessie Bains in first PQ game, but bad guys always come back. Bains is no exception and this time he's looking for revenge! He captured Sonny's fiancé and is ... Angel, escapes from prison and kidnaps Sonny Bond's girlfriend. The game's graphics was enhanced since the first Police Quest, but the game still has the "type in a command" interface.

Police Quest 3: The Kindred

Called: "The Kindred". Third episode of the adventure game Police Quest, and the last on Amiga. There is always a crime case waiting for being solved. Now you can do it with better graphics and sound.

Pool of Radiance
Pools of Darkness
Populous 1
Populous 2

Review 1: This is the sequel to the ground breaking game, Populous. Made by a company which is famous for its management and strategy games, Bullfrog has yet again provided is with one more great classic. ... can change everything in the world. Control towns, population, etc. So.. it's a strategy game. The Populus 3 were released in the near past on the PC, and uses 3D view. Populus 2 uses isometric view.

Ports of Call

Review 1: Ship trading simulation Trading simulation. Start with $5.000.000 and build up a trading empire by ocean wide trade. Typical office management game with some arcade elements (such as manual ... game contain a good mixture between business decisions and real time action. You can play several human players at a time and the game is really great if you are playing 3-4 human players in a game.

PowerDrive AGA

A racing game, where you control your little car and have to win the race in rate of terrible control of the car. It's very hard to stay on the road :) Anyway the graphics is not bad. Give it a try, but you will have to practice a lot.

PPHammer and his Pneumatic Hammer

Platform puzzle game PP is armed and deadly. His weapon - pneumatic drill. His mission - collect all the coins on the level and find a door to the next stage. Armed and deadly? Ha ha ha. I don't think ... break the bricks and make a path to other areas. This makes the game less arcade and more puzzle, but it still is a platformer. Run, jump, through the catacombs, and beware of the enemies and traps.


Just another C64 conversion, from the Ancient times. Unfortunately it looks the same as the C64 version, but hell... It is a rule game! Schwarzenegger will shoot ya!

Prehistoric Tale, A

This game is a quite simple platform/logic game, where you travel back in time into the prehictoric era. Also featuring Jochen Hippels music, which makes a fine atmosphere.

Preiss ist heiss, Der
Prince of Persia

Review 1: Platform arcade Do I need to say anything about this game? I think that there's no game player that hasn't played this legend before. Run, jump, climb, fight... do all this to save your fiancée ... Very big classic! Dungeon platform game, where you control the Prince, who was captured by Jaffar. You have to escape and save the princess, in 60 minutes. Also available on PC. Everyone should try!

Pro Tennis Tour 2
Project X

Very beautiful and exciting shoot 'em up game using the AGA chip!. You can control a spaceship, and the mission is to clear the playfield. Shoot every enemy, pick up the bonus weapons and shields, and beware the asteroid battle.

Puffy's Saga

An alien came from space. His name is Puggsy. His ship was landed near to an island on the ocean, so he will discover everything he can found. The game was made by the same team, who gave us the game Leander. Traveller's Tale and Psygnosis made an enjoyable, fine platform game.


Pushover is a little logic game, where the hero is an ant. He has to get through many levels, bringing down some dominos and other stuff. Nice and funny graphics and sounds.


Your character is a little blob, called Putty, or also "Silly Putty". He has got many special abilities. For instance Putty can bounce along, stretch himself to traverse larger gaps between platforms, flatten himself into a puddle on the floor to absorb anything that walks over him. Not an ordinary platform game, worth to try!

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